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First Ambassadors Gathering 2014
First Ambassadors Gathering 2014
(Photo Gallery)
First Ambassadors Gathering 2014 took place on the 19th JAN 2014 at InterContinental Hotel Muscat. The event was held under the patronage of Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA, and with the presence of representatives from government and private institutions, civil society institutions and OCERT Ambassadors. This gathering was organized to showcase ambassadors’ efforts achieved since the program was launched in 2011, highlight the upcoming 2014 plan and activities, honor and recognize active ambassadors and gather ambassadors’ comments, feedback and opinions to further develop the program. Here is event Photo Gallery


Interactive Videos from EC-Council
Free Interactive Videos and Webinars from EC-Council
EC-Council is the world's leader in IT Security Courses. It provides many free live, recorded videos and webinars in this website.
Just sign up and feel free to watch all videos.
Ambassadors’ Efforts and Achievements
Ambassadors’ Efforts and Achievements
We are glad that Cybersecurity Ambassadors Program is reaching OCERT vision through the great efforts that have been done by many of OCERT Ambassadors in the first half of this year in various fields of Information Security with different skills and abilities that ambassadors have. It is time to thank all of them and wish you all the best.
Ambassadors List (Alphabetical Order)
  • Abdullah AL Ghafri
  • Abdullah AlKhusaibi
  • Adel Ramadan
  • Ahmed Atef Abdo Ibrahim
  • Abdelnasser Abdelaal
  • Hassan Al Ajmi
  • Ismail Alkalbani
  • Kawther Al-Mashaikhi
  • Majed Alkarosi
  • Maysa Alhinai
  • Osama Obidoon
  • Rashid Almasroori
  • Talal Alasmi
  • Zuhoor Alghatami


OCERT eBook 2014
OCERT eBook 2014
As one of the benefits for OCERT Ambassadors is the privilege to participate in OCERT eBooks and newsletter, therefore we would like to extend a special invitation to you to participate in our first OCERT eBook 2014. See more details about OCERT eBook objectives,benefits, selection process and participation form.
Ambassadors Presentations


Ambassadors Program Presentations (En/Ar)
There are two presentations about Ambassadors Program in Arabic and English posted at the Cybersecurity Ambassadors Forum. You're allowed to use them when you are conducting any awareness sessions.
Ambassadors Videos


Ambassadors Program Videos
There are two videos published at OCERT Youtube channel related to Cybersecurity Ambassadors Program. The first one is introduction about the program and the second one is previous years’ achievements and statistics.
Ambassadors' Feedback
OCERT always welcome any feedback from the Ambassadors; here are some of the ambassadors’ comments through their participation with OCERT or attending security sessions organized by the team.
Wadhha AlHosni_Feedback
Wadhha AlHosni


Ahmed AlNabhani


Faisal AlAmri


Osama Obidoon_Feedback
Osama Obidoon


Rayan Al Taei_Feedback
Rayan Al Taei
ITA Soft Skills


ITA Soft Skills Courses
OCERT Ambassadors get great opportunities’ to gain 5 seats in each 14 ITA Soft Skills Courses 2014.
Training Statistics
No. of courses finished:9
No. of responds:194
No. of registered:156
No. of confirmed emails:45
No. of attendees:40
No. of feedback received:38
Soft Skills Courses Calendar


Upcoming Courses
There are 5 Soft Skill Courses left, if you would like to know more information about them visit this link and in order to reserve your seat in one of them please send the following details:
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Course Title
Online Awareness Campaign
“Online Awareness Campaign 2014”
Online Awareness Campaign is one of OCERT projects that started 2 years ago, the idea is to select a security hot topic every month and publish it in OCERT website and official Social Networking channels.

According to that, we would like to extend a special invitation to you to participate in the Online Awareness Campaign for 2014 with an article or topic related to Information Security.
More Detailed Information
An article in Arabic about (Child Online Protection) has been published at OCERT website written by OCERT academic ambassador Dr. Abdelnasser Abdelaal

Child Online Protection
The article includes many security tips for kids and parents, some statistics and examples, advantages and disadvantages of internet, information about viruses and how to defend your computer from them, internet attackers (Hackers & Crackers), steps to use search energy in safe way and some guidelines to protect your kids.


Online Awareness Campaign during Ramadan
“Online Awareness Campaign During Ramadan”
This campaign has been done during Ramadan 2014 at OCERT social media with cooperation of OCERT ambassadors by writing and designing the security tips.

No. of ambassadors registered:25
No. of ambassadors participated:16
No. of tips posted:12
No. of security material shared:7
No. of SMS sent:6
No. of new followers:140
See all published tips

Thanks to all ambassadors, who joined OCERT in this campaign:

  • Abdullah Alghafri
  • Abdullah AL-Khusaibi
  • Abdulrahman Albahri
  • Ahmed Mohammed AlHadidi
  • Ahmed Salim Al-Hajri
  • Asma Al Marzouqi
  • Buthaina Issa Al-Ismaili
  • Huda Said Al Kalbani
  • Jokha Bani Saad
  • Juhina Awadh Albeloushi
  • Kawther AlMashaikhi
  • Maysa Zahran Alhinai
  • Osama Obidoon
  • Rashid Hamed Almasroori
  • Shadha Mohamed AL-Amri
  • Zuhoor Nasser AlGhatami
Media Coverage Done by OCERT Ambassadors
There are some published articles and media coverage that have been written by ambassadors after attending particular workshops and courses provided by OCERT.
Vulnerability Discovery Workshop
Majed Alkarosi
Majed Alkarosi


Social Media Benefits
Osama Obidoon
Osama Obidoon


Measuring Return on Investment
Maysa Alhinai
Maysa Alhinai


“ To have an active Knowledge Sharing Community in the Sultanate of Oman where every member contributes in OCERT vision and be an Ambassador of Information Security. ”  - Program Vision
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