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Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking —BLACK ELK, OGLALA SIOUX, 1863–1950
Welcome to the World of Dreams!

What is dreaming?

Dreaming is a way of talking, walking and honoring our dreams, of bringing energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life. We shall share our dreams with others, receive helpful feedback, and encourage one another to take creative and healing action that will bring our Dreams to Life.

Indigenous dreamers maintain, wisely, that if we don’t do something with our dreams, we do not dream well.

Dreaming is also a method of shamanic lucid dreaming.

It starts with simple, everyday practice and extends to profound group experiences of time travel, soul recovery, and exploration of multi-dimensional reality. It is founded on the understanding that we don’t need to go to deep sleep in order to dream.

There are no experts on dreaming—you are the expert for your own dreaming. Your dreams are full of messages, metaphors and wisdom.

Engaged Dreaming is a way of talking, walking and honoring our dreams, of bringing energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life.

For thousands of years, humans have listened to the messages of their dreams and learned how to become more conscious within their dream space. Hinduism and Buddhism have cultivated the ancient practices of lucid dreaming and yoga nidra (“yogic sleep”) to accelerate spiritual awakening. Shamans and spiritual adepts the world over have shown that our dreams can be experienced in deeper, more illuminating ways that open doors to other levels of reality.

In the last few decades, these practices have been validated by modern science. Extensive laboratory tests have verified our ability to gain full lucidity and self-awareness in our Dreamtime.

“Dreamtime” is perhaps your most powerful time for true soul work. More than anything else, you can use your Dreamtime to nurture an active, ongoing relationship with your soul – making its wise counsel available to you every day.

Join us as we step into the World of Dreams!
Crystal under pillow Dream Technique

This is for all of you who want the quick and easy answer of how to aid dream recall, depth of dreams, and lucid dreaming. Take a stone you are drawn to and ask it to aid your visions and recall. Place the stone under your pillow and see what happens!

Every night before you go to bed, hold the stone in your left hand and ask it to bring you dreams that will help you discover your higher path in life or that clarify whatever issue is most at hand in your life. For example, if you are confused about a work situation, ask the stone and your spirit guides to bring you a dream that will clarify the path of highest good. If you are worried about disagreements with a loved one, ask the stone and your spirit guides to bring you a dream that will clarify the best direction to take for harmony with your loved one.

These are just examples, focus on the most pressing issue in your life that you want guidance on. Simply ask for clarity from your spirit guides, angel guides, animal totems, Jesus, Buddha, whomever it is that you personally choose to work with. The stone will act as a conduit to bring their higher wisdoms to you. You can use any stone for this exercise. Several good ones are:
  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Azurite
  • Sodalite
  • Moldavite
  • Zincite
Power Animal of the Month
Dingo is a Power Animal that has surprisingly, never come to any of our students in any of our courses. Personally, I have only begun working with him and have found him a wonderful ally, especially for Dream Tracking. I integrated with him in a recent workshop and he stuck by me for all three days. He's quite the fellow and he certainly has that Aussie swagger to him!

Here is his Medicine:
  • Reborn Human Soul
  • Assistance in hunting
  • Finding warmth in cold situations
  • Companionship
  • Tracking skills
  • Loyalty
  • Understanding silence
  • Finding the truth
  • Protection
  • Willingness to follow through
  • Correct use of intuition
Call him up and see what happens!
Our Workshop and Event Schedule:
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Oct: 16, 2015: One Year Mentorship Program begins in Mumbai
Oct. 17-18:
Dreams: Your Gateway to Healing, Mumbai
Oct. 27,
Full Moon Empowered Earth Healing Circle
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I am sending out this invitation to all of my FB friends and family...I created a FB Community Page dedicated to a A Monthly, Globally Empowered Circle for Earth Healing. Please Like, Follow and Share this with others. This is important work for Earth Healing. The Page can be found at:
From the Storyteller

Once upon a time, Chuang Chou dreamed that he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting about happily enjoying himself. He didn’t know that he was Chou.

Suddenly he awoke and was palpably Chou.

He didn’t know whether he were Chou who had dreamed of being a butterfly, or a butterfly who was dreaming that he was Chou.
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