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Creatively Productive is a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement. Sometimes we are creative. Sometimes we are productive. Sometimes we find the sweet spot and achieve #creativelyproductive. But the bigger picture is that we are happy, healthy, and achieving the heights we want to achieve
personally and professionally.

This weekly newsletter is intended to add
a little whimsy and wisdom to your week and weekend.

3+ Creatively Productive Tips,
Tools, and Things to Love 

😍A Tool You Will Love: Happy Mail Comes every Monday morning from Creative Market. If you love custom fonts, are working on a website, or looking to jazz up your next slide deck or bulletin board, Creative Market is for you. It is basically like an etsy site... but with digital goods. You can obviously purchase pretty much anything, BUT you can also check back every Monday where they release 6 new FREE digital goodies. I pick up fonts, packs of digital graphics and backgrounds patterns, and so much more. Some weeks I nab everything. Other weeks nothing is really applicable to what I need but either way it keeps me feeling all kinds of #creativelyproductive.  
📝Stuff I Have Been Up To: This week we had early release. On those days we have professional development. I decided to do a session on note-taking strategies. I have discovered over the past few years that students take notes pretty much every day and yet are only really taught strategies on the style they are using in that class which means that the skills they do learn aren't often transferable. Over the past 2-3 years, I have been fine-tuning some sessions on note-taking. I get into the research behind why note-taking is important, and some trends in the professional world, as well as highlighting the 4 main note-taking styles (e.g. Cornell, Outline, Chart and Mind-Map), and then looking at ways we can teach these skills to students. I will most likely be offering a webinar on this topic in the upcoming months. In the interim, I wanted to share two things:
📲An App You Should Download Immediately: In my job, I work with students and staff members alike. This week I met with some students about running another mindfulness week in March and possibly April which is Stress Awareness Month. We decided to get a little more granular with the mindfulness and focus on self awareness. One student mentioned she uses a mood tracking app. I have done this in analog before (see my example and another Instagrammer's example) and cover it in detail in Chapter 4 of Creatively Productive, but I haven't ever done this digitally. She mentioned an app called Daylio which is available on both Google Play and the App Store. I immediately downloaded it and started playing with it. The app allows you to set a custom set of moods for each day and then you go in and rate yourself. 
  • Why is this Important?: Mood tracking is an extremely important skill because it gets to the heart of self awareness and if we are self aware we can self regulate and we know when to ask for help.
  • How Would You Use this?: The plan is to make this app* (or something similar) available to our high school students as well as analog mood trackers and have them get a baseline of their moods over a few weeks. The next step would be to have a focus each week on things like the importance of sleep, water, being outside, and exercise and see how those things can positively impact their mood.
This idea is really in its infancy but I share it for two reasons: 1) For those of you thinking about doing something like this, you can start having conversations and gathering resources. And 2) For those of you that have done something like this, to please connect and share your thoughts, feelings, processes, etc...

*I should mention one thing. Test the app personally first. I encountered one questionable icon in the "People" section. I have contacted the company to see if it could be removed. I think the intent of the icon was to be a "massage" (which the company confirmed), but I don't think it would come across that way AND I definitely don't think secondary students could be mature about it. So for right now I would test the app on your own and contact the company (as I did). I have also received word from the app that they are working on an update and will work on changing the icon "so it will be a little less controversial." Caused quite the debate in out last Ed Tech meeting so that was fun. 😉

Sharing #CreativelyProductive 

Last week I mentioned that the Creatively Productive badges for each chapter are now available.
👉 All the downloadable badge freebies can be found here

😎This week I wanted to mention my guest post with Dave Burgess. If you are looking for things you can do right now to become more creatively productive, this post is for you. It includes a blog post, template, example, OR tool for each of the 5 things I share. The post highlights ideas for goal-setting, habit tracking, productivity, tracking reading, and condensing links and digital tools.
☝️I should also mention that I have started doing 2-4 minute recaps of the weekly newsletter and posting them on YouTube. Here is last week's.
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