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A FOCUS on Indiana Ministry

Bay and I spent twelve days in Indiana, arriving home the middle of last week. We took advantage of every! single! minute! we were in the state. Bay preached in two churches. The first one, Pathway Community Church is a church we've had relationship with for years (ever since their conception). Bay preached in their three services, to a combined total of about 2,000 in attendance on site, and another 1800+ online. We never get tired of saying, "God moved!" His faithfulness is amazing. Bay was asked to preach an evangelistic message, and this he did! We know of 120-130 salvation decisions, including 28 decisions from the online community during the live-stream of each service. There are always 4-5 people ministering online as people record their comments, answering questions, encouraging follow up, and responding with prayer. So, it was fun to have the online pastor connect with us after service #3 to say, "this is what happened behind the scenes, that you couldn't see or wouldn't know about any other way..."  As Bay says so often, "it just amazes me how God lets us get in on all of this!" (see picture below) 

Second of three services at Pathway...
The second church, in Greenfield, Indiana, Brown's Chapel represents the other extreme in attendance. We've always said we want to be available to go anywhere God wants us, anytime, anyplace, no matter the size! We've known the pastor and his wife, who are serving at Brown's Chapel for a number of years, having met them in Pennsylvania at another church. What fun to reconnect with Pastor Theo and Randy. Bay and I both spoke at a brunch on Saturday as a kick off for men's and women's ministry, as well as to a combined Sunday school class on Sunday morning. Then Bay spoke in the Sunday morning worship service. What a sweet spirit in this church; we enjoyed every minute with the folks (see picture below from Sunday morning - it was hard to capture the whole church because of the layout - there was a second side to the auditorium you can't see). 
Besides the speaking in churches, Bay and I both spoke at a Christian home specifically designated for 13-18 year old foster children who are awaiting a permanent foster home situation. I've never known of a situation quite like this, but the state of Indiana uses Gateway Woods as a first go-to for young folks in these circumstances. What a gift to these kids! 
After Bay spoke on what it means to be a "role model" from Ephesians 5, I shared some of my testimony with the students. It turned out to be a great combination of messages.
Over the years, we've made many friends in the Ft. Wayne area. So, in between the two churches, we connected one on one for coffee, lunches, dinners, golf (Bay), Bible Studies, some counseling, and just conversation. There was never a dull moment.

We did take time on the way to Greenfield, to go just a little bit further and visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. They were a bit like drinking from a fire hydrant over two days, but we were in AWE at all the information we gleaned, and both of us reminded ourselves, it takes a whole heap of lot more faith to be an atheist than a follower of Jesus!
This past Sunday, daughter Stephanie visited with two of her kiddos (her husband, Todd, had to work, and daughter, Meg, had a volleyball game). What a treat for Bay, Steph, Ellie and Hayden to lead worship in Dulce at New Life church (Pastor Rudy and Esther were out of town)... We've been so blessed to begin building relationships in Dulce among the churches, and to assure the pastors and Jesus-followers in the churches that we are there to be a support as they need us. When you think of the mission-field in Dulce, please pray for revival and for leadership to be raised up among the people!
In the next few weeks of May, we will both be speaking at different times down in Dulce, NM (on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation). As well, each week of May, we have either pastors or missionaries coming for 3 days, 4 nights for "get away" ministry. We are looking forward to giving these servants who refresh others time to rest, refresh, renew, and restore...and, then able to leave ready to get after their #why, once again. 

Thank you for keeping "us" in FOCUS!

With love, Bay and Peg
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