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sasha pedro. newsletter #04


about a month ago, i impulsively took a trip to fort myers, florida. apparently everyone in the world tried to go to florida that week and airlines said "haha, good luck."

anyway. when i vacation, i consider it time away from taking photos i have to take to making time for the photos i want to take. which is almost always trees.

what makes a vacation photo? are you capturing moments? places? proof of experiences? i find i'm often grateful for the cell phone camera in these scenarios so that when i see something like the empire state building, i can take a quick snap and move on. i travel solo a lot, which is great, but it means my vacation photos are almost always void of familiar faces - often void of any faces at all. and these experiences have helped reshape my understanding of vacation photos. i now recognize i have the time to intentionally create the types of images i will want to revisit again and again.

so, with that, here's my vacation scrapbook. florida, april 2022.
my first morning there, i drove past a tiny post office. i love small post offices. it was open, which was cool, but there was a line of people i didn't want to disturb. so i circled back the next day just before sunset to take these. i later found out it's the smallest post office in the country (and there was a plaque that probably said just that, but hey, i neglected to read that). had someone actually been working inside, it probably would've been a more interesting photo. alas.
it was 90 degrees and i was very sick, but decided it made sense to ride 15 miles through the everglades on a rusty rental bike.
some cell phone snaps. see me questioning this masochistic decision and an alligator being like, "ha, you idiot."
i rode the first 7.5 miles with about 80 other people and then for the last 7.5 miles, i did not see another human (though, unrelated, did encounter ~80 ditched bicycles).
lots of bird skeletons. there were living birds, too.
other things i like: the meeting of nature and human creations
if you dig last image, you can get a (beautiful quality) print of it here
yet another nerdy thing i like: when natural light is so perfect, it looks fake.

if you're also a trees/photo geek, check out gathering growth.

thanks for reading and supporting.
be well. xo.
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