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For 26 years we've traveled to Camp of the Woods (see above view from the board walk overlooking Lake Pleasant) in the Adirondacks of New York state. For all of those years, we've been involved in significant ministry with lots to report back to you, our supporters....but, COVID. 

We were still invited to come to camp, but this year looked entirely different. Sometimes, to be honest, we felt like "beached whales" (but, hopefully we didn't smell like one), as we aren't used to not serving. Almost all of the various ministries, in which we've been involved, had to be cancelled due to restricted state guidelines. So, this year, "ministry" looked like one-on-one encouragement to other campers and/or staff. And, instead, we were the ones who were served and blessed. While we know the Lord sometimes calls us to "go and give," there are times He asks us to "receive." This was one of those times. And, as you know, for those who typically go and give, receiving is difficult! So, last week was a focus on personal renewal and family time. NOT EASY for us two doers.

We were blessed to spend the entire week with son, Adam and all of his family (picture at bottom). Each week, Camp of the Woods scholarships one military family to honor....Adam and Cher were beyond privileged to receive this gift during our scheduled time! We enjoyed meals together, beach time together, campfire time, ice cream runs, and, we were able to attend chapel together. Brynley (2) and Nana got some good one-on-one playground time (her "happy place" - see picture below), while mom got some rare alone time; and, Adam and Bay got in several rounds of golf. 

It was NICE, but DIFFERENT. Then again, what hasn't been different these last 5 1/2 months!!!???

Papa and I with Adam's "gang." Left to right: AJ (16), Peg, Titus (14), Bay, Cher, Addy (13), Kelvie (10), Brynley (2), Adam.

Well, we (Bay, Peg, our board) continue to pray, "Now what?" with an air of expectancy; and, while things are not typical, outwardly, we are doing much the same as we have since March - meaning, there's a whole lot of virtual ministry happening (and, surprisingly, we are reaching crazy numbers because of it)!! AND YET, our hearts are being stirred with what we believe to be some new next steps.

In these unusual times, we've been seeking the Lord as to how we can be involved in, and an answer to, walking alongside, befriending, and encouraging others around us who have been marginalized. If there's one silver lining to all the recent rioting, it's that these actions have caused us to look inward, to evaluate, to ask and answer some bigger questions. 

Not more than thirty minutes from us are dear folks who live on the Jicarilla Apache reservation. The churches, and the Jesus-followers who attend and serve there, have made it known they would appreciate any encouragement in these struggling days of pandemic, quarantine, and depressed economy. Not more than two months ago, the Lord began to put the churches in Dulce, NM on our hearts, and we believe the Lord is calling us to "spy out the land." (smile) For now, that looks like just our presence. To fellowship. To encourage with words and support. To build friendships. AND THEN, to see where this leads. We will keep our membership at our local church (and continue co-leading our small group), as we see what the Father might have for us. We have a fellowship in Pagosa that is FILLED with more than qualified individuals to serve...for us to help elsewhere will not be leaving any empty spaces. So, God's timing for a new area of potential "missions" seems perfect. 

We'd ask you to pray with us for wisdom, discernment and knowledge. We will keep you posted. 
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