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There is Power...and there is Personal Power.

Have you noticed that in stories and films, the one with Power is the usually the villain?

All this came about in a discussion when someone saw Powerful people as Tyrants. So what would it be like if there were Powerful People who were not Tyrants?

If we look deep into the underpinnings of Tyranny, I would imagine that basis comes from Fear centered around a desire for Significance. Again think many characters of a villainous nature fits into this description?

So, what would happen if you were to tell a story--a new story--that had a Hero with Power (not super powers, but say the Power of a King). What obstacle would your Hero face?

If our King (and he's a nice fellow!) faced another human as an obstacle, who would you have that person be? Perhaps a underling...maybe Himself?

It could be Nature...or, it could be a god or goddess...

Does there need to be a play for power to make the story true?

From here, a new question emerges: Can a Person of Power be a Good Person?

For some of you, the answer is an immediate, "Sure!" for others, it may be a very empowered, "Never!"

If you are in the "Never!" group, what does this say about you and your personal Power? Are you frightened of owning your Power? Will doing so make you...a Tyrant? (A very sad, embedded belief indeed!)

Remember, our mission in Shamanism--and something we talk about in our workshops--is to create and establish Balance. Therefore, there is no Tyranny. There is no Power Loss.

There simply is...Power.

Welcome as we dive into Power this month!

Quote of the Month

In you, as in all men, are natural powers. You have a will. Learn to use it. Make it work for you. Sharpen your senses as you sharpen your knife . . . We can give you nothing. You already possess everything necessary to become great.

Legendary Dwarf Chief, Crow
Crystal of the Month

Carnelian increases personal power and physical energy, bringing you courage, compassion and a boost in creativity. Wearing or carrying Carnelian enhances vitality and will, providing you with the confidence needed to approach new projects and dreams. It is a wonderful stone to wear on a job interview, as it brings good luck and opportunity, awakening your hidden talents within.

                              Our upcoming Schedule

After years of requests and searching, we have finally found a recording studio in Mumbai that is ideal for us! Neelam and I will be recording shamanic drums, chants and putting together MP3 files and a CD for our students. We will begin recording in mid February and will let you know one the recordings are mixed down and mastered. Yeah!!!


Feb. 19 - 20th, 2016: Foundations of Shamanic Practices--Your connection with Spirit in Bangalore, India. After many years of requests, we are finally coming to Bangalore. Dates: Feb 20-21st. Location: Private Residence in the HSR Layout area. Please contact Neelam at for a registration packet.

Feb 22 Full Moon. Please join us from anywhere in the World for a Monthly, Global Empowered Circle for Earth Healing.

The intention is to send the Earth Mother healing, assisted by the Light of the the Moon. As you know, the Full Moon brings is an ideal time to release all that which is no longer needed.

I humbly ask that for at least 15 minutes during the upcoming Full Moon that at 7:00 p.m. local time you do any of the following:

  • Drum
  • Rattle
  • Chant
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Meditate
  • Do a Ho’oponopono
  • or create a personal ceremony…
  • Or do any combination of these!

Gather with family and friends or do this alone, while directing healing and loving intention to the Earth Mother, assisted by the Light and Power of the Moon.


Ancestral Healing comes to Kolkuta! We are honored and excited to bring Ancestral Healing and Lines Clearing to Kolkuta on February 27 -28th. This is a very powerful workshop and has had deeply profound effects on our students and their family and relationships. Seats are limited and the class is filling up fast. Please contact Neelam at or call 9979901933 (from India) for a registration packet.


Coming soon to New Delhi March 19:
Dreams: Your Gateway to Healing. This is the first time we bring this amazing workshop to the fine people of New Delhi. Join us for a beautiful two days of Empowered Dreams!

Power Animals of Power
There is a spectrum of Power, in both  Types or Power and degrees of Power.

Here is a list of Power Animals that bring us different forms of Power As you look at them, ask yourself: 'On a scale of 1-10, 10 being greatest, how much Power do I have readily available of this type?'

If low, you now have a resource to obtain it. If yours is high, ask yourself; 'Am I using this energy

Horse --  Power
Tiger  --  Power
Zebra -- Power
Eel -- Power of electricity
Dragonfly  -- Power of flight
Deer -- Power of gratitude and giving
Dragonfly -- Power of light
Weasel -- Power of observation
Squirrel -- Power of rest during times of non-movement
Praying Mantis  -- Power of stillness
Chicken -- Power of voice
Caribou -- Power of wandering
Dragonfly -- Power to escape a blow
Turtle -- Power to heal female diseases
Praying Mantis -- Power to move between moments
Lizard -- Power to regenerate that which is lost

For our Practitioners, ask your Power Animals about their Power, their Medicine.

Then, inquire about your own Power and Medicine. What do you bring to yourself?

For our Students...

Dreamers: Find an Empowering Dream
  • How does Power play out in your Life?
  • In what way are you powerful? In what way are you not?
  • Do you need to cultivate Power or do you need to know how to deal with Power of another?
Remember, you can cultivate a dream...and re-enter one too. Discover more about your Power (or Power Loss) in the Power of your Dream.

For our Phoenix Risers:
  • Does Power bring out a Shadow character? What is the nature of this character? Is it victimized or a tyrant?

How does your Inner Child(ren) react when exposed to Power? Is your IC empowered? If not, how can you aid it so it is empowered? If it already is empowered, how is it represented? Is it with a healthy representation?

For our Ancestral Students:
  • How  Powerful were your Ancestors? What gave them Power? Who or what took it away? Is there a family pattern tucked away in Power within your family line?

From the Storyteller
I recently came across this beautiful it comes from true experience, it is the most powerful kind of story. It is filled with layers of messages...please give it your undivided attention and feel the Power of Story. With great pleasure, may I introduce you to Diane Ferlatte.

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