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September  2015

Message from the Principal 

Dear one and all, 

I've been pleased by the level of parent participation in both our evening and daytime information sessions. Languages have featured heavily as they are a major part or our curriculum and ethos.  This year we have added adult language classes, so expect lots of extra homework! 

Parents are a very important part of any school community and we do try to be open and transparent, allowing a high level of access and visibility. Indeed the school employs a number of parents directly.  Equally important are our parent volunteers who provide some incredible benefits and without them our school would be a fair poorer place. 

What I'm trying in a rather long winded way is that we always very much appreciate and we and we are in charge of your children and you SHOULD be interested, rather servicing your toaster to which you are somewhat less attached. 

On the other hand, I am aware of the realities of working life and that in many families both parents work. We have been working hard with the bus company and they have agreed to add the CCA bus as a trial and we're looking at additional roots.  I would stress that we do not have full control over the bus timing, but we are working hard on your behalf.  In short, from the point of view of the bus company the more students who chose to use the bus, the better and the more flexible they can be. 

School lunched are another area where we find ourselves once again working hard with our partner to ensure quality.  In general (as someone who eats in the school canteen every day) I would say that the food is generally good. However, there are areas for improvement and this seems to be a consistent feature in Dubai. We are working on this. 

Finally the KHDA have required all schools to ask parents to come in and sign a parent/school contract.  This is a standard KHDA has authorized for school and I should stress that parents are REQUIRED to sign it to complete their registration process.  We will be issuing a set of times for parents in each year group to come and sign.  We want to make the process as painless as possible because it has to be done. At the same time we will collect car number plates because there are still, very occasionally, one or two cars being a little rude on the way into school.  I am not happy with this and would like to remove the persons responsible and this will help us with that process.

This perhaps has been a less cheery that normal piece but these are areas on which we are concentrating. I could make a much, much, MUCH longer list of all the things that are going well in our school.  It would start with the lists of students names and include  the names of our teachers too... and there's a very cheery note on which end.

Mike Embley
Message from the Head of Secondary 
This week in secondary the theme has been leadership, Mr Malcolm let our assembly where he highlighted to students what makes a great leader and he announced the new school council for this academic year.  I would like to officially congratulate the following students: 

Liyana Dudhia (7ERO)
Lily Greep (7DOH)
Clemmie Silverwood (8AHA)
Zac Cassia (8MCA)
Tatyana Nyambane (9MCO)
Nathan Plowright (9AMA)
Emil Robberstand (9MCO)
Reed Ghanem (10SOR)

The role of the school council is crucial for driving school development, other responsibilities will include supporting charity days as well as being a couch for their peers.

Last year 75% of students held a leadership position within the school. This year our goal is 80%, this would require 4 out of every 5 students leading an area of the school.  As you know I have a firm belief that a secondary school should ensure we give academia a voice.  When leading an area of the school student are asked to research, analyse, create, innovate and work as a team in order to succeed, academia alone does not make a true leader.  

Mr Malcolm informs me that he had one third of the school apply for positions on the school council and this week students have also been applying to become form representatives.  I recognise that some students will be disappointed not to have gained this position, however, leadership  is about never giving up.  This will be a learning curve for some an the challenge is to bounce back.

Leadership is also not just about a position or leaden an area, it is also about taking ownership of your own learning  an area, it is also about taking ownership of your own learning.  Students in our setting are encouraged to research, question and interrogate, it is as John F. Kennedy stated;
"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"

Every student will have their own leadership journey here at NAS Dubai, we as teachers are proud to be part of their journey. 

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Liam Cullinan 

Ski Development Pathway
"...A bunch of very happy students" 

The long awaited NAS Dubai Ski Development Pathway commenced this week at Ski Dubai, with 140 excited children donning their ski boots and skis to take part.  The formal ski development programme has been set up in partnership with Ski Dubai, and is the largest and most advanced school skiing development programme of its kind that has ever been run at the indoor skiing centre.
The Pathway was designed to cater for all levels of skiing ability, from absolute skiing Beginners to Elite Level race skiers.  

David Howland, Ski Dubai management stated: 
“What a tremendous Pathway, NAS Dubai should be very proud of what has been created here, and it is our great pleasure to help support and run it in partnership with the school.”    

Mark Sharman one of our NAS Ski Coordinators commented:
“It has taken a lot of hard work and planning to get to this moment, but when I saw a bunch of very happy students with big smiles on their faces at Ski Dubai on Sunday and Monday, I knew it had all been worth it!”

If you are interested in learning more about the NAS Ski Development Pathway in preparation for a place in Jan 2016, please contact the coordinators at:

Message from the Head of Primary  

Dear Parents,
This week we began our after-school CCA programme.  It is great to see this up and running so early in the school year and I’d like to personally thank Mrs Emma Williams for her tireless work on the logistics of this rather challenging project.  Three times a year Mrs Williams sorts teachers, TAs, locations, children and parents into some sort of order and I really believe she deserves a medal for her efforts!  It was certainly thrilling to see the fruits of her labours this week – the school is buzzing after hours and the children are clearly very excited by the wide variety of fascinating things that are going on.  I had huge fun myself on Tuesday in my Yr4 science CCA – we made an enormous mess whilst investigating liquids but did remember to clean it all up before 4pm!  Whichever CCAs your children attended, I hope they enjoyed themselves and we look forward to doing it all again next week.
Have a restful weekend.

Liz Lamb

    Dates for Diary   

  • Monday 21 September Primary Settling-in Reports go out to parents
  • Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 September SCHOOL CLOSED FOR EID-AL-ADHA

December 16

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   Parent Community  

Chatter Box Cafe

Another busy and fantastic week with lots of classes choosing to host their coffee morning at CB.  Thanks for your continued support.   

To clarify to our new parents CB is open to everyone in the school.

Class Reps 

Thank you to all parents who are now actively involved in the role of Class Rep.  It has been lovely to see so many classes enjoying their inaugural coffee morning at Chatter Box Cafe!

There are still opportunities available, particularly in Reception and across Secondary.  

Please contact me at if you are interested in volunteering or have any queries. 

Thank you

Julia August 
Head of Class Reps

   Sports News   

Primary Boys Football 

This week has seen our U8, U9, U10 and U11 football teams training for the first time.  There have been fantastic numbers at these sessions. We've also introduced a development squad, supported by KAFO Football Academy, for some of the age groups.  

Please click here for additional information 



Thank you for supporting the first week of NAS Swim Squad training.   It has been a really positive start to the season and I have been particularly pleased with the high attendance at our early morning training sessions.  I am sure you will agree that coach Ray has establish himself as a firm but fair favourite amongst our swimmer who will undoubtedly be well-prepared for their first galas. Speaking of which, we are currently in the process or arranging the first swimming galas hopefully in early October.  We look forward to many of you joining us and cheering on our teams.   

Kate Duffy 
Head of PE

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