Economic warfare against Israel continues.
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November 2015 Update:
Economic warfare against Israel continues. A new campaign called the Holy Land Principles has attacked over 500 US companies with business ties to Israel. The Principles are a carefully worded code of conduct supposedly concerned with employment discrimination against Palestinians. Sadly, they are just one more effort to delegitimize and destabilize Israel.

The author of the Holy Land Principles, a Catholic friar, first visited Israel in 2012 with Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFBP). From NGO Monitor: IFBP claims its "work is intended to introduce delegation participants to a variety of opinions, debates and analyses on Israel, Palestine, and the role of international and US civil society in the conflict," but it presents highly one-sided, distorted positions.

After his trip, Friar McManus wrote: "I was profoundly shocked by what I saw...of course, some of it was familiar. After all, the British partitioned both Palestine and Ireland. [It was] just like what the Brits did in the North, but a million times worse. The Irish are deeply conscious that the British government partitioned both Palestine and Ireland in England's imperial and colonial interests."

The new campaign has achieved some early success:
- One company has already signed (Tenax Therapeutics)
- The SEC approved shareholder resolutions at GE, Corning, Intel and Cisco so shareholders can vote on the Holy Land Principles
- At GE and Intel, the campaign received enough votes to resubmit next year. (JLens spoke against the Principles at Cisco's shareholder meeting today, see statement below.)
- 6 more companies will be targeted with resolutions in 2016: Coca Cola, Fed Ex, GM Financial, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Pepsi

What you can do:
- Contact companies and encourage them not to sign (contact information provided on the Holy Land Principles website). Thank them for their business ties to Israel.
- If you own stock in the 10 companies above, vote AGAINST the Holy Land Principles resolution on your 2016 proxy ballot.

What JLens is doing:
- In August, JLens launched an enhanced index strategy to invest in nearly 500 US companies and advocate for Jewish values (social, environmental, and Israel). Contact us to learn about investment opportunities
- As a Cisco shareholder, JLens spoke against the Holy Land Principles at Cisco's Annual Shareholder Meeting today (statement below)
- JLens is currently seeking grants to expand our ability to fight anti-Israel BDS attacks in the responsible investing/business arena

Thank you for your support.
JLens’ Statement in Opposition to the Holy Land Principles Resolution 
(Cisco Annual Shareholder Meeting, Nov 19, 2015)

My name is Julie Hammerman and I run a socially responsible investment organization called JLens. We urge a vote against the Holy Land Principles for three reasons.

First, the resolution proposes costly and burdensome requirements for Cisco’s operations in Israel. It is clear from the Holy Land Principles website they support the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. This campaign promotes economic warfare, and is designed to create obstacles for corporate relations with Israel. It is strongly opposed by the US government. The Holy Land Principles claim to represent anti-discrimination, when in fact they support a discriminatory campaign waged against the Jewish side in a two-sided dispute.

Second, the resolution was purposely written to deceive shareholders and avoid objections from Cisco’s management and the SEC. To paraphrase the Holy Land Principles website: “The Principles are deliberately general to present a commonsense affirmation of anti-discrimination. After the Principles are accepted by the company, the monitors, activist shareholders, and advocacy organizations can draw out the specifics.” As shareholders, we deserve the specifics on any resolution, before a vote is requested.
Third, Cisco is already a leader in corporate social responsibility and should avoid any association with radical activists that will damage the company’s good reputation. It’s obvious the filer of this resolution knows very little about Cisco’s initiatives in Israel. In addition to supporting Israeli workforce diversity, Cisco has invested $15 million to build the Palestinian technology sector, and was recognized by the US State Department for creating jobs, improving lives, and laying the groundwork for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps the filer thinks Cisco can easily be conned into supporting something that sounds decent but hides a sinister agenda.
For these reasons, we urge a vote AGAINST the discriminatory Holy Land Principles resolution. We ask Cisco’s management to continue to serve as leaders of responsible business around the world to protect our interests as long-term shareholders.  Thank you.

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