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June 2015
25 June|Global Orchestra

New York! New York!

Nord Anglia Education students from all over the world have their suitcases and instruments packed ready to take their flight to New York for our inaugural Global Orchestra!
Our 81 student musicians and singers will jump straight into rehearsals in preparation for the Nord Anglia Global Orchestra concert on the 30th June at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music.
During the trip, students will participate in inspiring workshops and practice sessions guided by experts. Our students will also be privileged to visit The Juilliard School, which has created a special program of interactive performances with teaching artists in the fields of dance, drama, and music.
Click here to see the students who are attending.
25 June |Global Orchestra News

Today our NAS students taking part in the Global Orchestra in New York have attended a briefing by Nicola Morris. They met their fellow students from the other 35 Nord Anglia Education schools and were allocated their ensembles and groups. On Friday they will rehearse at Nord Anglia International School New York, have a dinner out in New York City with the highlight of the day attending 'Mathilda' the musical at the Schubert Theatre! On Saturday rehearsals will continue as students focus on learning the repertoire for the concert performances. 
To stay up to date with what our students are doing follow us on Twitter (@NASDubaiMusic) & on the school website.

Message from Admissions

Next week you will receive an updated student handbook; which contains lots of useful information about attending NAS Dubai, a set of summer workbooks, school calendar with key dates and an introduction to your new teachers.
All of this information will also be available on the school website.
Please take the time to read through the information and we look forward to seeing you all back in school on 30th August.

The Music Box Lessons

We are pleased to introduce ‘The Music Box’ as the providers of instrumental and vocal lessons at Nord Anglia International School, Dubai and invite your children to learn with them for the academic year starting September 2015. Read More

Charity News

December 16

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December 16

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Message from our Principal

Dear all
It’s nearly here (give or take three days of next week).  The final week of school! The final week of our first year! What a remarkable year the 2014/15 academic year has been.
Our school has worked, played, created, danced, thought, learned, painted, sung, crafted; but most of all; grown together.
The list of people we must thank is extremely long.   However, we can offer a few group Thank You’ss;  To our Teachers and our Parents, for the trust and support of our shared values. The support team who work tirelessly behind the scenes. All very important parts of our School. Also to our wonderful students, who remain paramount. 
But (excuse me starting a sentence with ‘but’ if you will)…in the final, end of year analysis, a school is both a deeply pragmatic place and the embodiment of an idea.
We must be concerned with the pragmatic aspects of what we do each and every day.
We must never lose focus on the idea our school was built around. That must live and, it seems to me, be celebrated.  The end of our first year, the first of many, is a good time to celebrate the idea of our school.
Aspira Superior
Aim higher, be ambitious, stretch yourself, be a good person.
We do this together.
I am grateful to all the members of our great school community for the work, dedication and passion this year. I am grateful to all those who have held me accountable for keeping to the idea of our school.
Have a wonderful summer with your families.
All the best
Michael Embley

Charity News

Chatter Box Cafe

I am so pleased to announce that our parent led coffee shop has raised an amazing AED 50,700.00 in our first year!  The generosity and time that has been given to the café is very humbling, thank you so much to all the Chatter Box Ladies (and Gentlemen) who have made this happen, what an achievement!
Thank you as well to the school and parent community for supporting us, we couldn’t have done it without you. 
Money will be given to charity in the new academic year after the charities of choice have been voted on as stated below.
There will be a lot of changes made to Chatter Box Cafe over the summer so watch this space.   Have a wonderful summer, we look forward to welcoming you back to school in September!

PA Charity Officer 

The new decree regarding fundraising in Dubai is still yet to be officially published and as such our choices for charity are somewhat limited. 
“Decree No. 09 of 2015 aims to encourage community members to donate moneys, to control and audit the moneys collected through fundraising, and to ensure such moneys reach their acquired title.”
We are in correspondence with both the KHDA and the IADAC (Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department) to gain clarification regarding PA fundraising and our charities of choice.  Our aim is to vote on our charities early on in the new academic year.


NAS Dubai Yearbook

The yearbooks will distributed to children on Sunday 29th July. For any families who are now on holiday you can collect your book from us anytime over the summer months.

Dubai 92 Mugshots!

Summer is here, which means only one thing – holiday time! Dubai 92 is challenging us to take the best summer mugshot for your chance to win some great prizes.
Collect your free Dubai 92 Mug from our main reception, take it on your summer vacation and snap away. You could be holding your mug next to Big Ben, at the Sydney Opera House or cruising down Sunset Boulevard!
Upload your photo onto the Dubai 92 website, and if they think your mugshot is the best, you could win big!
There are only a limited number of mugs available and will be given out on a first come first served basis. 

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