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Creatively Productive is a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement. Sometimes we are creative. Sometimes we are productive. Sometimes we find the sweet spot and achieve #creativelyproductive. But the bigger picture is that we are happy, healthy, and achieving the heights we want to achieve
personally and professionally.

This weekly newsletter is intended to add
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5+ Creatively Productive Tips,
Tools, and Things

✒️Pens You Need: I can't take credit for this find. I was in a teacher's classroom and she had all of these pretty pens that wrote so beautifully. So, of course, I asked about them. And, of course, you can find them on Amazon. The 24 pack is very affordable at less than $10 and clearly a great find with almost 1,200 positive Amazon reviews. I already ordered 2 sets of these. One for myself and one for a "Creatively Productive" give-away I am woking on for later in the month. 😉
💡Idea I am Totally Stealing: I popped into a session this week at TCEA about navigating digital citizenship and social emotional learning using Common Sense Media. The slide deck is here for you. The presenter modeled the "Where Do You Stand" activity using prompts like:
  • "What people do or say in public is fair for others to record and post on social media." - Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
  • "If a friend asks for honest opinions on an anonymous app, you should respond honestly even if it might hurt their feelings." - Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree
I have done activities like this before where you stand on one side of the room to represent your preference. I also conduct professional development with our high school students on "Managing their Digital Lives" (that info can be found here). We don't do an activity like this but I absolutely love it so "stealing" it and the prompts. Hoping Common Sense Media creates more of these prompts to be used with secondary students. I am such a firm believer in conversation before contracts and I thin this is such a great way to engage students. 
📲Site You Need to Go Visit: Another session at TCEA I sat in on this week was "What's New, Hot, and Cool?" with Janet Corder and Joan Gore. Their smore for the session can be found here. Best things I loved from the session were:
  • The Calm Initiative Gives Every Teacher a Free account. Their site says that "teachers will have unlimited access to our growing library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, including Calm Kids, our programs tailored for age groups from pre-K through high school."
  • Quizziz has some new features. Now there is a flashcard mode. You can find it on the "Activity" page for students. Joan and Janet say, "Click any quiz that you've completed, and you'll see 2 buttons "Play" and "Review" (Review is the flashcard mode). Just click it to see the new mode. They are planning to change that button to say "Flashcards" (or something similar)."
  • LogoMakr: This is a site that works on both an iPad and a browser. Students can create their own logos for projects and it includes over 1 million graphics!
😍Person You Need to Follow on Instagram: I adore Michelle Rohr. She is such an amazing person and she creates awesome printables (both for digital and analog use). I know... you had me at printables... Right?! If you are deep in to your copy of "Creatively Productive", you might remember her from chapter 5. I featured her "Positive Self Check-In". She also posted this digital prompt grid where you can include photos and I am slightly obsessed with this idea! She is such an inspiring woman and such a great gal to help you embrace your intuition.
📗Book I Am Reading Next: I finally have a bit of down time to start reading again. Once I get home, the next book on my list is "40 Ways to Inject Creativity Into Your Classroom with Adobe Spark" by Monica Burns. Monica is prolific with her posts and great ideas that she shares AND such an amazing example of the power of visuals and visual literacy. We got to hang out at TCEA this week and even do a Facebook Live book talk about both of our books. The link to the 20 minute archived talk is here.

Sharing #CreativelyProductive

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