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With the 3 day weekend for some/most, I skipped last week's newsletter in favor of sending a jam-packed one this week...

6+ Creatively Productive Tips,
Tools, and Things to Love 

💡An Idea I Am Enamored With: This week we ran our first World Language Day. Our World Language teachers don't get a PLC period, oftentimes what we share in mass district professional development isn't always applicable to them, and conferences can be cost prohibitive. So we threw our own in house one day conference this week for them. We offered sessions that ranged from digital formative assessment and memory strategies to personalized learning, filmative assessment, and interactive notes.

As I was planning for my interactive notes session, I googled "world language notebooks" and sure enough... it is totally thing. Yes, students take notes from lectures... but what if we applied the idea of the reader's/writer's notebook to world languages? These are some analog examples (here and here)... AND I am working on a digital template for one of these as well that could be easily annotated but would provide more of an open-ended journal experience.
📺Awesome Series on Netflix to Pass the Time: If you are looking for something new or just need a way to procrastinate for a bit (I know... I am totally enabling with this one)... I love On My Block. It has an awesome soundtrack and a unique story line... like a high school drama meets The Goonies. That's all I can say. Enjoy. 
🎨Some Colorful Facts That Are Great to Know: One of the things I do a lot in my role as an Educational Technologist is teach visual literacy and slide design. Going on 6 or 7 years, I have now developed a different set of slides, tips, and best practices for Mentorship, Incubator, Capstone, Junior ELA, etc... This past week I was teaching slide design to our Mentorship students to prepare them for their final project and I happed on these two resources that I found to be really effective. I always encourage students to use color with purpose and intention. For example, if they interned with someone in the medical field, what colors would instantly come to mind? For more support on this topic, I recommend a site like Coschedule - they have a section on color psychology of words and another on color psychology of mood/emotions. This one instance may not make their slides super snazzy overnight but it does teach them that they should be using all of the elements at their disposal (e.g. color, font, transitions, etc...) with purpose and intention.
📕A Book You Need to Check Out: As you well know, I love books about productivity, focus, mindfulness, etc... And while I wrote my own book about productivity, it certainly wouldn't have been possible with out reviewing the work of others in the industry. Furthermore, I am drawn to this topic and those that write about it. Recently, I discovered the book Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day from a blog post from Roni Loren linked here. Jake spent 10 years at Google and John was a designer at YouTube and Google. I am only a few chapters in but loving it so had to share!
🎧2 Podcasts to Check Out: I always love discovering a new podcast.
And a shameless plug, I have two new podcast episodes out as well that dig deeper into the topics I share in my latest book Creatively Productive. Here is the episode from the Library Leadership podcast and here is the one from The Creatively Connected Classroom (this one includes the full written transcript if you want to skim through it).
😍Totally Random Product on Amazon I Love: Yes, Totally random. I bought this same product in a nice boutique store for $25.00 and found it on Amazon for approximately $10.00. Go figure. I loved this product though. As an teacher and a mom, I am constantly washing my hands so they get pretty dry during the day. This lotion smells lovely - but not girly - and is awesome at hydrating. It comes in lots of lovely scents like Exotic Green Tea and Asian Pear and Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon but I gotta say, I love the Original. The products have almost 4,000 customer reviews averaging a 4.5 out of 5 so I am assuming there are others that love this stuff too. 😉

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😊A Favor... Amazon reviews are how people locate and connect with books that they will love. If you have enjoyed Creatively Productive and/or found it helpful to you and your profession, please take a moment and leave an Amazon review. It would mean the world to me. 
👉The first Creatively Productive book study is totally under way. The Book Study will go through early June so there is plenty of time to join in. The schedule is listed above. Don't feel like you have to be there for the entire book study. You can always just pop in for a week or a favorite chapter. #OrEdChat is the place to be. If these dates and times don't work for you BUT you are interested in participating and/or hosting a book study in your time zone, please fill out this interest form.
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