Photography helps people to see. –Berenice Abbott

Let Your Work Shine!
For all of us artists, great photos are a necessity for showcasing our work – whether to sell or to share. Heidi Rand has been an artist and photographer for many years, and she sells her work online and teaches others how to do the same in her workshops and book.

In her brand new class, Heidi addresses one of the most important skills for selling your work online – photographing it professionally and cost-effectively. This class is jam-packed with information based on Heidi's years of experience. And she knows how important it is to work within an artist's budget, too.

If you've ever considered selling your work online but have felt discouraged by the images you've taken of your work, don't give up. Heidi is here to help, and she will give you the skills you need to take your product photography to the next level!

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"You CAN master the skills to market your work online!" –Heidi Rand

Taking Great Photos of Your Artwork and Crafts with Heidi Rand

Follow along with Heidi as you master the skills you need to create images that showcase the beauty and originality of your artwork in order to sell it online. Heidi takes the mystery out of so many potentially intimidating yet essential product-photography skills such as styling, lighting, and composition, and breaks them all down into easy-to-follow steps.

Heidi's wealth of information is divided into four sections to cover everything you need to know, including how to:
  1. Choose the equipment and setup you'll need to ensure professional images of your work, whether it's 2- or 3-dimensional.
  2. Prepare for your photo shoot, choose the location and type of lighting you'll need, and stage, style and use props to enhance your work.
  3. Efficiently edit your photos so they accurately show your work and fit the requirements of the sites you'll post them to.
  4. Decide where to sell and market your work online and make use of the powerful marketing tools found on many social media sites.
This entire class is also chock-full of time-saving tips and DIY solutions to help you save money. And while Heidi provides a comprehensive list of optional equipment, all you really need to get started is a camera, artificial lighting (if you do not have a good consistent source of natural light), a tripod, and an image processing program. Heidi makes the entire process foolproof and fun!

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Note: While we are working on a solution, this class is not yet iOS compatible.

Taking Great Photos with Your Smartphone with Heidi Rand

If you have a smartphone with a camera, then you know how convenient it is to take hundreds (or thousands) of photos! But if you've been less than thrilled with the results of your smartphone photos, then this class is for you! You CAN take great photos with your camera phone, and Heidi will show you how. 

There are dozens of camera phones on the market. Heidi goes over the common options and settings found in all smartphone cameras and how to set them up to take great quality photos quickly.

If you're experienced with using a digital point-and-shoot camera, Heidi will show you how to use your skills with the different options, limitations, and advantages of smartphone cameras.

If you're a newbie to taking photos, this is your chance to learn from the ground up – starting with the basics and moving through more complicated aspects such as:
  • Optimizing your phone settings.
  • Learning the rules of composition.
  • Having fun with special effects.
  • Editing your photos.
  • Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of a camera phone.
  • Finding apps that help overcome the disadvantages.
  • And more!
The only equipment you need for this class is a smartphone that has a camera. Heidi also covers a range of fun tools and equipment you can use to make taking pictures easier and more fun. By learning more about your camera's features and with Heidi's guidance, you'll find yet another way to express yourself creatively!

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