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February Brain Health Bulletin

A Healthy Heart for a Healthy Mind

As a tribute to Valentine's Day, it seems appropriate to honor the hard working heart and give it some attention. After all, if our hearts decided to take a day off, or even a few minutes, we wouldn't have a very good day. What does the heart have to do with the brain you ask? Well, beyond constantly monitoring heart rate and blood flow, the brain sends impulses to the heart any time the heart rate is too fast or the blood pressure is too high. If this occurs following a brisk walk or spin around the dance floor, the brain is able to return to the next task on the list pretty easily - like planning dinner, retaining a storyline that you're reading, or remembering what you just went into the other room to retrieve. However, if your brain is regularly getting signals from the heart that its essential function is being disrupted, the brain will begin to disregard the tasks that you hold so dearly. When the brain believes life is in danger, no plans, article content or recollection is valued. This is a good thing; we need the brain to do it's primary function to keep us alive, but we also want to have full use of our minds, right? To regain our motivation, focus and memory in this type of scenario, the first thing we want to do is focus on heart health. 

Proper levels of minerals and vitamins are critical for regulation of blood pressure and heart rate. If either is a concern for you, consider your levels of the following:
Calcium - Important for the transmission of nerve impulses and for neuromuscular excitability.
Taurine - An amino acid that is known to affect cardiac contractility (it's a word - really!).
Magnesium - Critical for the normal metabolism of potassium and calcium.
Potassium - A mineral essential in the transmission of nerve impulses and balances sodium in the body.
Vitamin D - Helps the body utilize calcium.
Vitamin B-6 - Needed for proper function of pressure-sensitive nerve cells and cardiac muscles.

There are also certain foods that have demonstrated benefits to the heart, such as cayenne pepper, garlic, herbs and specific plant constituents. If you are concerned about high blood pressure or an irregular heart rate, always discuss these issues with your health provider and ask if it makes sense to supplement your body to achieve better balance. You can find specially formulated blends of these supplements in health food stores. Additional supplements that can benefit the heart and the rest of the body are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils. To read more about those beneficial to heart health click here.

February Special

If you feel like winter is taking it's toll, this special is for you! Get $10 off any of our relaxation sessions (normally $25).
  • Had an injury or have stiffness from the cold? Try 30 minutes of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy to reduce inflammation.
  • Been congested or coughing? Do a session of Relaxation with Oxygen.
  • Need to reduce stress and reboot your immune system? You'll love our Serenity Sound Therapy.
Just call 614-505-6519 or click here to request your therapeutic relaxation.

Show Yourself Some Love!

1. Give yourself confidence; it just takes two minutes! Here's how it works - stand tall and put your hands on your hips, keeping your head high and shoulders back. Enjoy this power pose for just two minutes and studies show that the stress hormone (Cortisol) will decrease and your confidence-boosting Testosterone will raise. This is a great technique to use before a meeting, presentation, or just to start your day with intention!
2. Allow your dreams to soar. Instead of keeping them to yourself, share your goals and lofty aspirations with friends and loved ones. This will make them more real to you and gives you the opportunity to more fully develop them. If you aren't sure what your dreams are, take time to write, draw or create a vision board to explore what your dreams are.

3. Give yourself the gift of positive thoughts. We all have tough days, but reviewing and reliving the low points only reinforces the negative experience. Instead of thinking or talking about the events, focus on things you are looking forward to or talk with others about something good that happened in the day. No positive thoughts to be found? Smile, sing an upbeat song, call a positive friend, perform a good deed, or assume the power pose from #1!

4. Develop the skill of joy. Think of five to ten things you are grateful for in your life. Even appreciating the beautiful scenery and focusing on the joyful feelings you feel in that moment can help you build happy skills. Giving thanks is also a great way to end each day on a positive note!

5. Appreciate others. When you compliment people, it makes them feel good and elevates the mood for all. Plus, when you see the positive in others, you are more likely to appreciate your own qualities. 

Health & Happiness to You!
Now Offering AromaTouch!
Experience the amazing stress-relief and balancing effects that essential oils can provide. During this hour-long session, the therapeutic oils are feathered on the spine and rubbed along meridian points of the back, neck, scalp and feet. Not only is it relaxing, it can help the body return to balance and recover more easily from stress and toxic insult. Plus - in February we're offering this incredible experience for just $35 (normally $50). Appointments are available on Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays, just call Anna at 614-657-9514 to schedule.

Upcoming Classes
Thursday, 2/20
Relax for Your Health
Learn a few deep relaxation techniques and tools that are likely to add years and quality to life.
Please click here to register.

Nia Dance

This combination of martial arts, dance, and aerobic activity is a fun way to challenge your muscles and promote balance. Great for all fitness levels.

Sunday, 2/16 & 2/23
Yin Yoga
A relaxing, slow-paced style of yoga that promotes circulation and flexibility. If you have them, please bring a yoga mat, blocks and a blanket for your comfort.

All classes held at 97 E Wilson Bridge Rd in Worthington.
Questions? Call us at 
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