By the time you read this Newsletter we will have launched our new website, it is loaded with information and resources so please feel free to have a look and provide us with feedback.

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You may have noticed the Centre has been undergoing a significant renovation over the last 6 months?  After what has seemed like an eternity we have now reached 'practical completion' and have moved into our newly built Centre. So if we have not seen you for a while why not drop in for a treatment?  While your here you can try our new Lavassa coffee and have a look at the results of our renovation. By the time you read this Newsletter we will have launched our new website, it is loaded with information and resources so please feel free to have a look and provide us with feedback.  You can also keep up to date with us on our Facebook page and you can now follow us using Twitter.  

Forward head Posture?

Think of how uncomfortable it would be to hang a bowling ball around your neck.  Well that is exactly what your body might be experiencing every day if you suffer from Forward Head Posture (FHP).
For every inch your head posture sits forward it exerts 4.5 Kilograms of additional weight on your neck.  These forces will have to be balanced by additional action of approximately 50% by the muscles of your neck and shoulders which will ultimately be absorbed by the joints of your spine.  Furthermore, this constant load on the neck and shoulders can produce pressure on the nerves at the base of the skull which is a common cause of headaches.

Some common symptoms associated with FHP are:
·     Headaches
·     Neck and/or mid back discomfort
·     Altered sensation in the arms and hands (pins and needles)
·     Pain in the arms and hands
Like most spinal problems FHP can if not managed correctly produce a slow and insidious degeneration of the spine in the neck and mid back.  The longer it is allowed to progress the less effective treatment and management are at resolving the problem and the symptoms it produces.  So early detection and decisive treatment and management are essential to providing the best possible outcome.  
Becoming aware of FHP is the first step towards correcting the problem and avoiding the potential problems that it can produce. If you experience any of the symptoms of FHP, or know someone who does, then  it might be worthwhile contacting the Centre to have a check up?
We can provide you with a comprehensive treatment and management plan.  

Developing Clinical Records Systems

Obviously with so much energy going into moving into the new practice, developing the website and improving our systems it would seem obvious that we would have little time for anything else?  However, recently I was appointed to the Australian Chiropractors Registration Boards Panel of Experts, and have subsequently Chaired several disciplinary hearings on behalf of the Board.  I have very quickly learned the record keeping of many health care professionals, is simply not keeping pace with the modern world of health care and needs improvement.  Therefore I decided to develop a user friendly comprehensive clinical report keeping package to answer this need, this will require experimentation with various technologies ranging from voice to text, audio/video recording to simple hand written notes.  I will inform you of anything new at the time of your visit and should you prefer not to participate, simply tell us and we will do two things:  1/ not use the technology in question and 2/ make a note of your thoughts as an important part of our development.

Website Launched

Recently we launched our NEW website on the internet which links seamlessly to Facebook and Twitter.  In the coming months we will be building in the capacity to book appointments online or using your smart device for the more tech savvy amongst you.

From the Desk of Dr Robert J Bailey

For those of you who have already visited the Centre, I hope you enjoy the new space.  This was my first renovation and what an experience it has been!  Our new website has now launched and I would encourage you to visit and give us your thoughts.  We have moved away from a static “sit there” and “do nothing” website and created a dynamic web site driven by interaction and full of patient focused resources.  The website will be continually evolving with plans underway to include use of YouTube and The App Store.  But if you’re not partial to technology do not despair we still answer the phone and the Newsletter etc will still be available in a printed copy. 

Do You Sit For Too Long?

Prolonged sitting without a break can produce poor posture and lead to poor health, neck and/or shoulder pain.  It is important to take regular breaks from sitting, during work periods, to minimise the impacts sitting at a workstation can cause on the body.  If you want to learn more, about minimising the stress on your spine caused by a seated posture, visit and go to Resources to download our Workstation Assessment Form.

Lavazza Coffee Machine

Description: \\SERVER\Data\Practice\Marketing\Newsletters\June 2013\images\photodune-657768-neck-pain-m.jpgWinter is with us and to make those early morning appointments just a little easier we have installed a Lavazza Coffee Machine.  This machine provides cafe quality coffee to drink here or take away as a courtesy to patients . . .  and occasionally Staff.


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Keeping In Touch

Description: \\SERVER\Data\Practice\Marketing\Newsletters\June 2013\images\Unknown.jpegAt TASC we invest significant time and energy into keeping in touch with our patients, so we might be able to serve them better.  While many people still enjoy the romance of receiving their Newsletter in a printed format, we frequently receive requests for an electronic format.  Therefore we maintain an email data base so we can send you an electronic copy of our Quarterly Newsletter and make it available on our website and Facebook we can also notify you of its release through Twitter.  If you would like to take advantage of our electronic service and we do not currently have your email address, then please contact the clinic to update your details and we can add you to our growing list of digital subscribers.

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