From Paul & Neelam: Visions from the Heart, May 2015
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Happy May 1st dear friends and family!

Neelam and I are thrilled to be back in India! We have put together part of our schedule and also have a number of new workshops. Do let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like to learn more about. And remember, keep practicing!

We'll be in New  Dehli May 2-3 for our updated Foundations of Shamanic Practices workshop this weekend. If you have not had a chance register, call us right away at 9979901933 for a seat. We will be at HOTEL KASTOR INTERNATIONAL B-216 C.R.PARK NEW DELHI-110019 (Near Great Kaisah Part 2, Nearest metro Nehru Place) 

Also...and we have a Special Announcement. See Below :)

Love to you all,

Paul & Neelam

From the Storyteller

Misconceptions of Shamanism

Recently, many confusing and highly inappropriate responses have circulated about the nature of Shamanism.

Remember that Shamanism is the World's oldest form of Spiritual Practice. Shamanism is a way to connect to the spirit of everything around us. It allows us to connect powerfully to the Divinity in Everything.

Shamanism is very much a way of Life and as such, we are perpetually learning and growing, acquiring awareness with every step on the path.

Shamanism is an all encompassing, natural way of Life.

As the oldest form of Spiritual Practice (and considering the importance of the Shaman or Medicine Man/Woman in traditional Shamanic Cultures) shamanism can be viewed as the hub, or the Center of a Wheel. The spokes that reach out from the hub represent all the sciences, all the ways of healing and all the depth and breath of knowledge of humankind. These all originated from Shamanic thought and action. Recently “accepted” scientific thought (string theory for example) have been part of Shamanic thought (and awareness) for thousands of years.

Shamanism IS NOT a Religious Cult. Shamanism is an Individual Practice intended for the Good of All. We do not adhere to any doctrine or follow any specific leader.

Shamanism is NOT Voodoo. (Voodoo and its various forms are actually religions). Though Shamanism is embedded in all the worlds religions, it is not considered a religion.

Shamanism is NOT about casting Spells or trying to make things happen for ourselves. We do not focus our attention on the Devil, satanic ritual or evil doings. It does not involve Tantra or Vashikaran.

Shamanism is NOT mind control. Hypnosis and trance states were derived from Shamanic insight and put into practice. However, these were/are used to heal or connect with Spirit, never to control someone. And as you know, mind control through hypnosis is not possible—one is receptive to suggestions only and even then, only if their subconscious mind allows it to happen.

Shamanism is NOT about Dark Arts or Cannibalism or getting drunk or taking drugs or  involvement ritual orgies.

As teachers, Neelam and I are proponents of Honoring the Lineage of those who came and suffered before us so we can act with Shamanic integrity today.

As we teach: Shamanism is an open canvas for your Soul.

So, please send Love to those who lack the canvas, paints and Inspiration found in Shamanic Practice. May their hearts open and see.

Paint well dear ones, paint it well!

We would like to express our Love and Gratitude to our wonderful students and friends who have made the Shamanic Vision Worldwide group on WhatsApp so engaging and such a valuable resource for our students. You have asked many brilliant questions, are deeply compassionate and full of Love and Wonderment. Thank-you!

(Journey on it!)

In our recent travels and talks, we've met many—far too many—people who have challenges with money. Money is Energy. And as in all things, Money has its own unique Spirit. How do you relate to it? Is it a ally or a foe? Why is it that way? How did your family relate to money? Is it different or the same as you?

In this journey, you can connect to the Spirit of Money and then connect to the Spirit of your Relationship with money. Remember to ask money what you can do for it. The answers are most profound.

Remember that as Shamanic Practitioners, our goal is to seek balance. Where is your balance scale set regarding money? Is it scarce or is it put on a pedestal? Does money drive everything that you do? Are you cling too tight or are you too loose with money? Big "M" or little "M"?

Its a fascinating relationship and has far greater ramifications for generations to come.


We are thrilled to announce that we have put together a one year program of Advanced Shamanic Studies!

We plan to hold these programs in Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad on a monthly basis. For more, go to this password protected page on our website.

This password is: mentor

If you are serious about Shamanism as a way of Life, then connect to Spirit and then check it out.


Musical Link of the Month

One of the songs that we play in our workshops was written by the tremendous musician, Steve Hackett. Known as the guitarist for the rock band Genesis in the early 70s, Steve Hackett has gone on to create a wide spectrum of highly regarded music.

This particular piece comes from his first solo album, Voyage of the Acolyte (songs based on Tarot Major Arcana). This particular song is called: Hands of the Priestess.

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