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This is what God did last week...

The box above gave you the "fast facts" of last week's retreat, "Gather," where I partnered in ministry with Thrive. These are just facts...but each fact represents one woman who joined in on an amazing week designed to refresh, renew, refocus, and re-energize women serving Jesus in a BIG VARIETY of ways. Besides a few teaching sessions, 14 of those one-on-one appointments were mine...50-minutes of digging deep, processing what is going on in hearts, and establishing some next steps. My 14 came from: India, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Thailand, SE Asia, Guatemala, Colombia, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Spain, Kuwait, and North Africa. By the end of the week, I was definitely tired, but good-tired. During the closing session on Friday, I jotted down some of the testimonies of the 428 women who attended. I'll sign off with these:

"The Lord gave me the clearest direction I've felt in 3 years in one short week!"

"I came into this retreat in deep grief, feeling dead spiritually, but today I feel alive again & connected with women all over the world."

"This was virtual - how can one feel the Holy Spirit through a computer monitor so clearly!"

"I didn't realize how thirsty my soul was, how hungry my heart, or how much I needed fellowship with like-minded women. THIS WEEK WAS A MIRACLE!"

"I am NOT alone. I gained a new perspective."

"I was living in the Sahara Desert (literally and spiritually) and the Lord rehydrated my mind and soul."


(Bay &) Peg
As each woman registered, she had to submit a photo. These photos became icons for each speaker to see a list of how many would be in her session. This is a partial from a screen shot I took showing me what to "expect"... 
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