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Peg - Home From Rome; Bay - Heading to Indiana

I've been home from Italy for a day and a half. Think I've almost re-adjusted to the change in time zone...but, as has been more frequent of late, Bay heads out tomorrow for Indiana where he will be speaking for a 25th Anniversary Fellowship of Christian Athletes event, as well as speaking at Berne Missionary Church (2 services) on Sunday, and on Sunday evening, he will speak at Headwaters Church. Please be praying for Bay as the weather isn't looking great for on time departures out of Durango tomorrow...  He at least needs to make it to Denver, then would still have time to make the FCA event on Thursday night. THANK YOU!

Let me update you on the last half of the Thrive conference in Rome for me (Peg). The end tally of numbers finally came in: 137 women from 36 different countries and 46 different sending-agencies. All combined they equaled 1,254 years of service! Waaaay more than we realized at first count. I so appreciate the prayers! My day began at 6:00 each morning with breakfast...from there we had staff meeting, morning sessions (I spoke each morning and led a small group following each speaking time). After lunch, I began with one-to-one, hour-long counseling sessions that lasted until dinner at 6, followed by evening sessions, followed by a counselor's debrief. Normally, my head hit the pillow about 10:30 PM each night...though some nights it was hard to get to sleep with so much running through my head (all good stuff!)...

One quick story and a picture that follows. When the ladies register for the conference (most of them 3 months before the actual date), the make a list of things they are "missing" from home. Then each of us who volunteer as worship leader, speaker, massage therapists, pedicurists, counselors, etc. pick three women and purchase items we put in gift bags. On the second night of the retreat we celebrate the women with the gifts and call the night "Taste of Home." One of the girls in my small group had just mentioned as a prayer request that she and her family had to move several times in the past year, having been evacuated from one country, sent to another, and then had to move homes once they had already settled. She said, "I hate to be asked where I'm from, I'm just not really sure of my address, and I just want to feel like I have a home." Taste of Home night, she began opening her goodies. Inside the bag was a random container of Clorox wipes that had NOT been on her list, but that she NEEDED, and received regardless. As she pulled out those wipes, she began to sob (BIG TEARS, CROCODILE TEARS). She looked at me, with those tears running down her cheeks and said, "I reckon I don't have to worry, apparently God knows my address!"  The picture below is of her with her Clorox wipes and one of our volunteers hugging her and praying over her. You know, it's the little things that make a big difference when serving overseas...something simple, like this, or jet puffed marshmallows, or a brownie mix, or a big bag of bagel chips, tell each of these ladies, God sees, He knows, and He cares!

P.S. While Bay is away, Peg will be hosting a couple from England for a few days. Pray that they experience the REST OF THE LORD while they are here with me. 

We so appreciate your sensitivity to pray and send. We are assured we have the BEST TEAM OF SUPPORTERS IN THE WORLD!

With love, 
Bay and Peg
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