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3 March 2016
Year 8 Intermediate Spanish making Paella

Message from the Principal

Standing outside the school this week welcoming in families I was moved to laughter on more than one occasion.

The reasons for standing there are multiple (the main one being to keep an eye out for poor driving and to ensure the safety of our students) but the chief "perk" of the job is to see the children and parents in their natural state.

I hear the "what do you mean you've lost your shoes!" conversations (how they manage to do this between home and school has always mystified me with my own children!). I see the little boys who always manage to fall into the sand areas around the trees. I watch the "I'm mortified my parents are walking in with me teenagers" and the little ones whose chief amusement (and being very brave) is to run away from mum and into the school as if they were scaling Mount Everest!

It is the best way to start my day after my morning walk round/safety check.

It's also a good way to keep in touch with everyone and I do enjoy the conversations I have with parents and children during that time.

One thing that always strikes me is that children (and perhaps adults) wear many faces. I see children react quite differently when brought in with mum compared to dad (or vice/versa).

We also find that this occurs within school and as a parent I'm aware of this with my own children too. Sometimes the reports back from parents evening about the manner of a student in school are clearly quite a surprise to parents. A child who is sometimes quiet at home might be the center of attention in maths for example.

Children, as apprentice human beings, learn from their surroundings just as much as they learn from their lessons. They are to some degree a mirror of what is around them. Of course they interpret this in their own ways and no two reflections are ever alike. This is quite natural.

It would be wrong to take the passing phases of each day as an indicator of a child's character of course and this is the reason I like being there so much as I get to see a more complete picture.

Mostly though, seeing these young people come to school reminds me, every day, of why we are here.

Mike Embley
Year 8 Intermediate Spanish

Message from the Secondary Science Department

Dear Parents
Mr Cullinan has handed over his newsletter column to the Science Department this week and we are delighted to share with you how exhilarating and engaging science is here at NAS Dubai.  Those of you who have met me in the school will know I am incredibly passionate about science and I am fortunate that I have three other department members working alongside me this year who are just as passionate, encouraging and excited about the subject as I, Mr Daniel O’Hara and Mr Simon Fleming as well as our wonderful technician Ms. Shameena.  We are always trying to encourage our students to be inquisitive and see science in every aspect of their lives; whether that is related to health, technology or the night sky or just generally how science relates to any weird, wild and wonderful observation that they may have made during the week.  We take pride in all of our crazy experiments and so do our students here at school. 

The secondary school student science leaders each week alternate in teaching a science lesson to a primary class.  They plan, organise and teach the whole lesson.  Einstein himself said, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.’  Our science leaders teaching others, not only allows our primary students to learn science, but it helps them to be more confident in their own scientific knowledge. 

Secondary science homework often involves the students going home and teaching their parents a new concept that they have learnt.  The feedback from both students and parents is that it really helps them to understand the taught concepts more thoroughly than by just listening to a lecture.   I would encourage anyone of you to ask your child to try to teach you if they are studying a tricky topic, even if you already know the answers.

We are delighted to tell you about the events we have planned for the upcoming Science Week. Our teachers and our science leaders have organized some fun and interactive activities for our students.  The event is in keeping with our ethos of trying to promote science in every aspect of their daily lives and in their future goals and ambitions.  There will be a whole host of events taking place to celebrate our subject.  We will be including the whole school with events such as a school wide science treasure hunt, science themed quizzes and a science carousel of activities in the atrium at break and lunch time.

We are very fortunate to have guests visiting the school to help with the 3 days of events; a forensic fire investigator and representatives from a Biofuel company will be in the Chatter Box atrium showing our students how science is used in their professions, along with other fun hands on demonstrations.
Our secondary students will enjoy science themed food and there will be stalls displaying students' work around the atrium.  All students from year groups 3-5 will also take part in external workshops during science week.

The pièce de résistance of the week will be when our science leaders present their science show, ‘The Magic of Science'.  On Wednesday this will be watched by our students in Years 4-6 and on Thursday by our secondary school.  It will be a chance for them to demonstrate all of the hard work and effort that they have put in this term and share with the students there passion for science. We cannot wait to celebrate their success and hard work and we all look forward to the week’s events ahead.

Adele Story 
Assistant Head Teacher.
Litfest 2016

The 8th Annual Emirates Airline Literature Festival 2016 (EAFOL16) started on 1st March 2016 and will run for 12 days.  They have so many interesting and fun events lined up this year ranging from "Dress up Tea Parties" for the younger age groups to "Learning about the UAE’s Mission to Mars". There is something for all ages.
As part of Litfest Education Day for schools, we are extremely honoured this year to have two authors visit us at NAS Dubai.  Julia Johnson, a household name in Dubai, came into school on March 2nd and shared with Year 3 how she got into writing her new book, Ubuntu Summer of the Rhino, which is about Rhinos and how royalties from her book will go towards the conservation of Rhinos in South Africa.

Christopher Edge will be coming into school on March 9th to conduct a fun session based on his Penny Tredwell series.  He will share his inspiration for writing and collaborate with students to write a mystery story. NAS Students from Year 7 & Year 9 along with 220 students from other schools across the UAE, will come together at NAS to enjoy his session.  I am sure students will leave his session with enthusiasm and ready to write their own mystery stories.
Tickets are already on sale for the Litfest and more information on the authors and the main festival can be found at
Jasmine Ismail
Year 3 with Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson @ NAS Dubai

To celebrate Litfest, we were delighted to welcome the very talented Julia Johnson into school to share her experiences with Year 3. As we studied her book ‘The Pearl Diver’ this term she engaged in a fantastic question and answer session with the children based around this. Julia also spoke about her inspirations for story writing and read from some of her new books, ‘Nbutu and Grumpy Humpy’s Mission Improbable.’ The children loved listening to her stories and anecdotes about her life!
Primary Choir @ Choirfest 2016

UK Mothering Sunday in EYFS

On Sunday 6th March at 8.15am our EYFS children will be celebrating UK Mother’s Day. Our youngest members of the school will be performing a selection of heart-warming songs for all our EYFS mummies and other female relatives. The children have worked really hard and are very excited to share with you their fantastic singing and dancing. I’m sure there’ll be a few happy tears including my own! We look forward to seeing you there, don’t forget your tissues!
Tara Lambert
Assistant Head of EYFS
Primary Choir @ Choirfest 2016

NAS Dubai Primary Choir
Choirfest 2016

On Tuesday I had the honour of taking our Primary Choir to represent Nord Anglia International School Dubai at Choirfest 2016, hosted by DBS Jumeirah Park. The event is a 5 day celebration of group singing including masterclasses, concerts and competitions. We attended and performed a concert amongst other primary schools in the UAE. All the hard work spent over the past few months during rehearsals and practice at home was all worth it in the end, as the Primary Choir sang their hearts out and performed an absolutely stunning version of ‘Sing’ by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The children truly represented NAS Dubai well, not just in their singing and performing skills, but also in their behaviour and positive attitude throughout the day. We were also well represented by our parents, who came along to support our performance, so thank you to the parents! I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of the children and of what they have achieved as a choir, so much so that I am excitedly planning future performances for them.

Debbie Yu
Music Teacher

Year 8 Intermediate Spanish

Last half term, Y8 Intermediate Spanish students were studying the topic of mealtimes and typical Hispanic dishes. Having just completed their end of unit assessment, they were very eager to put their culinary skills to the test.

On Sunday, students were put into groups. In their small groups and in preparation for the cookery session, students prepared questions for each other. They put their reading and deduction skills to use when researching the ingredients and the cooking method.

On Tuesday, it was actual cooking time! Students showcased their ability to multitask. They followed oral and written instructions in Spanish, worked as a team, shared roles fairly, took photos and created videos, interviewed what was going on and in the end cleaned up!

Students received group points for their ability to excel in these areas. Furthermore, they were encouraged to speak as much Spanish as possible. Of course, the whole class did their best, we did hear some really interesting Spanglish - inventive phrases and sentences. It was a pleasure to watch the enthusiasm of the children and observe them as they used their initiative, problem-solved and ultimately maximised their use of Spanish in new social scenarios.

We also had the delight of our two native Y8 students joining us. They were an asset to their teams and our class; supporting their teammates with target language and offering valuable coaching in pronunciation and language which is used less often in the formal classroom setting.

Group winners to be announced. Please keep an eye out for it.

Miss Nolan, Miss Gomez and Miss Mayer - Spanish Department
En Español 
El trimestre pasado los alumnos de español nivel intermedio del año 8 estudiaron el tema de las comidas y los platos típicos del mundo hispano. Después de completar la evaluación de la unidad, tenían muchas ganas de poner a prueba sus habilidades culinarias.

El domingo, los alumnos crearon grupos y prepararon preguntas para hacerles a los demás integrantes de su equipo. Además, desarrollaron sus habilidades de lectura mientras investigaban los ingredientes y los pasos de la receta en cuestión.

El martes, los estudiantes demostraron su capacidad de concentración en labores simultáneas. Siguieron instrucciones orales y escritas, trabajaron en equipos, compartieron responsabilidades, hicieron fotos, grabaron videos, narraron, entrevistaron a sus compañeros y, por último, ¡limpiaron la cocina!

Cada grupo recibió puntos de acuerdo con sus habilidades más sobresalientes en dichas áreas. Asimismo,  los alumnos se esforzaron por hablar español. Toda la clase se esforzó al máximo y pudimos escuchar un Spanglish y unas frases inventadas muy interesantes. Fue un placer ver el entusiasmo de los estudiantes y observar cómo tomaban la iniciativa para resolver problemas y retarse entre ellos, usando la lengua meta en un nuevo contexto.

Además, pudimos contar con la inestimable colaboración de nuestros dos alumnos nativos. Fueron de gran ayuda para sus equipos y la clase en general; ayudaron a sus compañeros de clase con vocabulario y expresiones de la lengua meta y sirvieron de apoyo en aspectos tan importantes como la pronunciación y  las expresiones naturales de la lengua, dos contenidos del aprendizaje de idiomas que carecen de la atención que merecen en el aula.

Pronto conoceremos el nombre de los ganadores.
Miss Nolan, Miss Gomez and Miss Mayer

War of Words

NAS Dubai's debating team won second place in the annual War of the Words (WOW) competition held at JESS Jumeirah on Thursday 25th February.

This was the first time a NAS team had taken part in the annual competition and they WOWed everyone with their debating and speaking skills. The proud team earned a trophy for their school and a name for themselves on the debating circuit.

Well done Satva Upadhiya (Team Leader), Zaid Benchaffi, Ada White, Zoe Hopgood and Oliver Jorgenson.

Rifat Healy
Learning Extension & Enhancement

    Upcoming Events    

Sunday March 6 

  • UK Mothering Sunday
  • EYFS Mothering Sunday Concert 8am-8:30am
Monday March 7
  • PA Meeting "Family Fun Day" in the Secondary Library 8am-9am
Tuesday March 8
  • Science Week @ NAS Dubai
  • Master Trip 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Young Innovators in the Secondary Library 3pm-4pm
  • Options Evening 5:30pm-7:30pm
Wednesday March 9
  • Science Week @ NAS Dubai
  • Jacqueline Wilson Competition Winners attend  her Litfest session 9:30am-12:30pm
  • Year 10 Poetry Live! at The Cultural and Scientific Association 8:30am-3pm
  • Christopher Edge @ NAS Dubai 10:30am-11:30am, followed by book signing till noon
  • "The Magic of Science" show for Years 4-6 2pm-3pm
Thursday March 10
  • "The Magic of Science" show for Years 7-10 2:00pm-3pm
  • Secondary Disco 7pm-9:30pm

Lost Property 

The lost property items have been moved from the PE hallway and the main reception to the space under the stairs, next to the lift near Chatter Box Café. 
If the lost property is marked with your child’s name it will be returned to the rightful owner.  On the other hand, when the item is not marked it will be kept in lost property for 1 month after which the items will be disposed of.   In the case of school uniforms in good condition, the item will go up for re-sale in the school shop.
Please note that the current lost property will be disposed of at the end of next week, therefore, please check if any of the items are your child’s before Thursday 12th March 2016.

Year 6 Leavers Tops

A final reminder to parents to order the NAS Year 6 Hoodies and T-shirts available online via the following link by Saturday 5th March 2016:

Any questions please email

   Parent Community  

Chatter Box Cafe

Next week when you come for your coffee please do make time to browse the interesting science exhibits that will be on display around CB.  We’ll be open the usual times with the addition of lunch hrs till 2pm on Tuesday and 12:30pm on both Wednesday & Thursday when delicious savouries will be served to celebrate Science Week.  

Bakers with all the activity around CB - your scrumptious goodies will be in high demand next week, please do keep them coming!!!

Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Marie, Liz and Heather

Parents' Association

The Family Fun Day to be held on April 15th will have its first important organizational meeting on Monday 7th March after drop off in the secondary library.  The popular carnival themed Family Fun Day is a large event which involves the participation of all the classes and it is therefore highly encouraged that Class Reps attend the meeting as well.  Class Reps that are unable to attend on Monday will be emailed the minutes by Julia August, our Head of Class Reps.  As per all monthly general PA meetings, all parents are more than welcome to attend.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

   Sports News  

Sunday March 6

  • Years 8, 9 & 10 Girls Rounders Trials 12:15pm-1pm
  • U8 Tag Rugby Tournament @ Kings Al Barsha 2:30pm-5:30pm

Monday March 7
  • U12A Boys Rugby vs. DIS (Away) 3pm-6pm

Tuesday March 8
  • U10A Contact Rugby vs. JPS @ NAS Dubai 2:30pm -4:30pm
  • U12A & U12B Netball vs. DESC (Away) 3pm-5pm 

Wednesday March 9
  • U11 Dubai Primary Schools Tennis Championship 8:30am-3pm
  • U9, U10 and U11 Touch Rugby Series @ Kings Al Barsha 2:30pm-5:30pm
  • U14A Boys Rugby vs. DBS @ NAS Dubai 3pm-5pm
  • Year 4 Netball Tournament @ WIS 3pm-5pm
Thursday March 10
  • Primary Competitive Swim Gala vs. DIA @ NAS Dubai 1:30pm-3pm

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