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AMSAF: Who Are They?

In 2011 a friend and an individual who was very active in the Motorcycle Community helping so many folks personally and through her magazine was killed in a Motorcycle crash.  This individual was Kimmy Chapman. Every week we were seeing motorcycle crashes or fatalities and for whatever reason this one hit the motorcycle community hard. Many of us felt that we needed to do something to help promote motorcycle safety and awareness and hopefully through that we would help reduce crashes and fatalities.  We needed an organization or Foundation that would help the community for a long time and not just a program or theme for the month.

So out of this came Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) which was created as a 501c3 nonprofit charity foundation. AMSAF felt that the best way to help promote motorcycle safety and awareness was through education. The next step was creating a Scholarship program that helped potential Motorcycle riders or motorcycle riders get the education they needed through motorcycle training.

Since that time AMSAF has helped over 2500 individuals throughout the State get into a Motorcycle training course. In addition, we have a Facebook page that has weekly safety tips, a newsletter and Billboards that are constantly promoting motorcycle safety.

Motorcycle crashes isn’t just a motorcycle rider problem, it’s a community problem. Motorcycle crashes are about 50 % the fault of the motorcycle rider. We all have to be careful and looking out for the other, no matter if it’s a caged vehicle or motorcycle.

AMSAF is a nonprofit 501c3 Foundation and we survive and grow to help save lives through your donation, Sponsorship and Grants that we go after. Ride it Forward and help AMSAF grow by giving a donation to our Foundation. Your donation is tax deductible and can help someone.

In the articles below, you will learn a little about our Leadership Team, Executive Director, Mick Degn; Chairman, Mark Breyer; and Vice Chairman, Ari Levenbaum.

Thank you,

Mick Degn
Executive Director
Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF)

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The AMSAF Website
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Mick Degn, Executive Director

In 2011 I had the opportunity and pleasure to talk to seven (7) individuals about starting a nonprofit Foundation or organization that helped in motorcycle safety. We were seeing so many crashes and fatalities and some were the fault of someone not watching the road or many other reasons. In any case, whoever was at fault, it was an issue and together we felt we needed to help do something about it. There was no other agenda and didn’t need to be. Safety was important and a big issue.

AMSAF has now been in business for over six (6) years and I couldn’t be more proud of our Foundation and our accomplishments. First of all, we have an awesome Board of Directors and Advisory Board who really care and are involved. Caring and being involved are two critical aspects of any volunteer organization and this team cares.

Being in business for many years, one thing you learn is that you can’t do it alone and we can’t. In the past few years along with our AMSAF Team we are seeing Insurance companies, Healthcare community, Police, State, Legal and other businesses partner with us to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Believe me, many of these folks really care because their seeing the end result of motorcycle crashes.  

Again, I couldn’t be more proud of the partnership and relationship we’ve been able to build with these organizations to help us reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. We need more of the Community helping us reduce motorcycle crashes. Will you be part of the AMSAF Family?

Since 2011 we have been able to help over 2500 individuals in Arizona with Scholarships to help get them into a motorcycle training course. We’ve been able to help many individuals and families to be able to afford a course. Let's be honest with ourselves, budgets with families are tight in most cases and safety isn’t always at the top of that budget list. Probably should be, but we have so many other things in our life that we need to spend money on that it falls to the bottom of the list or somewhere below the top of that budget. AMSAF, through its Scholarship program, is able to help get that budget item to the top of the list and educate you or members of your family.

I have had the privilege and honor to be Executive Director of AMSAF and here is where I need your help.

  • In 2016 we had 144 motorcycle fatalities. That is almost 3 every week just in Arizona.  What are you doing to be a safer rider or helping a friend or family be a safer rider?

  • Are you an individual, business or organization who is looking for a nonprofit to donate to that is doing something good for the community? We are that 501c3 and we would be glad to share with you everything we’re doing and how you can help us.

  • Have you checked out our Safety tips on Facebook or our website?


Mark Breyer, Chairman

I was so interested in being a part of AMSAF because I spend my life helping people after they have been hurt.  And I feel that my job is to do everything in my power to avoid watching people get hurt.  In other words, I would like to see everybody stay safe on motorcycles.  I would like to reach a point where people stop turning left in front of motorcyclists and causing serious injury or death.  

However, there are not many organizations that are truly making a difference, in my opinion, when it comes to motorcycle safety.  In fact, after all these years of spending time in the motorcycle community I am convinced that there are a limited number of people doing something and a much larger group of people that just talk about safety.  

AMSAF approached me about possibly getting involved.  When I saw the work they were doing, and how committed they were to keeping people safe, I wanted to be a part of it.  It has been extremely rewarding putting forward my time, energy, and resources to trying to make sure that we could make a difference.  If you look at the amount of training, time, money, and education that has come through AMSAF; I am convinced that there are many people that are safe and alive right now because AMSAF existed.

I do want to take this opportunity to have a call to action.  Many of you in the motorcycle community have met me or somebody on my team.  Hopefully, you know that we are here to answer questions and help out in any way we can to increase motorcycle safety.  Still, far too often there are people who are frustrated with how dangerous it is to ride but they never know what step to take.  AMSAF is that next step.  The more people that are involved in AMSAF, the bigger we grow and the safer our roads will be.  Let's keep people safe while riding and help out in any way we can.  I understand that people are busy but even a day or two a year combined by so many of us in the motorcycle community can make a huge impact.

Ari Levenbaum, Vice Chairman

I am proud to be part of AMSAF and Law Tigers, two incredible organizations that promote motorcycle safety and awareness and help reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Our company’s founder, Warren Levenbaum (who also happens to be my Father) was a founding member of AMSAF.  Over the years, I saw the positive impact AMSAF had on the riding community and knew that I could make my own unique contribution to the organization. I now use my extensive motorcycle community relationships to help plan successful events, promote AMSAF, and showcase motorcycle safety. I am also committed to raising money to maintain the motorcycle training scholarship program and to keep the organization moving forward. That is why I chose to join the board several years ago and pick up where my Father left off.  

Law Tigers has supported motorcycle safety and awareness to reduce the number of accidents in our state for over 15 years. AMSAF and my company would rather put time, money and volunteer hours into teaching new riders, refreshing seasoned riders, and educating motorists than lose one more rider to a preventable motorcycle accident. That’s why I am honored to hold the vice chairmanship role on AMSAF’s executive board.

At AMSAF, I know I am making a difference, which fulfills me personally and also lets my fellow riders and the general public know that this isn’t our only calling---helping all riders however they made need us is also our mission as motorcycle lawyers who give back to the community.  

Riding for the Long Haul, our annual fundraising event that my company and I personally support, is all about safety and awareness. From the latest in motorcycle safety technology to local police department’s motorcycle drill teams performing motorcycle safety maneuvers, this event draws businesses of all types and sizes. Our event’s mission is to have fun and at the same time promote the positive aspects of riding including rider safety, adequate initial and continuous rider training, proper riding techniques, and utilizing safe riding gear. Our event draws the most diverse group of people including young families with kids, riding clubs and organizations, solo riders, sport bike riders, and die hard v-twin enthusiasts. Each year attendance is growing and we raise money to support everything we do to help riders. It feels good for me to know we are helping to educate 1,000’s of riders and promote awareness and motorcycle safety in Arizona.

I am a big believer in hands-on motorcycle training for riders of all abilities. This is another reason why I’m passionate about AMSAF---we provide scholarships for riding courses, paid for through our fundraising and grant writing efforts. To sustain these programs both now and for generations to follow, it’s critical for us to look for additional sources of funding.  We need everyone’s support and assistance, whether it’s a small or large donation or your time, we welcome your assistance.

I want to encourage both businesses with ties to the motorcycle industry, all other businesses, and the public to get involved in motorcycle safety and awareness training by supporting AMSAF.  The more riders we have supporting our mission, the safer our roads will be for our fellow riders.

AMSAF Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Riding for the Long Haul 2018

MARCH 4, 2018

AMSAF is recognized as a motorcycle training scholarship provider by the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

Click here for a brochure about how to receive an M-class license for driving a motorcycle.

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