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5th November 2015
Message from the Principal 

Dear Parents

Since I'm in the UK this week (all went well, which is of course the main thing), I have watched and heard about our Flag Day celebrations from a distance much like many of you.

I did know that the leadership of the UAE and the KHDA held our school in high esteem because I have been told that this is the case. However I must always be careful to not listen to such feedback. Not because it is not valuable but simply because it is distracting and I remain a "glass half empty" kind of person.

Nonetheless, I was delighted to see how His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum​ had made time to talk to our students personally and made such lovely comments about our students.

I was also delighted about the universal feedback about the behaviour and character of our students.

While we focus a great deal on academics I remain clear that these are the result of the character of the school and that this is not a byproduct of anything other than the hard work and focus we put into maintaining that.

Equally I'm aware that we must all play our part in maintaining that indefinable spirit and this is a daily activity.

I sometimes feel that it is unfortunate that external examinations give only a once a year snapshot of the academic performance of the school. While I am delighted that our first such snapshot was extremely positive, I would still wish for a more day to day verifiable measure. While this is not available in reality I will take a measure of the spirit of our school as a pragmatic proxy.

It seems therefore, that for today at least, we are in good health.

All the best

Michael Embley

Message from the Head of Primary 

Dear Parents,
I was so glad to see many of you all taking advantage of ‘Breathe Week’ over the last few days.  It’s a long tough term but I hope you and your children gained a little respite this week.
This week’s primary newsletter comes to you from Qatar, where I am working with one of our sister schools in Nord Anglia Education, Compass International School in Doha.  Why am I here?  One of the advantages of being a part of Nord Anglia Education is our capacity to link with like-minded schools all across the globe.  This week I am specifically working with Early Years teachers and leaders so we can exchange ideas about best practice.  This benefits staff in both campuses, giving us a chance to reflect on our Early Years environment, teaching and learning .  Here at NAS Dubai we continually strive to improve, in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for our students. Visiting our sister schools is a great way to do this.
It’s not just Early Years who will benefit.  Teachers in Years 5 and 6 have recently connected to our sister school in Chicago, and will shortly begin planning joint activities.  These activities will take place over the internet rather than face to face, but will still connect our students to  pupils in similar circumstances in another location.  Joint working such as this aims to promote a sense of global citizenship and an understanding of our similarities as well as our differences.
With this aim in mind we will continue to leverage every possible opportunity to work with our sister schools across NAE.
I hope you have a great weekend!
Elizabeth Lamb

Message from the Head of Secondary 
In today’s head of secondary message I wanted to take the opportunity to truly highlight our special community. In the busy lives that we lead as students, parents and staff we don’t often take the time to embrace and celebrate the successes that we have.
Last Thursday after our Halloween Autumn BBQ I managed to take a moment (in between serving sausages and corn) to sit back and look at the magical community that has become our school. The support of our PA to create such an event and then for our community to support these events in its 1000s demonstrates how we all value our learning setting.
There is lots of research that supports these findings that school, parents and students working together ensure success for our students.
As Henry Ford said;
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
This has been a long term without a break and ‘Breathe Week’ has been very well received by parents, students and staff.  If there is any feedback about how we can develop this idea in the future please let me know.  Have a restful weekend.

Liam Cullinan 

Year 3 Greenworks Trip 
This week Year Three visited Greenworks plant nursery. This is the second time NAS has been to the nursery, having enjoyed a successful curriculum-enhancing outing last year. The experience provides our children with the opportunity to expand their understanding of plant features, growth, pollination and photosynthesis. The nursery has an impressive range of over 700 cultivated plant species and has conducted extensive R&D trials on more than 1,800 varieties over the past 5 years.
Whilst touring the nursery, the children learnt many new things. They found out why greenhouses are used to help plants grow and, for some plants, why poly tunnels are also used. They gathered a variety of flowers and leaves looking at the similarities and differences between them.
Outside they explored different types of cacti and learnt the term ‘succulents’ and why they are given this title. After looking at olive trees they were taught how we can tell the age of the tree by examining the tissue and even learned about some poisonous plants that are found in the UAE.
In the other activity they were shown how cuttings are taken from plants and grown. Then how to repot them ensuring the roots are given enough room and are handled gently.
They discussed the practical benefits of plants such as Aloe Vera and Papyrus, which linked in with the children’s topic learning on Ancient Egypt.
At the end of the day the students had the opportunity to sketch some of the plants at the nursery and take part in quizzes about plants. The children left the nursery, plants in hands and smiles on faces, having enjoyed a thoroughly inspiring experience!

David Webb 
Year 3B Teacher

    NAS News Bites   

Talent Show Years 4, 5 & 6

Today children from Years 4, 5 and 6 displayed some of the wonderful talent within the school at the first Spotlight on NAS Talent Show. There were a range of performances that kept the audience thoroughly entertained including gymnasts, comedians, guitarists, a drummer, pianists, a violinist, a magician, dancers, singers and even a blindfolded speedstacker! All 18 acts were fantastic and the Year 6 pupils who hosted the event did a great job. This talent show is set to be a taster for what is to come later in the year when we hope it to be an even bigger event. Well done to all the children who took part and auditioned to be the act for their class. Unfortunately we didn’t have any talent demonstrated from the teachers this time around! However, we really do have some amazingly talented children here at NAS Dubai!

Cultural Awareness

In our continued effort to celebrate cultural diversity at NAS Dubai please join us next week for a Diwali celebration on 11 November from 8am to 11am at Chatter Box Cafe.  For interest in any future celebrations of culture or language please contact Mrs Cheryl McSweeny Deputy Head of Languages on:

    Upcoming Events    

Sunday Nov 8 

  • Year 6 Residential Trip to Al Ain students depart 
  • Dubai Drums for EYFS Students 8am-10am
Monday Nov 9
  • Dubai Drums for EYFS Students 8am-10am
  • Rugby Sevens Programme Visit Years 3-5 8am-3pm
Tuesday Nov 10
  • Secondary 2016 Open Morning 8:15am-9:30am
Wednesday Nov 11
  • Diwali Celebration @ Chatter Box Cafe 8am-11am
  • Current Year 6 2016 Open Morning 8:15am-9:30am
  • 5B Class Assembly 2pm
  • Year 6 Residential Trip students return (at approximately 2:30pm)

School Uniform Shop

Opening hours:

Sunday & Thursday 7:45am to 8:30am
Wednesday 2:30pm-3:30pm

The School Uniform Shop located opposite the main reception will be open starting on Sunday. The cool weather is has begun so get your NAS Dubai hoodies soon.  Swim caps and house shirts are in stock now.  

Newly designed boys swimsuits and girls swimming costumes are on route to Dubai.  In the meantime, the old designs can be purchased at a discounted price and still be used for swim lessons (not for the squad).  

   Skiing Report  

“Wow! Take a breath NAS Dubai Skiing

A quick update on what’s happening at NAS Dubai Skiing!
The Ski Development Pathway is running very smoothly and successfully, thanks in large part to our partners at Ski Dubai. As mentioned in previous newsletters, it is the biggest and most advanced Pathway of its kind that Ski Dubai have ever had!!   

Registration for next term (Jan-April 2016) will commence later this month, and we are expecting a big response!  Only 180 places will be available, so if you are not already in the Pathway and interested in signing up your children for next term, please contact the coordinators on:

However, if you are a parent of one of our current 140 Pathway members don’t worry, you will all be contacted by email and be offered the first option to re-register your children for next term.

We have now closed our orders for Ski Race Squad jackets and pants and they will be delivered to school early January.  Further orders will be made, as we move into the new year.  We are also exploring the possibility of ordering jackets and pants for our Ski Club Members.  Watch this space!   

For further exciting news we hope to have in place by January 2016, an elected ‘NAS Dubai Skiing Committee’ (or ‘NASSKI’ for short). 

The activities of NAS Skiing are getting increasingly greater and logistically more challenging, and with this current workload it was felt that an Elected Committee should be formed to help plan, organize and control general NAS skiing administration, proposed skiing trips and on-going events/activities as we move positively and confidently forward. We have now written a NASSKI Constitution document to support the proposed Committee, and if any parents would be interested in getting involved, please let the coordinators know via the email above.  

… And talking of skiing trips, we have now released details of our planned inaugural Ski Race Trip to the Alps in March 2016.  Fully endorsed and supported by NAS Dubai, this fantastic trip is for a selected NAS Ski Race Team to travel around Lake Geneva, visiting France and Switzerland over 9 days as they represent the school in two school skiing championships. A wonderful educational experience for the group, a chance to have some fun on the slopes with their peers, and as stated, the opportunity to compete in two FIS governed alpine races against other international school teams. We will now be inviting parents of selected squad members to attend a presentation at the school on Monday 16 November, concerning the trip.  

Finally, a massive thank you to all our parent members for your continued support and all the positive feedback and comments you offer…Don’t stop collaborating, it really does matter!!!!

Mark Sharman

   Sports News  

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8 Nov 

  • Secondary Swim Gala @ Greenfield Community School 3:30pm-5:30pm
9 Nov 
  • U8 & U9 Boys Football vs GCS @ NAS Dubai 3pm-4pm
10 Nov
  • U8 & U9 Boys Football Tournament @  Repton School 3:30pm-5pm
  • U10 Boys Football vs. Foremarke School (A) 3pm-4pm
  • U14A Boys Football vs. Raffles World Academy (A) 3pm-6pm
  • U14B Boys Football vs. Sheffield Private School @ NAS Dubai 4pm-5pm
  • U14 Girls Football vs. Uptown School (A) 4pm-5pm
11 Nov
  • U12A Boys Football vs. Uptown School (A) 3pm-6pm


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