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Mission Beach Town Council to Vote on STR sub-committee proposal.
Please attend Wednesday, June 12 (That's Tomorrow) at 6pm to vote YES!
Meeting is held at the Belmont Park Community Room, above the arcade.

We need eligible MBTC members (Member for more than 30 days) to show up and vote YES for the reasonable compromise drafted by reasonable community member's on both sides of this issue and approved unanimously by the Executive Board. This proposal will be sent to City officials for them to consider when drafting their new proposal, which we expect to happen later this year.

Though the feedback we received has been mostly positive (with a compromise it's impossible to please everyone) it was concerning to hear from some community stakeholders that said they were part of the "silent majority" that supports STRs. Being silent on this issue is what lead to last July's ban of Mission Beach vacation rentals. Supporters remained quiet while our Town Council leaders at the time misrepresented our community and supported the primary only ban approved by City Council. We will find ourselves in a similar situation if we do not continue to be active on this issue.

Please click here to let us know if you will be there to vote YES to protect your right to vacation rent your home.

Below is the recent MBTC email with more details on the meeting. We also encourage members to vote Yes for the ratification of board members Dane and Rob.


Isn't there something important coming up? Oh yeah, it's the

Mission Beach Town Council June General Meeting

When: June 12th at 6pm
Where: Belmont Park Community Room (above arcade)

Please bring proof of membership as this may be required to ensure fair voting rights for all. Proof of membership could be an ID showing MB residency, property ownership documentation, etc. You must be a member in good standing for one month to be eligible to vote. There will be no proxy voting, no absentee voting, and no cumulative voting. You must be present to vote. 

New Items This Month

-We will be voting on two items this month:

  • Short Term Rentals.
  • Campland proposal.
-Also, we will be voting on two board members for the ratification of their positions this meeting:
     -Rob Brown: Secretary
     -Dane McCleary: Membership Chair

-The presentation by Heather Henter with UCSD has been rescheduled for next month.

-More information on each voting item can be found further down on this email including resolution drafts on page 2.

Click the link below for the full meeting agenda.

June Meeting Agenda

MB Short Term Rental Resolution

This month's big big news is our committee's short term rental proposal. The STR committee has worked very hard on it and it has been approved by the MBTC Board. Now it's up to the general membership to vote for it's approval.

This proposal truly embraces the heart of compromise. The committee was formed from members on both sides of the STR debate, both pro and con. They came together and hashed out all of the limits, attributes and details. This doesn't give favor to one side or the other but instead looks at the best solutions for all involved. We respectfully urge your "Yes" vote this Wednesday as this is a big win for our community.

This is proposed for a vote as a yes or no vote only. The full text of the proposed STR ordinance recommendation for Mission Beach can be found by clicking the button below.

STR Draft Ordinance for Mission beach - 2019

Thank you for being an important and active member of our community. We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday. 

SAVE MISSION BEACH is a local organization that gives a voice to residents, property owners, small businesses and vacation rental managers who believe that responsibly run vacation rentals are a vital part of Mission Beach. We support reasonable regulations that protect STR rights and enforce good neighbor policies.

We encourage stakeholders to be vocal about their support of short-term rentals. Join our local Town Council, follow and engage with supporters on social media,, etc. and spread the word to neighbors and friends!

We will continue to support Share San Diego, who is leading the fight city wide. Please be sure you are subscribed for important updates. All donations are received and managed by Share San Diego, with input from SaveMB leadership.
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