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Does this photo look familiar? We have embraced this new norm for ministry purposes with much more enthusiasm over the past few weeks. In fact, there is another new word, recently learned: Zoom-Fatigue...Yep, it's becoming a real thing!

March Through May in FOCUS

We've "marched" right through March and on through May with COVID-19 controlling all of our schedules - at least that's what I was thinking. until I was reminded that God is Sovereign over all...

Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

(Proverbs 19:21)

Today as I sit reflecting on the heart-break that is our nation in recent days, it has been GOOD for my SOUL to take a "pause" (SELAH!), breathe deep, and remember nothing will stop the plans of the Lord, and that in the end all injustice will cease and every wrong will be made right! Nothing stands in His Holy Way: not a disease, not a racist act of murder, not injustice, not rioting, not lying politicians. GOD is on the MOVE. Mine is not to question with a "WHY?" However, it is for me to ask the right questions. These questions usually begin with "What?" and "How?" What can I do? How can I be a voice for change? 

As for the "us" in FOCUS, we have embraced our new normal, until further shifts allow us to tweak even the new normal to a newer normal (and, that could rapidly change, too)...

But, amidst all the chaos and the bad news, may we be bearers of some good news? Here it is:

The world is primed for good news!

It is! People are open to the gospel. They are looking for HOPE! There is only one anchor, one piece of good news that leads to everlasting hope, and His name is Jesus. While we can, we want to be about spreading this good news through any platform available to us...

...and this is what we are doing! 

It's exciting to see how God is directing our steps, so that His purposes will stand!

This past week I (Peg), once again, spoke in an Azmera Community forum to women serving overseas. Some of these are in business-based-ministry, some are serving in direct ministry capacities. The hostess of this venue snapped a couple of pictures at various stages of our conference. Over the hour and a half, we met with 23 women...I jotted down where they joined me from that early morning (my time): Cypress (2), Costa Rica (3), Guatemala, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Romania, Uganda, Kenya, Texas (3), Colorado (2), the Netherlands, and Ecuador. What a diverse group!! The time was meant to be a visual retreat, and, while I spoke for several minutes, we opened the time up for discussion, question asking, input, and prayer. Right now, this is one of the best ways to pass GOOD NEWS forward, and just think how far reaching this group right here can move the gospel...we all agreed, we just needed a little bit of refreshment through the Word of Truth. The gal from Uganda said in the "chat" feature: "I joined a few minutes late, but I instantly felt the refreshing power of the word...thank you!"

And, an added bonus of this zoom conference, well, two actually: 1) I had met the gals who joined us from Cypress and Costa Rica the last time I was there speaking on site at two other retreats!!! 2) the gal who serves in Thailand went to school with our Mandy, and was one of her close friends...I haven't seen her since just after college graduation. WHAT A SURPRISED BY GOD MOMENT!!!
This past Wednesday, in our pre-COVID-world, I would have been in Carlisle, PA speaking at a Mother's of Pre-Schoolers end-of-season event. This year's theme covered these words from John 10:10: "To the Full". What a timely message - The Lord still wants us to have life, and life to the full, even during these trying times!! This week, that first full video message (what a gracious group as guinea-pigs), sent via email to the ladies, appeared by request in over 100 in-boxes. I'm floored by this opportunity...
Bay and I have "adopted" these two...and, I think they have adopted us, as well (they do call us their "spiritual parents"). This is Kameron and Eric...Eric is the youth pastor at Centerpoint Church here in Pagosa, as well as the founder, director, and CEO of a non-profit, "Outdoor Adventures," which ministers to, primarily, inner-city boys who are fatherless. Each summer, Eric and his staff take 10 boys for a week at a time into wilderness country nearby for "walkabouts." During this time, while out of their comfort zones entirely, he takes street-smart-boys, and has the privilege of sharing the GOOD NEWS of Jesus with them, and getting them started on a discipleship journey. The success of this ministry is incredible! The follow-up and follow-through well orchestrated. Kameron's background as an attorney is huge for legally making sure all the loose ends of the law are tied together... They are an incredible team!  So, whether sitting in their yard (watching their little ones play), or sitting on our back porch drinking a "vacation-in-a-cup" (Nespresso coffee), or horseback riding at the back of our property, it is a GIFT to Bay and I to pour into them from our experiences in youth ministry over the years...
WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS A PICTURE OF?  Glad you asked! This is Bay's inbox folder on DropBox. He now has 18 recorded audio messages that are going all across Northern Kenya, and much of Ethiopia! As well, he now has 10 video-blogs ("vlogs")! The link to Bay's channel is below in our information. His most recent - the beginning of a series based on his book "Dunked On," can be found by clicking here: Dunked On, Session 1.

This kind of ministry was the furthest from our imaginations... Only GOD + COVID-19 could get this to happen, along with numerous other platforms: Video retreats, audio Podcasting, "Vlogging," more writing for Blogs...the internet world has become our BIGGEST friend and our MOST INFLUENTIAL tool for ministry. 

SO..keep on praying for the "us" in FOCUS, as we stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones, grow wiser in creative ministry opportunities, and complete the learning curve necessary to keep sharing the GOOD NEWS of HOPE in JESUS.  He NEVER changes!
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