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30 October 2015

Message from the Principal

Dear all

This coming week I will be out of school in the UK while my youngest daughter has her second surgery. We hope that if this one goes as well as the last she will only need one further follow-up operation. I would like to say thank you to all of you who have already wished her well. Sally and I very much appreciate it. I will of course be in touch and available.

On the note of families, we have been very busy this week with FS1 assessments. I would like to assure everyone that we give siblings priority above all others. We have had 14 applicants per place which is not a good situation to be in at all. However we have been clear about our priorities and these remain in place no matter what.

Unfortunately, we were not clear with our recent sporting/bus communication. Despite trying our best we are not always perfect. We have moved to buying our own buses as a way to ensure that we have greater flexibility and control of transport to and from sporting fixtures. They are a very important part of the life of the school. It will take us a little while (a matter of a few weeks) to get things sorted out but the final result will be vastly superior.

Finally, I would like to say that out of all the teachers I scored the highest in the German quiz last Sunday. I have no real idea if it's true or not;  however since I haven't heard of anyone who got a higher score, despite extensive enquiries, my record stands.

I mention the quiz because we will shortly be announcing the Parents vs Teacher Prize (a good prize!)) Quiz & Curry Night. We're not really going to make it parents vs teachers but it's a fun title for what we hope will be a fun evening.

All the best

Mike Embley
Message from the Heads of Primary & Secondary 
Dear Parents,
What a fabulous time we had with your children on Thursday!  The costumes were amazing and the students all had a terrific day.  It was great to see so much happiness and joy in school, thanks to your creativity with face paints, fake blood, fake hair and a whole lot of nylon!

In addition, the Autumn/Halloween BBQ event was a ‘spooktacular’ success.  It was incredible to see so many of you there, enjoying the games, the food and the atmosphere.  A big thank you as always to our incredible PA, the level of organization was tremendous. Thank you also to the parent volunteers who helped make this fabulous event a reality and a special shout out to all the Fat Dads who flipped around 2000 sausages during the evening!  The entire day was a much needed break from our school routines.
As you know, we do not have a half term holiday this year and as Heads of School we are noticing a lot of tired and weary students, parents and colleagues here at NAS Dubai!
We have therefore declared next week to be ‘Breathe Week’. 
The aim of the week is to give students, parents and staff a bit of physical and mental space in what is proving to be a very busy term.
Many of our older students will be taking assessment tests next week, and whilst we don’t put pressure on our students the way some schools in Dubai do, we are sure they would benefit from shorter school days and a lighter workload.

Year 9 & Year 10 students will continue to undertake revision activities next week but it will effectively be a HOMEWORK-FREE WEEK for all of our students (and parents).
Here are some further practical suggestions for you:
  • Consider picking up your EYFS child at 12pm
  • Consider opting out of Prep for Yrs1-6, making a 2:15pm pick-up possible
  • Consider dropping one, two or all of your CCAs next week
  • If you were anticipating half term and have already booked flights or made plans, please remember that you have the facility to request Leave of Absence via iSAMS.
All of the above suggestions are entirely optional.  We will of course ensure that taught time remains valuable and meaningful for all students and that advertised after school activities such as CCAs and sports fixtures will go ahead in a safe and meaningful way.

The staff will be attempting ‘no e-mail Tuesday’ amongst themselves this week but rest assured parents will continue to receive excellent communication from us; the daily primary email will be sent as normal.
So ‘Breathe Week’ won’t exactly be a holiday for any of us, but it might be seen as a time to slow down and be kind to ourselves as individuals, as families and as a community.
Have a super-relaxing weekend!
Elizabeth Lamb & Liam Cullinan
Dear Parents,
NAS Dubai strives to provide our students with the best possible learning opportunities, mindful not only of the “here and now” but keeping an eye on the future as well.

As the centre for excellence of foreign languages in Dubai, NAS Dubai is the only international school in UAE that can administer HSK Mandarin Proficiency tests to NAS students and external students of Chinese. NAS students from Year 4 and above and any young or adult learners of Mandarin have the opportunity to sit the HSK and gain a certificate recognised by schools, universities and employers worldwide.
The HSK is also the only qualification available before I/GCSE for young learners of Mandarin and offers a tangible goal to their Mandarin studies away from China.
The upcoming HSK dates are December 6th 2015 and May 21st 2016. Don’t forget to sign up!
For any further questions, please do ask one of our Mandarin teachers.
Best regards,
Chiara Gilpin
Mandarin Teacher

    NAS News Bites   

NAS celebrates 25th Anniversary of the German Reunification

In 1961, Germany was divided into East and West by the Berlin Wall. It was officially reunited on 3rd October 1990. On Sunday, the 25th October both the German Department and parents organised a celebration on the 25th Anniversary of this important day.
Prior to the event, the students were busy making their shoe box projects with their own representations of life in both East and West Germany. The presentations included for example the Berlin Wall, security mechanisms, a Stasi office, schools, bedrooms and methods of escape. The emotions of those who lived in the era of the Berlin Wall were depicted in a photo shoot with our Year 8 students.
On Sunday morning, the Secondary School students had an assembly on the Reunification of Germany. The watched a clip and played ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. The students enjoyed participating the game show and some even won a million dollars!
In the meantime, the parents were busy setting up the Chatter Box area, offering delicious traditional German cakes including some with the colours of the German flag. The life museum in particular attracted many of our students probably because they could win sweets and other goodies by showing off their knowledge in the German quiz! They also had fun trying on traditional German clothes, such as a Dirndl or a Lederhose.
The event was a huge success and the German Department would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to those who contributed graciously to and supported the celebration, especially the two parents Mrs. Dreher and Mrs. Kirschke.

    Upcoming Events    

Monday Nov 2

  • Greenworks Trip Years 3D, 3E and 3F
  • PA monthly meeting 8am Secondary School Library
Tuesday Nov 3
  • Reception Trip to Creek Park 8:30am-1pm
Wednesday Nov 4
  • Greenworks Trip Years 3A, 3B and 3C

   Parent Community  

Parents' Association

What a busy week we've had! It started off with the PA Pumpkin Patch when hundreds of you came with your excited children to collect your pumpkins. Then it ended with the Autumn Halloween BBQ and what an amazing night that was!!

Our enthusiastic families brought out all their spooky ornaments to decorate their cars for the Trunk or Treat.  Endless amounts of your generously donated sweets were handed out to the children as everyone walked around admiring the cars. Then passing the haunted graveyard to the field behind where the Fat Dads Football team grilled sausages and corn while children took in the popular jelly injections.  Next came Gruesome Grab where small hands eagerly reached into concealed boxes of brains, worms and snot to choose a spooky surprise. Let's not forget our brilliant NAS Dubai witch who not only cackled and terrified the crowd, but also made the children glow with sticks, fangs and ears. To complete the night, the Secondary school zombies surprised the huge crowd with a fun rendition of the Thriller dance. 

Without our hardworking volunteers and generous donations from you all an event like this wouldn't be possible.

Thank you!

And we hope you had as much fun as we had! 
Svenja & Maria 
PA Co-Chairs

Next PA meeting Monday Nov 2nd 8am in the Secondary School Library 

   Sports News  

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Girls Football
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2 Nov

  • U8 & U9 Boys Football vs. WIS @ NAS 3:00pm-4pm
3 Nov 
  • U10A and U11A Boys Football vs DBS @ NAS 3:00pm-4pm 
  • U12 and Year 5 & 6 team Netball vs. MTS @ NAS 
  • U14 Girls Football vs DESC (A) 

4 Nov
  • U11 Girls Football vs. Safa Community School (A) 3:30pm-4pm
  • U12 Girls Football vs. DESC @ NAS

5 Nov
  • U10 Football and Netball Tournament @ DESC 2:00pm-5:30pm

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