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Creatively Productive is a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement. Sometimes we are creative. Sometimes we are productive. Sometimes we find the sweet spot and achieve #creativelyproductive. But the bigger picture is that we are happy, healthy, and achieving the heights we want to achieve
personally and professionally.

This weekly newsletter is intended to add
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3+ Creatively Productive Tips,
Tools, and Things to Love 

💿Something I Loved: This week we did some professional development with our teachers through the Teacher Innovation Academy on our campus. We always start the day with a fun activity. This one started with finding the top charts song for the day you were born when you were 14. So if you were born on December 25th, 1970, you would look for December 25th, 1984. Never fear, you don't have to do much searching or math, there is a site that does this for you called Birthday Jams. The next step would be to play the music video and then make a connection for the song. This could be adapted in a lot of ways for creative writing assignments and looking at dates in history, birthdays of famous people, etc... And there is just something about music that makes everyone happy and smile. 
👉Stuff I Have Been Up To: Last week we met with all of our HS Juniors. In past years we have done iPad base camps for Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors on a variety of tools and topics. This year we wanted to add Juniors to the mix. We visited 20+ classrooms and spoke about putting your best "digital" foot forward. We covered chatting about the good and bad of social media, what should and shouldn't be in a resume, and what an online professional portfolio could look like. Wanted to share a few of those resources with you:
  • HS Student Portfolio: This student has graduated HS and college and is on to a grad degree. You can see how she focused on her two strengths... art and architecture.
  • HS Student Portfolio 2: This student recently graduated and is now at the University of Texas at Austin. This particular portfolio is very involved and impressive. I love how he broke down each exemplar he wanted to share into a soft skill (e.g. Building Relationships - Soft Skill, Learning Dedication - Orchestra and Violin, and Taking Initiative - Lawn Mowing Adventures).
  • Getting Started with Portfolios: This is a list of the resources I did for a portfolio session at TCTELA last month. I go into greater detail about they why, how, and what of portfolios in chapter 5 of my first book Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students.
  • Webinar: I wanted to give you a heads up that we will be doing a parent webinar this coming week to talk about what we covered in the Junior iPad Base Camp. The live webinar is scheduled for Thursday February 28th at 12:15pm CST.
  • Freshman iPad Base Camp: Each of our student base camps are slightly different. Some are rotations. Some are large group. And some are class visits. Some focus more on tools - others on topics. I am including a link to the Freshman iPad Base Camp as well so you can get a feel for what this type of mass student professional development looks like. Also, stay tuned for a blog post about the Junior iPad Base Camp coming this spring. 😉
📲A Tool to Rule Your Social Media Links: In social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you are limited to a certain number of characters in your posts and in bios. In tools like email, too many links can clutter an email signature. I like to share articles and websites and videos in all of these platforms. A few months ago, I discovered which is a site that can act as a quick landing page. If you don't have a website, you could create a page with all of the links to the tools and sites you consistently publish content to (e.g. Smores, Thinglinks, Haiku Decks, Quizlets) as a quick reference link for yourself or your students OR you could use this to ensure that what you talk about in your social media feeds could be easily found. This is what I use to organize resources in my bio of social media pages so thought I would share. 

Sharing #CreativelyProductive 

Like badges? Does your school district have a badging system? Check out these Creatively Productive badges that correspond to each chapter‘s checklist. All the downloadable badge freebies can be found here. I should mention that you can download the individual digital badges OR you can download the Avery template included and print them as stickers if you like.
Now there is a badge for every chapter that can be used in conjunction with the checklist at the end of the chapter to award badges to students, staff, or a campus.

All the downloadable badge freebies can be found here. Each badge can be downloaded as an individual digital file OR you can download the Avery template included and print them as stickers if you like.
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