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A Beloved Instructor!

Yes, we know it's been too long! Today, I'm thrilled to present a brand new class from micro-macrame artist, Sherri Stokey – and it was worth the wait!

"The inspiration for this class came from water," says Sherri. "Picture a raindrop hitting the surface of a puddle. The way the ripples spread out from the drop in concentric circles getting larger... until they bump up against something...that's what I've tried to capture in this piece."

If you are brand new to micro macramé, you are in for a treat! It's portable, requires very few materials, and Sherri has some really fun beginner classes to get you started on the right track. Best of all? Her previous classes are 30% off or MORE through Tuesday. It's a great time to stock up and learn a new technique!

Donna Kato

"Sherri is a blessing and mentor to those of us who want to learn great techniques, and then create pieces with our own special touches." –Diane M.

Ripples in Micro Macramé Bracelet with Sherri Stokey

Let Sherri show you how just one type of knot – and a few tricky moves – can make this gorgeous bracelet! 

Like a drop of water hitting the surface of a puddle, the fluid circles originate at the central bead in one section, then circle back in the next. This bracelet design is the result of weeks of experimentation and trial and error, so it was a labor of love for Sherri.

Sherri has filled this class with lots of video and step-by-step photos, and shows you how to:
  • Make curves by changing the direction of your knotting.
  • Incorporate beads into your design.
Sherri also gives you tips for varying the design by using three different colors of cords (above left). This eye-catching bracelet is sure to be a show piece for years to come!

Preview and Purchase Ripples in Micro Macramé Bracelet 
Intermediate | $30 | $22.50 through Tuesday!

Save 30% or MORE on these SEVEN student favorites!

1. Woven Diamonds Micro Macramé Bracelet with Sherri Stokey

When Sherri did an informal poll to see which of these two bracelets she should feature as a class, the result was overwhelmingly... BOTH! So that is what she did. It's like two classes in one!

The inspiration for the intricate "woven" design came from Sabrina Salvioli. Sherri fell in love with one of Sabrina's pieces and wanted to replicate its texture in a bracelet. In typical Sherri style, she uses seed beads to contrast with the knotting.

In this three-part class, which includes over 40-minutes of video in addition to her detailed photo step-outs, Sherri will show you how to:
  • Tie the knots required to make these bracelets.
  • Create a professional-looking closure using a split ring technique.
This design is extremely versatile as you can see in Sherri's gorgeous variations. She has used some gorgeous combinations and even created a "plaid" pattern using two different color cords for the woven sections.

Preview and Purchase Woven Diamonds Bracelet
Intermediate | $40 | Save 35%$26 through Tuesday!

Make a gorgeous variation just by changing up your color palette!

"Sherri's classes are so clear, easy to follow and understand. I feel like I am in her class learning one-on-one." –Donna G. 

2. Drunkard's Path Micro Macramé Bracelet with Sherri Stokey

Sherri's inspiration for this bracelet came from a standard macramé pattern of waves. She wanted to put her own spin on it, so she added more knotting to balance out the design a bit more equally with the beads. The end result is not only gorgeous, but it's very achievable – even for a relative beginner!
Over 70 photos and nine video clips make it easy for anyone to learn! And the cord colors and beads you choose will make this your own. Be sure to show us some pictures!

Preview and Purchase Drunkard's Path Micro Macramé Bracelet
Advanced Beginner | $28 | Save Over 30% | $19 through Tuesday!

3. Leafy Cuff in Micro Macramé with Sherri Stokey

Learn Sherri's methods for making this beautiful cuff bracelet with a delicate, lacy design, texture and beads!

This class uses the same basic knots Sherri teaches in several of her other classes – a few larks-head knots and a lot of double half-hitches – but this time you’ll experiment with turning your knotting on end. Instead of working down the length of the bracelet, you'll be working across its length.

As you can see in Sherri's color variations, you can incorporate more than one color cord and/or beads to make a completely different looking bracelet!

Preview and Purchase Leafy Cuff
Intermediate | $30 | Save 35%$19.50 through Tuesday!

"Sherri's teaching style can't be beat!" –Sharon B.

4. Hydrangeas Micro Macramé Bracelet and Earrings with Sherri Stokey
Learn how to knot this delicate, lacy looking bracelet while boosting your skills! You'll use four different sizes of seed beads in the more heavily beaded floral sections and three colors of cord for the diamonds. The bonus? You'll make some beautiful earrings to match! 

Preview and Purchase Hydrangeas Bracelet and Earrings
Advanced Beginner | $28 | Save Over 30% | $19 through Tuesday!

5. Marquise Micro Macramé Cuff with Sherri Stokey

Learn to make this gorgeous richly textured cuff bracelet!

"This bracelet fools the eye. Up close, you'll notice the rounded shapes. From far away, you'll notice more of the pattern the colors make and the shapes add texture." ~Sherri

You'll only use a couple of different knots in this project, but switching direction of the knots makes it a class for advanced beginners. Sherri guides you through each step, including how to incorporate the bead "tips," with lots of step-out photos and video. 

Preview and Purchase Marquise Micro Macrame Cuff
Advanced Beginner | $28 | Save Over 30% | $19 through Tuesday!

"Sherri is an awesome instructor!" –Juanita R.

New to Micro 

Be sure to check our Sherri's excellent introduction in her FREE class, Micro Macramé 101

You'll learn more about what it is, the gorgeous results you can achieve by combining various types of knots, and the supplies you'll need to get started (very few!).

Save Over 35% on these classes for beginners! 

6. Micro Macram
é Wrap Bracelet with Sherri Stokey

The class that started it all! Learn five of the most common macrame knots while making a trendy, fun-to-wear wrapped bracelet! This bracelet is a great way to show off your hand-crafted polymer clay or lampwork beads. 
Preview and Purchase Wrap Bracelet
Beginner | $18 | Save Over 35% | $11 through Tuesday!

7. Micro Macramé Stack Bracelet with Sherri Stokey

If you're new to micro macramé, this is an easy class and a great way to get familiar with knotting. Simple square knots and an ombré color way combine to make an eye-catching bracelet!

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Beginner | $13 | Save Over 35% | $8 through Tuesday!

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