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So September here we come... I decided to bundle my two sections into one. No, it won't save you money BUT it also doesn't ruin your "super fun beach day". I do feel like it might even be a bit "progressive". ;) Anyways, sharing 23 awesome and random tips, tools, templates, and thought springboards. 

P.S. As a reminder, I am also available for speaking engagements like webinars, conferences, etc...

Creatively Productive Tips, Tools, and Things to Love

23+ RANDOM TOOLS, TIPS, TEMPLATES, and THOUGHT SPRINGBOARDS: As you well know, I LOVE collecting random tools, templates, and things that bring me joy. I find they tend to help with student projects, professional development, and overall creativity and wellness so without further ado... here are my faves for the past few weeks.
  1. Classic iPod: Thanks Tony Vincent for sharing this gem! You can sign in to your Spotify or Apple Music account and the interface looks and interacts like a classic iPod for those of you that love nostalgia.
  2. Age Calculator: I don't know why but I can never calculate age when months are involved. This web calculator will do it for you.
  3. Super Mario Teacher Soundboard: This is a Mario edition teacher soundboard. Great sounds to cue transitions or classroom routines or just add fun to the classroom.
  4. Teacher Soundboard Game Show Edition: This one is similar to the Mario version - just different sound effects.
  5. "Fake" Blog with Google Slides: This is a guest post I wrote for ShakeupLearning. I created four versions of the blog post template in google slides that you see above. More details about the tool and a podcast where we chat about integration and use case ideas is included in the link.
  6. Values Sort: This is an oldie but goodie. I have multiple versions of this tool available for FREE. It can be used at the beginning of the year as a get to know you or a springboard for writing - it can also be used to analyze a character in a book, a historical figure, or even a social media feed in a lesson about digital citizenship.
  7. Home Room EDU: This is a project that Carrie Baughcum and I co-created last year. It is five weeks of journaling and doodling prompts that cover getting to know you, goal-setting, self-care, self-regulation, organization, time management, and more.
  8. Time Management: And speaking of time management... this post details the tools, templates, and information that I share with students in regards to time management and keeping up with projects.
  9. Choice Board Smorgasbord: This is a post from Kasey Bell that includes lots of choice board examples and a podcast that goes deeper into this tool.
  10. Google Slides Templates for the Classroom: This was shared by TCEA. It includes a journal, participation chart, and calendar that was created in Google Slides. 
  11. Random Number Picker: I liked this one because you could change the interval and input type.
  12. Knowledge Organizers: Many thanks to Laura Healy for tweeting these out. I absolutely love this idea. This format makes it so easy to understand key events, people, dates, and vocabulary. They are produced in Publisher and the icons appear to be from Noun Project BUT you could easily create these in Keynote too. :/
  13. Fictitious Dishes: Y'all if you teach ELA or just love literature, this book is a must. Such a clever idea. The premise is that what people eat in books is something that is very important to the book and the characters so she recreates the "fictional dishes" from great literary works and then includes factoids about the books as well as the passage in the book that inspired the dish for reference.
  14. Dice Debrief: Many thanks to Stephanie Howell for sharing this one. Great questions for using dice.
  15. Must Do, May Do, Then Do: This is a five minute video that details how to give students choice in their activities using this format.
  16. This or That: I also discovered this one via Stephanie Howell. It is another way to scaffold choice boards. I believe the video is 3 minutes long.
  17. Chomebook Checklist for Students: For those of you with Chromebooks, this was a great checklist for students. Thanks John Hendrickse for this gem.
  18. Google Keep Headers with Bitmoji: If you love Google Keep, organization, and bitmoji, this post is for you. 
  19. 10 Day Digital Declutter: I will be sharing a 10 day plan to clear out some of the digital clutter we all have. If you are interested in following along, gleaning tips, and/or participating, follow me on IG or FB in September.
  20. 3D Periodic Table: Thanks to Tom D'Amico for this one. This 3D periodic table is pretty sweet!
  21. 24 Exit Ticket Questions: Love these easy to use exit ticket questions. I also love the idea of having after exam prompts.
  22. Note-taking Stations: This is a Cult of Pedagogy gem. Students do really need to be taught and given practice with note-taking. This secondary example is a great start!
  23. "I'm Not Weird, I'm Limited Edition" tee: I like to embrace my weird. Found this shirt from @purplerushclothing on etsy and wanted to share. Here is a pic of me in the tank. ;)
  24. Meal Planner Magnetic Pad: I have been sharing my meal planning process on Instagram lately. People seemed to like the notepad I used so wanted to share. It comes in floral, pink and teal, and a sorted food variation.
FREE Back to School Conference: I will be speaking at *Shake Up Learning's Back to School conference. The schedule can be found here. I will be doing two sessions: "Defeating Digital Distractions" and "Toolkit for Calm, Coping, and Creativity". The event is FREE . If you choose to purchase the *All Access Pass, you would receive lifetime access to this event as well as Kasey's other courses. 

*Note: The links to both of these event opportunities in this post are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking on them, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.
I am always looking for show and book recommendations so I thought I would share a few of mine. 

📺WHAT I AM WATCHING📺: These were all excellent.
  • Disney: Loki. If you are a Marvel fan, you need to watch this. It also sets the stage for future Marvel movies that will be set in the multiverse. If you loved Sliding Doors, you will also like this. ;)
  • Netflix: I adore this show. I think it does a great job of highlighting autism in a realistic way. While the actor who portrays the main character of Sam does not have autism, the show did do a good job of hiring autistic actors to play other parts.
  • Hulu: I am just relishing the Mindy Project. How is it that I never watched this show before? And just for fun... here are 20 things you might not know about the Mindy Project.
  • HBO: Um...WTF... what do you mean the McDonald's Monopoly game was once rigged by the mob? This six part documentary is fantastic and eye-opening: McMillion$
📚WHAT I AM READING📚: Read one of the My Weird School books to my youngest and devoured The Wrong Family on my own.
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