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Bring On 2017!

This email is full of good things! We started the New Year with a coupon code to save 40% on one class. But we're doing something even better! 

ALL classes are 40% off through Friday!

No coupon code is needed, and you can purchase as many classes as you'd like! This makes it easy to check your wishlist or shopping cart and add some classes to your library. Enjoy!

In today's email, you will also find some terrific student work and an inspiring article from Sage Bray on starting the new year off right.

Also, don't miss a new feature that we've added to all of our classes. We now have a second way to watch classes on CraftArtEdu! Read the article below to learn more. We'll continue to educate and update you on this exciting initiative that we've been working on for several months now.

Donna Kato

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Attention Android, iPad and iPhone Users!

(Actually, this works for all devices, so check it out!)

As you may know, the CraftArtEdu class player is Adobe Flash-based. As more operating systems stop supporting Flash, we needed to find an effective way to serve classes for these devices and browsers. 

After exploring several options, we decided to move all of our classes to Vimeo as a secondary channel for viewing. We've been working on this project for the past few months and we're happy to say that we are just about done. We have less than 20 classes to convert from the over 500 we have already converted.

So, how do you watch one of your classes that you've paid for on Vimeo? It's easy! And you may have already discovered how to do it.

1. Log in to your CraftArtEdu account as you normally do.
2. In your library, find the class you want to watch and click on VIEW CLASS link to the right.
3. On that page, instead of clicking the arrow in the class player, scroll down to the link that reads "Click here to view the Vimeo version of this class" as illustrated in the image below.
4. Once you click the link, you'll go to the class page on Vimeo where you can just click play to watch the class!


We have also moved our FREE classes to Vimeo as a second channel for viewing. 

To find a particular free class:
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon (as illustrated in the image below)
  • Enter a word from the title of the free class you'd like to view
  • If you type "free," you'll see all of our free classes. 

We will continue to help make this process easier by creating some how-to videos and instructions throughout the site. Until then, be sure to let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at:

We LOVE to See Your Work!

Robin Stevens from sunny California sent in some lovely necklaces that she made from Judy Belcher's class, Graduated Lentil Bead Necklace. "They were so much fun to make!" says Robin.

And they are lots of fun to look at, too, Robin! Thank you for sharing your colorful, graphic work with us!

Sue Bartlett from Maine also sent us some images of her work. They were very intriguing so we asked her to share a bit more about her process. 

"I was fascinated by the painted dragon eyes that I saw on YouTube and wanted to try making some. After I painted some eyes, I had to use them, so I began making dragon-eye pendants. I grew bored with them, so I switched to dragon-eye tin boxes covered in polymer clay. I like doing the dragon eyes because I can use my imagination, as it’s not a real creature. I really like painting the eyes to see how different I can make them. I’ve also done an eagle pendant with an eye that I painted."

Sue has experimented with lots of polymer clay brands and has used clay to cover tin and glass. She shared an important tip she'd learned along the way: "Anything metal or glass covered with polymer clay CAN NOT be left out in the cold winter. The metal or glass contracts and the polymer clay will crack."

It's fascinating to hear how creative ideas evolve! Thank you for sharing your story and work with us, Sue!

Do you have work to share?
Just attach your photos to an email along with any comments you'd like to share and email us at so we can feature them in upcoming newsletters!
Feed Your Muse

Now that we are starting a new year, most of us are thinking of what we can do differently, how we can improve our creative work, our business, our personal selves or all of the above. Although we will each have our own ideas and goals this year, there is one thing we can all do to improve our creativity as well as our passion for life in general. We can try something new to kick-start our minds and spirits.

We spend most of our time in one or two places – our work place and home – which is sometimes the same place. We also tend to shop and socialize in the same places. We like our routines, our habits, and our comfortable, familiar places. But our muse likes routine only when it is otherwise filled with wonder and novel experiences to meditate upon. In other words, to find new ideas this year, feed your muse!

All you need to do is get out, shake it up, do things you don't normally do in places you don't normally go. Even driving to your day job or to the store on a different route can expose your muse to new images, shapes, textures and curiosities. If you can make the time, go to places you haven’t been to before, like new or distant museums and galleries, uncommon events, unusual shops, sculpture gardens, or a new park. Try to find or experience something new every day. Schedule some time to explore new places at least every few weeks, and plan a trip somewhere every few months. These adventures, both big and small, will make you more alert, more excited about life, and will give your muse much to ponder.

So, if you don’t have any New Year’s resolutions or are looking for something to jumpstart your passion and creativity, consider regularly finding new inspiration as an option this year. It’s an easy goal to achieve, and it can be tons of fun to boot!

–Sage Bray, publisher and editor of The Polymer Arts magazine

Be sure to check out The Polymer Arts magazine’s latest issue for Winter 2016 – On the Surface.  Go to our website to subscribe or to order your copy today!

Ends midnight CT, Friday, January 6, 2017. | Not valid with other discounts, Downloadable Tutorials and classes already at special prices.
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