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3 November 2016

Message from the Principal 

School newsletters commonly remark ‘This has been a very busy week at school'.  It has and this is the norm.
The bullet points I share below serve to indicate how much we do to enhance the children’s routine day to day experiences of healthy classroom learning.
  • Today was the celebration of UAE Flag Day. We held our own flag raising ceremony while some of our younger students went out to join other schools in a local park.
  • We enjoyed visits from the Juilliard Drama and Dance Specialists on Sunday which were then followed by the visit on Wednesday from Curriculum Music Specialist Jessica Meyer who also performed for the school today.
  • We received our pre-inspection visit from representatives from KHDA who helped to steer us towards that key event that will take place later in the year.
  • Today was ‘Market Day’ in Chatter Box. It is great to see the support from so many parents who were involved. The market was very busy.
  • We received confirmation for the timing for the IB accreditation visit that will take place on January 30th and 31st 2017. There are further dates for the diary too: please note that on Monday December 5th 2016 and Monday January 16th 2017 we will be hosting a range of workshops for parents to introduce and explore the IB Diploma curriculum showing how well it prepares students for the top universities and life beyond.  
  • Presentations were shared with our current and prospective parents seeking entry into NAS Dubai as children complete their Primary education this year. It was super to meet so many prospective parents who hope to find a place in Year 7 at NAS Dubai next year.
  • And last night the house was full for the ‘Meet the Personal Tutor’ in the Secondary school.  It was reassuring to find that in so many cases parents felt that very positive relationships with the tutor and other teachers were already in place. 
In addition to all of the above, and arguably more important, two significant agreements were made this week. One more abstract, but one to live by until the next review, and the other more concrete and tangible.
Firstly, please note the simple mission statement for NAS Dubai that serves as the anchor point for all that we do.
“NAS Dubai champions an ambitious education believing that there are no limits to what our students can achieve for themselves and for others.”
Secondly, please be reassured by the commitment that has been made to enhance the NAS Dubai library with a further investment of half a million dirhams which is needed to enrich the shelves in our current library and establish the research base required for our older students as they prepare for university.

Matthew Farthing

Juilliard Specialists Visit NAS Dubai 


Mr Cullinan, Juilliard Dance Specialist Hilary Easton, Mr Farthing, Teodora Cotirlan 8CYE, Juilliard Curriculum Specialist Richard Mannola, Sofia Murgian 9VGR and Mrs Lamb

My friend Theodora and I have been dancing for as long as we can remember so when we were given the opportunity to speak with the Juilliard specialists for Dance and curriculum we were both extremely excited and quite nervous.  We sat with our best posture and were so happy to discover how friendly and interesting they both were to talk to.  They asked us about our dance background and we got to ask lots of questions about the Juilliard school in New York and what we can expect for the launch of the Juilliard dance curriculum that they will be introducing at NAS Dubai next year.  We left our meeting no longer nervous, but still very excitedly about what is to come! 

Sofia Murgian 9VGR

Juilliard Curriculum Specialist Jessica Meyer
The Music Department has been privileged enough to welcome Jessica Meyer, our Juilliard Curriculum Specialist, to join us for the last two days here at NAS Dubai. As an alumni of Juilliard, Jessica performed her own compositions to children from across all ages of the school on her viola using a loop pedal. Jessica has also been into the music classrooms to observe how the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Music Curriculum is being implemented here at NAS Dubai. She has been impressed with the children's creativity and enthusiasm, and looks forward to her future visits in February and April.
The Music Department 

Juilliard Curriculum Specialist Jessica Meyer visited NAS Dubai and put on a great show for all students with her viola and loop pedal.  She demonstrated various emotions on her viola through different techniques on her instrument.  Students were dazzled by her talents and our drama class was particularly interested in her use of space whilst on stage in the auditorium.  

Oliver McIntyre and Lily-Jeanne Greep 8CST

Acoustic Guitarist Antoine Hanssens

Message from the Head of Primary 

Dear Parents,
This week we have been focusing on the Performing Arts here at NAS Dubai, hosting several visitors from New York who worked with us on our Juilliard-Nord Anglia Education Performing Arts Programme. Next week sees the official launch of the programme and of the music element in particular. We hope you and your children will enjoy the musical workshops, concerts and other events taking place throughout the week, especially the concert by Juilliard alumni Claire Bryant on Monday at 8am.
So much for music but on Sunday our guests focused on Dance. Dance in school is currently taught through PE and is studied by nearly all of our students at some point in the year. We observed our very youngest children moving to music with Jess Thornton. Already those three year olds can follow instructions, respond to music and enjoy simple dances together. This lesson was great for the development of their gross motor skills as well as providing opportunities to enjoy and engage with music.
Angela Minervini has been particularly inspirational in her planning, teaching and delivery of Dance since she joined the PE department last year. We observed her rehearsing students from the Primary Dance CCA. These pupils are beginning to prepare two pieces for ‘Desert Dance’, a large scale competition held at Dubai College each January. The girls involved have all ‘opted in’ to the hard work and discipline involved in preparing for such a prestigious competition. Later in the day we returned to the studio to watch Angela teach Year 8 Dance, where the technique and creativity of the dancers were equally impressive.
Aside from observing lessons, our visitors took the time to speak to two serious Dance students from Year 8 and Year 9. These young women really impressed our guests with their articulate description of their love of Dance and their aspirations for the future. They had some thoughtful, well-considered questions to ask our experts and both sides gained much from the discussion.
As someone who loves Dance myself, I am particularly looking forward to working with Juilliard in future on further embedding Dance into the curriculum. I know that many of you are similarly excited about the Performing Arts becoming an area of excellence here at NAS Dubai and hope you enjoy the launch events next week.
Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Lamb

Message from the Head of Secondary 

This week I have had the opportunity to engage with lots of parents in various forums.  We have had an open morning for our current Year 6 students, sporting fixtures, meet the Personal Tutor and of course we had our amazing Halloween BBQ.
The community at NAS Dubai is an integral part of our success and to work alongside a parent body who is so invested in the ethos and values of the school, as well as the academic success makes this school a very special place.
I have had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing students throughout my career in education.  Students who have played sport at the highest level, performers who are now starting their journey at theatre school, individuals who have managed to overcome huge obstacles to graduate to top universities, doctors, lawyers and even some who are now teachers.  All of the students needed at times a champion, all of them needed someone to pick them up when they were low, some of them needed to be redirected and others sometimes needed to be forgiven.  However, not all of the students I talk about have had the luxury of the range of support mechanisms the students at NAS Dubai have.
When recruiting teachers I look for individuals who are child centred and recognise their role and importance in ensuring children have every opportunity to succeed.  I am lucky, as I not only have these student centred classroom teachers but I also have a parent body who I know are there to support and guide their children.  Maybe not a luxury I have had in my previous settings.
The feedback from the meet the Personal Tutor has really inspired me, I am confident we have created a model of support where parents feel they have an outlet that they can go to, in which they can get a true reflection of their child's personal development.
The teachers and parents of NAS Dubai all have one common aim and that is the success of our students.  Over a student’s journey at times they will fly, they will sometimes make mistakes and also at stages they will find things tough, we all know as adults this never really changes.  All our children are unique and they all have exceptional talents, our job is to work together as one.  Let us not loose sight of this common goal  and when they graduate we will all be there to celebrate the exciting future that awaits them. 

Liam Cullinan

Mentors Needed!

NAS Young Innovators 2016/17 require mentors to inspire, challenge and nurture

Last year over two hundred NAS Dubai students contributed to a health innovation programme which saw them developing, testing, validating and presenting solutions on teenage health improvement to influencers in Dubai which included Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Eye 103.8fm.

We are delighted to announce that after the success of last year, the programme has been extended to Years 9, 10 and 11 students. 

We will immerse our Young Innovators in practical and real life enterprise and innovation to channel their ideas and empower them to make a difference in their community. 

We need twenty-five mentors to volunteer to support the programme at different stages throughout this year. We welcome all types of backgrounds and experiences and most importantly the passion for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation for the following: 

  • Innovation Day: Thursday 24th Nov 2016 8am-3pm (This year's theme is Cyberbullying) 
  • Tech Talks: 1x hour session looking at product/ service development Dec 2016 and May 2016
  • Accelerator Programme: Guest mentor 1 x 30 min session with Accelerator Programme teams on areas such as securing funding (in particular crowdfunding), market research, managing budgets, marketing and pitching 
  • Offer a 1 x week Work Placement Opportunity for Year 10 Students: June 2017

Please email with your area(s) of support and for more information by 10 November 2016 

    NAS News Bites   

Dubai Rugby Sevens Visit 

On Wednesday Dubai Rugby Sevens fever hit NAS Dubai!
Pupils from the Primary school (Years 3-6) were invited to take part in the annual Rugby Sevens passing drill as well as a series of fun, competitive and challenging rugby skills.
Our Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2 pupils had the opportunity to meet Sabba the camel (official Rugby Sevens mascot) as each class had their picture taken.
At lunchtime a group of pupils were invited by Joanna Brown (NAS Music Department) to sing the national anthem of Fiji, having been asked to adopt Fiji as our nation throughout this year’s tournament.
This event was organised ahead of this year’s Dubai Rugby Sevens that takes place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December at the Sevens Stadium, Dubai.
Thanks again to all the pupils, teachers and the Rugby Sevens team for putting on a fantastic event.
Danny Thomas
PE Teacher

Email Disruption 

We are aware that some of our parents are experiencing on-going problems with receiving our emails. We are very concerned about this situation; unfortunately, this is a problem somewhat beyond the school’s control. It is actually the individual ISPs (Internet Service Providers) who are blocking our emails, delaying them or putting them into junk folders. The ISPs will have to learn to trust our email addresses over the few weeks and the problem will resolve itself. Our relationship managers are actively working with the ISPs on this. In the meantime if you are experiencing an email disruption and have an alternative email address, please log into the Parent Portal and change your email address (under the My Details tab).

    Upcoming Events    

Sunday Nov 6

  • Juilliard Launch Week- workshops & performances 
Monday Nov 7
  • Student Busking in the main atrium 7:10am - 7:40am
  • Concert for Parents by Juilliard Alumni Claire Bryant 8am - 8:30am 
  • PA Meeting 8:30am - 9am (delayed due to concert)
Tuesday Nov 8
  • Dubai Drums performs in the main atrium 7:15am-7:40am
  • Year 1 trip to Children's City 8:30am - 2:15pm
  • Year 2 visit to Chef's Cooking Workshop 9am - 12:15pm
  • Secondary Open Evening for entry in Sept 2017 6pm - 8pm
Wednesday Nov 9
  • Staff Busking in the main atrium 7:10am - 7:40am
  • Juilliard Launch Secondary Music Performance 6pm-8pm
Thursday Nov 10
  • Student Busking in the main atrium 7:10am - 7:40am

Important Notice: 

Please help us keep our school clean.  Food is not permitted in the PE and swimming pool changing rooms.  Ensure that all items consumed on or around the sports pitch are properly disposed of. 

Thank you! 

   Parent Community  

Chatter Box Cafe

HUGE THANKS to our awesome parent vendors and Reema from Paloma's Kitchen for another wonderful Market Day at CB!

Have a great weekend
Liz & Marie  

Parents' Association 

What spooktacular good time we all had at the Halloween BBQ and what fun to see as many fantastic costumes on the adults as there were on the children! The night was a great success; starting with an eery graveyard entrance including a terrifying witch and cauldron, to the crazy impressive cars and endless sweets of the Trunk or Treat, the feast at the Fat Dads BBQ and Sweet Secrets and finishing it all off with a disgusting Gruesome Grab and funky flash mob dance.  

Thank you to the massive amount of NAS Dubai families that attended the event and supported the PA by contributing the much needed sweets.  Your wonderful feedback, true appreciation and the smiles on your faces make it all worthwhile.   

Our biggest thanks goes to the core group of the PA that dedicated the countless hours of hard work to ensure the enjoyment for us all at this event, they are: 

  • Torben – for precise logistical organization and a perfectly executed BBQ with the of help our fabulous Fat Dads Football grill experts
  • Sophia & Cindy – being true creative masterminds and wonderful managers of the super talented artists; (in alphabetical order) Andrea, Anne, Ainhoa, Ashita, Charlotta, Christina, Evette, Ghazal, Joelle, Julie, Julia, Layla, Maj, Maria, Marina, Mary-Kay, Niamh, Reem, Rhea, and Thushari.  
  • Marina – having meticulous financial management with the help of voucher clerks May, Charlotta, Karen & Melanie
  • Ian – recruitment & management of the amazing Trunk or Treat cars  
  • Moni & Heather and their Spinners Team - keeping us so well refreshed
  • Karen of Sweet Secrets – offering a deluxe bakery selection
  • Dorothea, Kylie & Ruth - for the stinky yucky Gruesome Grab fun 
  • Emma, Gill & Nicola - for giving us all a witchy glow

General thanks for all around help: Dilanthi, Brent, Joanna, Julia plus the NAS Dubai staff that volunteered their time

And finally, Marie & Liz – for always helping us all in absolutely every single way you can!

Next on! 
PA meeting: Monday Nov 7th at 8:30am in the Secondary Library

Quiz & Curry Night: 
  • Friday Nov 18th, 8pm @ McGettigans JLT
  • 15 teams of up to 10 people each
  • 150aed per person
  • Registration via email only, starting at 8am on Sunday Nov 5th at 
Have a restful weekend. 

Svenja & Maria
PA Co-Chairs 

   Sports News  

Sunday Nov 6

  • U8 & U9 Boys Football vs DIA, DBS, JP @ NAS Dubai 3:00pm - 4pm
  • U12 Girls Football vs Kings Al Barsha (A) 3:15pm-5pm
Monday Nov 7
  • U16 Boys Football vs Greenfield Community School @ NAS Dubai 4pm - 5pm
Tuesday Nov 8
  • U10 & U11 Boys Football vs DIA, DBS, JP @ NAS Dubai 3pm - 4pm
  • U12A & B Netball vs JAPS (A) 3pm-5pm
  • U14A Boys Football vs Rashid School for Boys @ NAS Dubai 4pm - 5pm
Wednesday Nov 9
  • U14 Girls Football vs Safa @ NAS 4pm - 5pm
Thursday Nov 10
  • U11 Rugby Trials 2pm - 3pm 
  • U12 Boys Football vs Emirates International School Jumeriah @ NAS Dubai 3pm - 4pm

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