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22nd October 2015

Message from the Principal

It’s always good to get an outside perspective for a little while and take time to have time (pardon the convoluted statement) to think about our school.
It’s also good to have input from very knowledgeable people and to be challenged on one's assumptions and processes. Sometimes complacency is the easy, and less good, option.
Even so, I must admit that after a week locked in a mountain chalet (even a very nice one) with a load of overly opinionated, middle aged nerds (and being one of these myself I am aware of the irony of this statement!), it is great to be back in the land of the living!
Schools have a rhythm to them, and after having been away for a while, it is wonderful to be back in the fold.
We will be hosting a second conference here next week with Principals and Deputies from around the region. We’re mostly going to be talking about assessment and curriculum changes. However, we will also take some time to develop regional sabbaticals for our teachers. Teacher development (and indeed appreciation) is key to both teaching quality and to retaining the best people.
Schools do have a rhythm…and sometimes the best thing one can do with a rhythm…is keep it!

Mike Embley

Message from the Deputy Head of Primary

It has been another action packed week in school with the children leading the way in terms of involvement and balancing their time. With so many different opportunities on offer here at NAS Dubai, the children really are busy; both during school hours and afterwards. It is amazing to see students participating in such a range of activities and it is worth acknowledging both the importance of making the most of their time and also how important it is to see them trying their best and enjoying themselves.
Today Year 4 came to the conclusion of their three week project based on their science topic ‘Habitats’.  The children produced some fantastic and creative 3D models, along with some detailed and interesting presentations which they shared with their class.  I enjoyed joining 6A and 6F during their music lesson this week and was amazed by the composing of new pop songs taking place.
We finished the week with 3C entertaining us with a ‘Rugby World Cup’ class assembly, which included the Welsh national anthem. Hopefully, we all get to hear the NZ anthem for another two weeks.  5A shared a very ‘SMART’ message during their assembly, outlining the importance of E-Safety and giving the children 5 easy ways to remember important rules while using the Internet.
Have a good weekend.
Nigel Barrett
Message from the Deputy Head of Secondary

What an incredible week this has been for our Year 7 students who have spent the whole week in Ras al Khaimah; taking part in team building activities such as abseiling, kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling, camp fires and much more. This trip has also given our Year 7 students the opportunity to form new friendships and develop their leadership skills and gain some independence. The daily updates on our Facebook page from students and staff reflect how much fun they are having, a testament to how important learning outside the classroom is.

Following the theme of learning outside the classroom, it has been pleasing to see our Year 8 students take up the challenge and opportunity of learning beyond the classroom with many signing up to take part in the Sri Lanka expedition. The trip involves some trekking, community project work in local schools and also some team building fun activities, including white water rafting. This will be a memorable trip for all students as well as a positive learning experience. We are all looking forward to this trip!

Thank you to the Music department who organised a variety of outstanding musical performances this week. This also included our students who had the opportunity to be part of the Global Orchestra in conjunction with the Julliard School of Music last year in New York. We heard students playing the violin, saxophone, harp and even singing. It is truly an inspiration to see such talented musicians take to the stage in front of their peers and showcase such talent. Well done!

Next week we look forward to some exciting events such as Halloween costume day to help with fundraising and the Autumn BBQ.

Have a restful weekend

Tayyba Qureshi


    NAS News Bites   

Youth Enterprise CCA

On Saturday October 24th twenty NAS Dubai Secondary students from the Young Enterprise Group will showcase and sell their products for the first time at NAS Dubai from 10am-2pm. The students are working towards the Dubai Cares Philanthropist Award by developing a business plan for the sale of a product of their choosing.  The items for sale include mobile phone covers, wooden speakers, tie-die T-shirts as well snow cones and tuck items. The event is coinciding with the Dubai Youth Hockey Tournament held at NAS Dubai this weekend. Do come by and support them! 

Donuts with Dads

How lovely to see so many Dads drop their children at school on Tuesday morning and join everyone for a chat and a donut.  The atrium was buzzing with the sugar rush! 

Year 7 RAK Residential

As many of you might have followed their adventures on Facebook this week, our Year 7 students spent five exhilarating and bonding days with their fellow classmates and teachers in Ras Al Khaimah. They have returned safely and will surely enjoy some home comforts this weekend. 

    Upcoming Events    

Saturday Oct 24

  • Dubai Youth Hockey Tournament @ NAS Dubai with the Secondary Young Enterprise Group showcase and sale of their products 10am-2pm
Sunday Oct 25 
  • 25 Years of Reunification in Germany Coffee Morning at Chatter Box Cafe, 8am - 11am 
  • Pumpkin Patch Pick-Up by the Main Entrance, 2pm-4:15pm. Don't forget your vouchers! 
Monday Oct 26
  • Pre-sale of Halloween Autumn BBQ vouchers 7:30-8:15am & 2pm-4:15pm
  • Trip to Ski Dubai Year 4 A, B & C, 9am-12:30pm
  • Clark-Francis Secondary tennis ball kid training session 12:30pm-1pm
  • Clark-Francis Primary U11 tennis ball kid training session 3pm-4pm
Tuesday Oct 27
  • Pre-sale of Halloween Autumn BBQ vouchers 7:30-8:15am & 2pm-4:15pm
  • Trip to Ski Dubai Year 4 D, E & F, 9am-12:30pm
Wednesday Oct 28
  • Pre-sale of Halloween Autumn BBQ vouchers 7:30-8:15am & 2pm-4:15pm
  • Year 2 Seussical at the Madinat Theatre 10am-12:30pm
Thursday Oct 29
  • Halloween Dress-Up Day Whole school 
  • Pre-sale of Halloween Autumn BBQ vouchers 7:30-8:15am
  • PA Halloween Autumn BBQ 6pm-8:30pm

   Parent Community  

Parents' Association 

We might not have a proper autumn season in Dubai, but that doesn't mean we can't create one! The PA Pumpkin Patch by the Main Entrance of school will be ready for you to pick-up your pumpkins on Sunday from 2pm to 4:15pm.  Starting Monday morning at drop-off and after school we will pre-sell vouchers for the big PA Halloween Autumn BBQ event to be held on October 29th from 6-8:30pm.  We look forward to welcoming you all and please do get in the spirit by dress-up with your children! 

Chatter Box Cafe

Thank you to everyone who donated the delicious pink cakes and purchased the Brest Friends candles for Breast Cancer Awareness Day! 

   Sports News  

26 Oct

  • U8 &U9 Boys Football vs DBS @ NAS Dubai 3:15pm-5pm

27 Oct 
  • U10A & U11A Boys Football vs Wellington International School (A) 3pm-4pm
  • U14 A Boys Football vs English College (A) 3pm-6pm
  • U14 B Girls Football vs Wellington International School @ NAS Dubai 4pm-5pm

29 Oct
  • Primary Competitive Friendly Swim Squad Gala @ JESS Ranches, 2:30pm - 4pm 
  • U11A Girls Football vs Victory Heights @ NAS Dubai 2:30pm-3:30pm
  • U12A Boys Football vs Brandenton Prep (A) 3pm-6pm

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