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Walking the Dedicated Path

Namaji is a “Ute” (A Native American tribe found mostly in the State of Utah in the United States) word and pledge, like that…to walk a path of “Dignity, Honor, Respect and Pride”. It is… Namaji.

noun: dedication
1. 1. The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.
"his dedication to his duties"

Synonyms:commitment, wholeheartedness, single-mindedness, enthusiasm, zeal, application, diligence, industry, assiduity, resolve, resoluteness, purposefulness, conscientiousness, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, doggedness, drive, staying power, backbone, sedulousness; More hard work, effort, labour, striving
"success in sport requires tremendous dedication"
devotion, devotedness, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness, adherence, allegiance, constancy, staunchness "her superiors could not fault her dedication to the job"
antonyms:apathy, laziness, indifference


A very interesting thing happened as I began my search for appropriate images for this months theme of Dedication.

The images were mostly centered around child rearing, sports, work, business, success, team effort and a very small percentage were on relationships.

There were also few images on individual commitment regarding body building...

Yet, the type of dedication that I wish to look at this month is about our dedication or commitment that we have made to our own selves, especially towards ones personal development and the Triune of the Self: Mind, Body and Spirit. I speak of the dedication one has to living the Life that is the right Life for you.

Take a look at the definition: it is laden with with heavy, dense words; the definition alone is a burden! These are very masculine, very Yang type words. Why is that?

Is your dedication a burden? If so, you may want to find something new to give your dedication!

How dedicated are you to your personal path?

Let's step lively together...

Welcome to Dedication!

Quote of the Month

“Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others.” – Anonymous

Power Animal of the Month: Zebra

Zebra Medicine includes:
  • Balance
  • Seeing in black and white
  • Clarity without filters
  • Power
  • Sureness of path
  • Maintaining the individual within the herd
Is it apparent to you why Zebra is a Power Animal for Dedication?

1—Zebra brings in Balance. Through balance, one avoids polarities that deter you from a dedicated path or that can misguide or hinder you to your commitment.

2—Though the beauty of Life is found in the greyscale, sometimes black and white holds the answers: Look at the Principles of Yin/Yang, the Yes or No question and answer...

3—Zebra brings us Full Clarity; gone the filters of limiting beliefs, of Tribal thinking and of the ego mind.

4—Power allows us to step lively on your dedicated path....

5—Walk your walk, knowing that each step brings you closer, higher and in alignment to your commitment.

6—Be yourself! Not who others want you to be. Dare to be you!

Food for Thought

Neelam and I see a wide spectrum of dedication in students and in clients. We see dedication as a very personal is something that one either has or doesn't. There is no right or wrongs here, however this something worthy of introspection. This of course, led me to some Food for Thought.
  • How committed are you regarding your Spiritual Practice?
  • Are you Open or Closed regarding your practice?
  • What is your Commitment to your Body? Is it all about you body and the other parts are neglected? Or is your Body neglected?
  • Do you have a daily promise to yourself?
  • Do you have a daily promise for others? Are your promises fulfilled?
  • How committed are you
  • Do you easily loose focus?
  • Are you easily distracted?
  • What tests you the most? What is it that can lead you off your Path?
  • What is the #1 thing that you are dedicated to?
  • Does this dedication make you a better person? If so, why?
  • Are you more dedicated to yourself or to others?
  • In the Triune of the Self (Mind/Body/Spirit) which part of your self is the most neglected? Which part of your life is the most neglected? Are they the same?
  • If you were given a task by your boss, would you follow it through? What if it came from you Spouse?
  • What if you gave yourself the task, would you follow it through?
  • How easily are you influenced by family, friends, society? Would you walk you walk regardless of what others say about you?
  • How much Courage does your Dedication require?
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Crystals of the Month

Tiger’s Eye contains the gentle grounding energy of earth. It is stabilizing and can help build confidence and increase one’s sense of security. Tiger’s Eye can help us to recognize our personal resources and use our abilities to attain our dreams because it is an excellent stone for developing and encouraging discipline and concentration, especially for children.
Ruby leads to joyful commitment to all social tasks. It makes us awake and aware in thought and action, able to perform well, active, courageous, impulses, and spontaneous. It also bestows passion as a driving force, but still prevents any tendencies towards self-destruction in its role as a life-loving stone.

Pyrite encourages one to overcome fears and take action. It can be used to help bring one out of one’s shell and encourage one to be more dynamic and confident. It can be an ally in assisting one in taking action to create abundance in one’s life.

If you look closely, these three crystals asist us in over coming three specific blocks that may deter you from your dedication: Confidence/Security, Awareness and Overcoming Fears.

Which crystal call out to you?
From the Storyteller

I sat with Great Great Grandfather...we ate our blackberries at the river's edge. He handed me the bowl and I asked; "Great Great Grandfather, what would you tell those who think they do not have time to dedicate to their practice?"

The sun sparkled on the river beside us. We sat in silence for a moment. He looked at me; "See the importance of who you are...learn to make yourself a priority.

I nodded as he continued; "We live our life with I want to go here or go it time to plant seeds? Is it time to harvest?

"We do what we must to survive...yet, are your footsteps sacred? Are they steps filled with honor and respect?"

He took a blackberry from the offered bowl; "Sometimes, people will say, 'I'll do it tomorrow...' yet tomorrow never comes; it is like running into the Wind to see from where it comes...."

Great Great Grandfather laughed, "Have you seen a child run around just for the pure joy of running? That's the power and energy ones practice can give you."

A gentle pause, he voice softened; "Your practice is your private relationship with Spirit...and to life and to yourself. It is a a personal commitment to open the experience the Oneness that is within you and the Spirit that moves through everything.

"Consider your daily practice as a gift that you have given yourself. Doing so, you can unify body, mind, and bring things into heal..and your footsteps you now walk in is so!"

I handed im the bowl and closed my eyes and nodded, a soft nod, full of Love and understanding.

The Wind rose, speaking her gentle message to us through the aspens: "Namaji..."

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