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Learn a New Skill!
Sherri Stokey is on a creative roll and back with a brand new class! Last month, her Leafy Cuff became an immediate bestseller, and now her gorgeous Argus Cuff is sure to follow. I just love how the beads are incorporated into this design, and I'm a big fan of the red, too! Although it would fabulous in all sorts of colors.
If you're not yet familiar with micro macramé, be sure to check out the class that started it all. It's perfect for beginners (and to learn on cold winter nights) and Sherri will definitely get you started on the right track!

Donna Kato

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Argus Cuff with Sherri Stokey

So pretty and delicate! Sherri will teach you everything you need to know to make this cuff style bracelet including its:
  • beaded top edging
  • fun eye-shaped motif with beads
  • middle row of textured Xs
  • scalloped edge with small beads on the bottom
  • tube car clasp closure that makes this bracelet so easy to wear!
Like her Leafy Cuff (below), this design is created by working across the length of the bracelet instead of working down. You'll use the same knots you've learned in her other classes (double half-hitches and larks head), but it's labeled intermediate because of the number of cords there are to keep track of.

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Sherri's instructions makes it easy! With a bit of practice, you'll soon be on your way to making the gorgeous Argus Cuff!

Don't miss Sherri's class from last month!

Leafy Cuff in Micro Macramé with Sherri Stokey

Learn Sherri's methods for making this beautiful cuff bracelet with a delicate, lacy design, texture and beads!

This class uses the same basic knots Sherri teaches in several of her other classes – a few larks-head knots and a lot of double half-hitches – but this time you’ll experiment with turning your knotting on end. Instead of working down the length of the bracelet, you'll be working across its length.

As you can see in Sherri's color variations, you can incorporate more than one color cord and/or beads to make a completely different looking bracelet!

Sherri labels this an intermediate class because of the many cords you'll be working with, and because the success of this design is dependent on neatness and consistency. In other words, practice makes perfect! Your results will be oh so worth it!

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Intermediate | $33 Save 25% $24.75 through Sunday!

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Learn more about this amazing medium in Sherri's FREE class, Micro Macramé 101

Another great class for beginners!

Micro Macramé Stack Bracelet with Sherri Stokey

If you're new to micro macramé, this is an easy class and a great way to get familiar with knotting. Simple square knots and an ombré color way combine to make an eye-catching bracelet!

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The variations for the Stack Bracelet are endless. For starters, substitute half knots for the square knot (left). Or, add some beads and change the whole look (right)!

Save 25% on ALL CLASSES from Sherri Stokey!

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