Sloan's Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson and photographer Catherine Stockhausen discuss murderecords and Halifax music history. Later this week, Tiësto talks EDM and why cool people don't really like Daft Punk. 
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First off, my friend/KK alum Sam Baijal and I drove to and from Ottawa on Sunday, where I got to see Wu-Tang Clan for the first time ever, really completely unplanned, and later that night, Sir Paul McCartney. The goal was to see McCartney play a show at the big Ottawa arena. I'm a gigantic Beatles fan and have never seen any of them live so, when Sam said he had an extra ticket, I re-arranged some financing/"modified" my son's tuition fund, and agreed to go.

Earlier that day, I was reminded that Wu-Tang Clan were playing the Ottawa Bluesfest at 6 PM so I contacted a publicist friend and he arranged to get me two all-access passes. We got to Ottawa just in time to see the Wu from on-stage! It was insane crazy.

We had to leave to get to McCartney on time and he was unreal. Very Beatles/Wings-heavy three hour show. Sounded amazing. He brought someone's grandma onstage and hugged her. It was cornball Paul but it was tremendous. That guy is just talented man. Great singer, best songs. What a day.

This week, an extensive interview with Sloan’s Jay Ferguson and Chris Murphy and photographer Catherine Stockhausen (pictured above, l-r, Chris, Catherine, Jay) about their new photo book, murderecords 7” singles 1993-1998, which includes a 28-song download and an oral history of every single that murder released in that era. My photog friend Colin Medley showed up as well and we talked Halifax music lore and got some exclusive Sloan news too. Oh, you can watch this if you'd like a preview.

All I knew about Tiësto going into this conversation was that he's from the Netherlands and is in the top 3 of the most successful electronic dance music artists of all time. He went and talked about the EDM explosion of late and what he really thinks about all the hype surrounding Daft Punk. He was a nice guy and this is a good, open chat. Coming to you this Thursday. 

When I left Wu-Tang to see Paul McCartney, the Wu were in the middle of a cover of "Come Together" by the Beatles. True fact.


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