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You CAN Take Great Photos!
If you have a smartphone with a camera but you're a bit intimidated by all its features (that would be me), here's a brand new class from Heidi Rand designed especially for you!

Heidi has been a photographer for many years – from the days of darkroom photo processing to today's digital cameras – and she has discovered that the cameras we have in our smartphones are capable of so much more than we take advantage of!

This class is jam packed with information! Heidi delves into the many common options on all camera phones and gives you guidance on how to use them. Whether you're experienced with digital cameras or completely new to taking photos, this class is definitely worth checking out!

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Join Heidi in taking a leap into the world of smartphone photography and apps!

Taking Great Photos with Your Smartphone with Heidi Rand

If you have a smartphone with a camera, then you know how convenient it is to take 100s (even 1000s) of photos! But if you've been less than thrilled with the results of your smartphone photos, then this class is for you! You CAN take great photos with your camera phone, and Heidi will show you how. 

There are dozens of camera phones out there in the market. Heidi goes over the common options and settings found in all smartphone cameras, and how to set them up to take great quality photos quickly.

If you're experienced with using a digital point and shoot camera, Heidi will show you how to use your skills with the different options, limitations, and advantages of smartphone cameras.

If you're a newbie at taking photos, this is your chance to learn from the ground up – starting with the basics and moving through more complicated aspects such as:
  • Optimizing your phone settings.
  • Learning the rules of composition.
  • Having fun with special effects.
  • Editing your photos.
  • Recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of a camera phone.
  • Finding apps that help overcome the disadvantages.
  • And more!
The only equipment you need for this class is a smartphone that has a camera. Heidi also covers a range of fun tools and equipment you can use to make taking pictures easier and more fun. By learning more about your camera's features and Heidi's guidance, you'll find yet another way to express yourself creatively!

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All Levels | $20 | Only $15 through Friday!

"Beyond the nuts and bolts, I want to inspire you and give you the tools to explore and expand your creativity with this versatile new technology that has such tremendous potential!"  –Heidi

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See how Heidi uses her stunning photos with several mediums!

Inkjet Printing on Lutradur with Heidi Rand
Not familiar with Lutradur? It combines the best qualities of both fabric and paper, making it a magical and versatile material! You can learn more about it in Heidi's free class.

Heidi teaches you the difference between printing on coated and uncoated Lutradur, how to prepare your image files, and how to print and protect your prints. She also gives you many creative ideas for using your finished print.
Preview and Purchase Inkjet Printing on Lutradur
Beginner | $33 | $20 through Friday!

Inkjet Printing on Fabric with Heidi Rand
Being able to print your own fabric opens up an endless array of exciting possibilities for personalized projects in mixed-media, sewing, quilting and more.  

In this comprehensive two-part class, you will learn about all the materials and supplies you'll need, including a thorough discussion of inks. You'll learn the pros and cons of printing on treated vs. untreated fabric and how to properly prepare your images and fabric for exceptional printing results.

Heidi shares tips and tricks along the way and provides you with lots of inspiration on how to use the fabric you've just created!
Preview and Purchase Inkjet Printing on Fabric
Beginner | $43 | $25 through Friday!

Decorating Wood with Image Transfers with Heidi Rand

Learn how to transfer your images, photographs and artwork to a wood surface using your home inkjet printer. Imagine all the creative possibilities this technique will allow you to explore! 

Heidi shares lots of troubleshooting tips, saving you time and wasted materials. From standalone art and picture frames, to boxes and birdhouses, you'll find many ways to incorporate this technique into your work!

Preview and Purchase Decorating Wood with Image Transfers
Beginner | $23 | $15 through Friday!

Fabulous Fabric Post Cards with Heidi Rand
In this class, you will learn how to design, print and assemble a unique personalized piece of art. These postcards are quick and easy to make and perfect to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. 

Heidi walks you step-by-step through the process, and her unique examples will give you a sense of the limitless possibilities. Use fabric from your stash, or upcycle old clothing. (Trip to the thrift shop, anyone?) Embellish your fabric with photographic images, patterns, dyes, stitching and more.

Preview and Purchase Fabulous Fabric Post Cards
Intermediate | $18 | $12 through Friday!

Handmade Pet Collars with Heidi Rand
Make artful collars for your own pets, as gifts, donations to shelters... or to sell! 

Heidi takes you step by step through designing, cutting, sewing and assembling the collars. Use re-purposed fabric or print your own (see class above) for completely original variations. Handsome Lars (above) is sporting his cat collar complete with bell!
Preview and Purchase Handmade Pet Collars
Beginner | $21 | $12 through Friday!

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