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As many of you will know, the clinic has been through many significant changes over the last few months. Our recently built centre is now fully operating. We also have a new full time Receptionist Kat, she is here to assist you and she is a trained barista too. 
So while you are here, why not try one of our Lavassa coffees from our extensive menu from a creamy latte to herbal teas and tasty hot chocolates, you can even have it takeaway, for those of you who are on the run!
So what are you waiting for? Call the clinic to organise your next visit, we would love to see you!
For any further information, please head to our new website, loaded with plenty of information and resources.

Upper Cervicle Syndrome

Do you suffer from symptoms such as neck pain/stiffness, reduced range of motion and headaches? You may be experiencing the effects of The Upper Cervical Syndrome (UCS), a functional disorder.
The UCS is a collection of signs and symptoms caused by dysfunction of the upper part of the neck. Many people with UCS get different symptoms from dysfunction of the same part of the neck. This is caused by a range of different mechanisms. One mechanism has to do with the location of the cervical ganglion (nerve junctions) relative to the joints. If the ganglion sits over the bone it is safe. However, if the ganglion sits too close to a joint or a muscle it gets irritated when the joint is not moving properly and/or the muscle spasms. The pressure on the ganglion can cause the symptoms above, along with some more severe symptoms such as:
·                Dizziness
·                Blurred vision
·                Tinnitus
·                Nausea 

Restoring motion to the upper part of the neck relieves these symptoms. Chiropractic spinal manipulations are advocated for the treatment of neck pain and the upper cervical syndrome. If you experience any of the symptoms of UCS, or know someone who does, then it might be worthwhile contacting the centre to have a check-up.
We can provide you with a comprehensive treatment and management plan to suit your needs. 

Fundraising opportunities

Recently in the clinic we have decided to assemble two charities to offer our support to and you can be a part of it too!

Tiger 511 –  Australia Zoo has organised this charity to help save the Summartrian Tiger, by supporting the ranges that monitor and patrol the Tigers habitat in an attempt to protect them from illegal hunting. The Zoo estimates it costs $5 a day to protect one tiger.

CBP Research - Chiropractic Biophysics is a Chiropractic rehabilitation technique that uses a variety of techniques to restore ‘normal’ or ideal curvatures to the human spine.  They are hoping to raise much needed funds to support the continuation of researching and validating the impacts this rehabilitative technique can offer patients around the world. 
So next time you are visiting the clinic, make sure to ask us for more information and make a donation to the charity of your choice. You will notice 2 different charity containers on the front desk.

Keeping in Touch - Competition

At TASC we invest significant time and energy in making sure we provide the best possible service to our patients. As part of this process we always welcome any feedback so we can improve your time spent in the clinic. This month we are running a prize draw for patients who provide us with online reviews. You could win a $200 gift voucher for Endota Spa Rosalie, so please head over to either Google Maps, Yelp, I tunes App store, or the Yellow pages website and provide a review of your time spent in the clinic. Each review provided will count as one entry in the competition.

Click here for more information on this promotion.
You have until January 31st 2014 to enter and the winner will be revealed in the next newsletter, Good-luck!
Furthermore, if you would like to receive our newsletter electronically and we do not currently have your email address, please contact the clinic to update your details and we can add you to our growing list of digital subscribers. 

From the Desk of Dr Robert J Bailey

Nothing reminds you of how quickly the time has passed, than a patient asking you what your open hours are over the Christmas period.  Especially if you have been so busy working that you had not even realised Christmas was just 4 weeks away!  So while we will be closed from the 25th - 29th of December I will still be contactable on mobile for patients who have an emergency and need to contact me urgently.
You will notice we have created an additional resource on the TASC App for seated posture specific to the car in time for those of you who have long periods of travel coming up.
Please find enclosed with this Newsletter a flyer for our Internet and Social Media Feedback competition for details on how you can win a $200 Endota gift voucher for someone special.  
In late November I had my own episode of acute neck pain which, is a very humbling experience for a Chiropractor.  It reminded me of just how powerful chiropractic care can be and more importantly the value of regular monthly adjustments in preventing acute episodes (Which I had been guilty of not maintaining over the last couple of months).  So I will be reminding everyone of the importance of Management Care and the value of regular adjustments over the coming months.  
Otherwise I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year in 2014.  Please be safe over the Holiday Season and I will look forward to seeing you soon.

Do you suffer from neck or back discomfort while driving?

Does your neck or back ever feel stiff or sore after driving? You may need to correct your driving posture. There are a few points to consider when using correct driving posture, some of these are:
·       Seat position in relation to pedals
·       Seat height
·       Thigh’s parallel to the floor
·       Back rest angle
·       Back rest height
·       Steering wheel
Lucky for you the centre has produced a free, fully guided car posture app to assist in educating you on the importance of good ergonomics in the car. With a step by step guide, assisting you to better posture and improving those once dreaded car trips. Head to the app store today, to download, The Ashgrove Spinal Centre, app.  

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Our new website has been live for a few months now and is optimised to be viewed by either desktops or mobile devices. You may currently request an appointment via an email form. In the coming months we will be building in the capacity to book appointments directly online or using your smart device (for the more tech savvy amongst you) without the need for telephone follow up.



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