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Bay using his horse, General Walker, for a lesson on submission and being still/resting in the Master's hands. Link to that message right here. 

And, May Ministry Brings????

Unprecedented Times and Extraordinary Opportunities!!!

I was standing in line at the grocery store recently (at a 6' distance, of course, mask in place), when I overheard another shopper say to the cashier, "These are unprecedented times, with extraordinary opportunities, and, we are living in tomorrow's history!"  Then, this morning, I picked up a newsletter from a para-church ministry we support, and the headlines read, "Unprecedented Times, Extraordinary Opportunities." I reckon we're all on the same page! This is the most positive way we can look at the world about us, right now, because, YES! May ministry in FOCUS is bringing us EXACTLY (!) the is out of the question, but we've had extraordinary opportunities to keep presenting the gospel, encourage followers-of-Jesus, and spread hope in small, little tangible ways. 

Peg spends quite a lot of time each week in Zoom meetings, bible studies, retreat sessions (live), and small group discussions...This was a recent small group in a Zoom "breakout room" following a retreat.
What a "professional zoom meeting setup" looks like....
while sometimes sitting at home in our jammies, recording the next "thing," or writing the next blog, or sewing face masks to give away, or crocheting preemie baby hats and bereavement blankets for hospital nurseries...

...the numbers of people to whom we are honored to be speaking far out-number the ones we'd get to speak to face-to-face! With simply what we can "count" through virtual experiences, we've gotten a message out in one platform or another to over 4000 in the last month alone, and that's not counting radio listeners in Africa! 


Speaking of, Bay's radio outreach in Northern Kenya seems to be going well. We received this report this week:
"The show is going over really well! We're receiving calls from people who are saying they prayed to accept Christ as their Savior due to now understanding sin and the simple explanation and need for Christ. So I think your messages are right on. I will try to get more feedback, as I am not in the studio a lot, but just get daily general reports from my DJs. Listeners are increasing and more widespread due to Corona."

He's continuing his weekly YouTube channel with video podcasts, continuously writing or revising new messages for these shortened time-frame venues, studying, and connecting with many via texts and emails. 

Peg continues a weekly audio podcast, writing her weekly blog, counseling, doing "zoom" meetings of one kind or another, and video taping mini retreat series for places where she was supposed to be going to speak but can't. She has one of those series that wasn't "organization specific" available to anyone interested through Dropbox. There are four 10-minute sessions, along with a welcome, and a retreat-guide that is downloadable. It's the first one she did, so quality is rough...but it could be used creatively in a variety of ways. By the first of June, she'll have one more series available, as well. If you're at all interested in taking a look, email us back and we'll copy the link...

The links to all of this (except for radio) can be found on our website in the contact information below. 
This is Eddie Anderson - he's the guy behind all the radio shows happening in Kenya. Eddie was formerly one of our dorm boys when we were serving at Rift Valley Academy in the early 90's. 
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