We're back with a little dose of grounding. This second edition of #BeWellHESM emails acknowledges the moment we're in and how we can better support ourselves. Krista and Erin will be sending one more email over the next few months to complete this trio of wellness, because you deserve it.
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Hey friend. Feeling uprooted? You're not alone.

Nice to see you again. Erin & Krista here. We're weeks into 2021 and ready for another break. It's easy to feel helpless and outside of ourselves these days. Are your eyes dry and tired from the constant scroll?

Close them. Take a three deep breaths. Deep inhale. Hold. Slow exhale. Repeat. 1, 2, 3. 

Welcome back.

Today's letter is all about restoring your center. A gentle reminder that you weathered through 2020. Find compassion towards yourself that you've endured. And know that you are given opportunities for change and growth every day.

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Why don't we start with some grounding. Feel where your feet meet the floor. Sense the gravity of your body in your chair. Detect the temperature of your body and the room surrounding you. What do you hear?

If you feel overwhelmed by what's happening in the world right now, we're with you. This centering practice for the moment we're in by Adrienne Maree Brown is an excellent way to restore. Light a candle. Take in the warmth of her words. It's worth your time.

Feel disconnected from your body? Somatic technique is a practice that uses mind-body exercises to release stress. This short exercise uses self-holds to provide some relief, nothing required but yourself. These movements encourage you to find what feels good and safe.

Here's a wonderful way to meditate and restore your purpose. Elena Brower shares a poem and thoughts on what we like to call an "ode to resiliency". Take the time to journal your reflections. How did you rise through this past week? This past year?

Even a short break in your work day to center your mind can be refreshing. Erin and I love Headspace. Their Weathering the Storm series of meditations is still free for everyone. Click in and try one. Taking 2 minutes for yourself is a triumph.

How are you feeling now? It may seem small but you just prioritized yourself.

Making tiny adjustments to ensure you stay centered will make a world of difference in your energy levels, the boundaries you set and the way you communicate in stressful times. We encourage you to notice the changes in your body and mind today after an exercise or two. Building them into your day is a bit like protein powder for your mental health.

You deserve balance, especially right now. Do you have any other tips that have given you pause and created calm in the chaos? Tweet them with #BeWellHESM.

Take it easy this month. Make the small adjustments (even the ones that feel too small to make a difference) and celebrate each time you put yourself first. The world needs our inner balance right now.

We'd love to hear from you. Write back and tell us how you're doing, what's going on. Here, or on Twitter

Be well, HESM.

Until next time,
Erin & Krista
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