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FOCUS on Africa: Update from Bay

I suppose the theme I would choose for my trip to Ethiopia and Kenya with Unite4Africa, would be “Teamwork”. It was really a blessing to see God take such a diverse group of people and knit us together for His use. The comments from pastors and leaders in country were “You have really shown us how to work together as a team—not just individuals all wanting to be up front”.

In almost every setting, we evaluated the crowd, and chose a strategy of who would speak, when, and how much. As a story-teller evangelist, my responsibilities were to “paint a picture of the gospel”, and then one of our African pastors, who knew their culture and people, would do the altar call. Dr Okongo was powerful for before or after me, and especially impactful for pastors and leaders events.

This photo shows the flying termites that showed up JUST as I started speaking, and then continued into invitation time!
“Talk about out of my comfort zone—we found the people went crazy to see the Big American dancing with all the other pastors! Yes, it’s one of my spiritual gifts! 🤦🏼‍♂️”
rWe still haven’t tallied all the numbers at the 3 different outreaches (one in Ethiopia and 2 in Kenya), but we do know that probably just as many people heard the gospel OUTSIDE the speaking areas, as the speakers were very loud, and carried a long way. Each event was in the center of a huge commercial/transportation/shopping area, with thousands and thousands of people hearing our messages. Add to that the live-streaming of each event, and there is literally no telling how many people were reached—BUT GOD knows every one of them by name! My personal estimation would be easily over 100-200,000 heard the Good News of Jesus. We had hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of decisions for Christ made, and are continuing to be followed up.
Distributing maize meal to an entire Maasai church, and this motorbike to this pastor who has been walking 3 HOURS each way to his church several times a week! We (YOU!) are sending funds for 2 more!!
One special testimony, was a 17-18 yr old young man, who gave his life to Christ on our last night of speaking. Afterwards, he asked for prayer, as he hadn’t been sleeping at all, due to demonic voices that harassed him every night. (He’d been heavily using marinauna and drinking) The counselors at our event invited him to a Bible study the next morning, and he showed up! He shared with the leaders “I had my first good night of sleep in weeks, with no voices”!! How GREAT is our God! The other thing that stuck out to me, and was heavily emphasized by the pastors, was how many young men, 16-30 yrs, were coming forward for salvation. On many nights, it was 90% or more! The pastors said “This is a great movement of God’s Spirit—we’ve never seen this before!” Apparently, this group is the most difficult to reach, and they literally streamed to the front each night! Praise God for His Spirit’s power in drawing who HE chooses to Himself! 
Young men all surrendering their lives to Christ...
We’ve already been invited back for another trip, and Peg and I will be seeking God’s leading and “green light”, if that’s where He would want us. We will for sure continue our ministry opportunities around the US, as well as Peg’s women’s events overseas. Can I just say a huge THANK YOU once more, for all who prayed and gave towards this Africa trip?!! Your prayers were truly felt and needed! The enemy was scrambling and working overtime to discourage or stop us (rainstorms, infestations of flying termites—JUST at the time I would step up to speak!, lights going out for 5-10 min, sound equipment struggles, sore throat and coughing, head of prostitution for one of the cities trying to cause issues, etc, etc), BUT GOD overcame it all, and only Heaven will know what all HE did during those 2-3 weeks! 

Hopefully the pictures we've planted in this email will help you envision some of this amazing ministry!

With an incredibly grateful heart… 

Bay & Peg
Our biggest night in Ethiopia!
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