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A FOCUS on our Semi-State of "Quarantine"

Things are changing faster than we can keep up with ministry-wise in this semi-state of quarantine... So we thought we'd catch you up on what's happening in FOCUS.

But, before we do so, there's this little tidbit of news from inside the Forrest home on the Forrest compound.  In the interest of keeping Bay on his toes, and adding a little variety of interest, Peg (today) blew up a 9 X 13 pyrex glass cake-pan. It's a long story, which we won't go into, but this will help you know better how to keep us in your prayers....

We're doing just fine.........................................REALLY!
Now, back to ministry opportunities in FOCUS!
1.  Bay has already completed and uploaded, not just one, but THREE, YouTube videos. The three make up a series that have to do with encouraging others during this season of Covid-19. Here's a link to Bay's channel, where you can subscribe if you'd like. Otherwise, here's a link to Video 1, Video 2, and (the one that was posted today) Video 3

2.  When we realized all travel for ministry was curtailed for an unspecified period of time, we sent out a prayer request (as you may remember) for direction moving forward. The Lord answered that prayer in a most unusual way. One of our former dorm boys (at RVA in Kenya) works in Northern Kenya and hosts a radio program that covers all of the Northern area, as well as a good portion of Ethiopia. He sent Bay a message via Facebook** and asked if Bay would be interested in recording several audio messages between 20-30 minutes that he could use on his programs. Today, Bay recorded a 30-minute testimony with evangelism worked into the message. He's looking forward to recording more, and I have to say, he's a natural at doing so!  BUT, more importantly, if this goes out as expected, Bay will speak to thousands more than he would in a normal year in person! 

3.  Peg has started the preliminary set up for beginning a podcast. Each session will be 5-8 minutes of recorded audio. She'll start with a series she worked through beginning last spring entitled "Be Brave." It was first written out as a blog series, then streamlined into a retreat in the fall. It's the same series she was re-working to present in Romania this coming April. We'll let you know when this is up and running... As well, she is continuing her weekly blog found here: From the beginning of this blog back in 2010, her goal was to simply present random words of encouragement for other followers of Jesus based on simple Scriptural truths the Lord was unraveling over the week to her. Both her podcast and blog will continue to be titled "Just a Thought."  

4.  On another note, Peg has picked up doing more counseling, finding FaceTime and Zoom to be useful tools... And, in the case of two events that have been cancelled, she's been asked to record her messages on video to be shown to the groups at an online event, or more likely, through a Facebook "watch party."

What an amazing God we have! In these crazy days He is doing some pretty AWE-MAZING things...  Though the reality is that He is simply preparing us in small ways to be ready for what is to come throughout eternity.

With eyes looking to the East....

Bay and Peg 
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