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An Unbreakable Advantage

How often do business leaders talk about competitive advantage?

In business schools they preach that it is the most important focal point for success. It’s the end result of mastering “The Art of the Business Lunch”. And, not surprisingly, it is a lesson that extends far beyond business and into every aspect of a successful life.

What is not discussed as often is - how anyone can achieve a competitive advantage in any profession, without getting your M.B.A and without stepping on others to make it happen!

I was navigating the corporate world (nearly blind) when I first came across the work of Brian Tracy. I thought that in order to be more successful, I just had to work longer hours and take on more projects. I strived for quantity in my professional network, ignoring the concept of quality almost entirely…

(I’m not ashamed of these mistakes, but it is funny to look back on them now.)

It took me a really long time to learn all the ways to NOT achieve a competitive advantage in life. But it only takes a few hours to master this skill from front to back, thanks to Brian’s tireless efforts to bring out the best in all of us.

The New Psychology of Achievement is all about breaking down the old paradigm. In this 7+ hour audio program Brian uncovers a proven methodology for rapid and sustainable transformation in your personal life and your career. Brian’s original “Psychology of Achievement” has sold over a million copies worldwide; now you have a chance to see what he’s been working on with the world’s leading experts for the past few decades.

I couldn’t possibly summarize it in one email, but I do know that you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of:

- The 7 mental laws that determine your potential

- The Law of incremental improvement

- The Keys to optimism

- The Keys to persuasion

- The Factors of motivation, and

- The 12-step goal method

Brian and I agree on a lot, but perhaps nothing more than the statement that true success begins on on inside.

The New Psychology of Achievement was designed to put you on the top of your game. FOREVER. It is an unforgettable map that leads to the top, with the king of self-mastery as your personal guide.

Once you take a look at the material, you’ll never look back, and I can’t wait to hear about the journey!


- Robin
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