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When a group of people got together to start the Steep Hill Food Coop more than 40 years ago, it was the only way to get the kind of healthy, wholesome food they wanted. Over the years, the availability of organic and local food has expanded greatly, and while this is a good thing overall, it has become increasingly difficult for Steep Hill to remain viable. The store has been losing money for several years and its current financial situation is precarious.

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The board and staff have made many changes in the past two years in order to increase sales. We hope you have noticed the expanded hours, new signage, products and friendly staff, a simplified pricing system, consistently stocked shelves and shift in timing of produce delivery. We continue to believe that Steep Hill is a valuable place for those who wish to buy nutritious groceries, support local producers and suppliers, and have a community-based, not-for-profit alternative to chain grocery stores--especially now that we are the only food store left in the Broadway area.

As always, members like yourself who have shopped regularly at Steep Hill are the coop's backbone. We are grateful for your continuing support. At this crucial time, we would ask you to consider what Steep Hill means to you and how you would be affected were the store to close--which, we are sad to say, is a very real possibility.

If Steep Hill is important to you and you want to see it continue, you can help by encouraging others to shop there and become members, promoting the store on social media, and doing as much of your shopping there as is feasible.

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Please join us to discuss our options together as a united community and member of Steep Hill Food Co-op.

Thursday, September 1st at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
The Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre
609 Dufferin Ave, Saskatoon, SK

Please feel free to contact the Board by replying to this message ( if you have ideas about how to keep Steep Hill alive.

The Board of Directors