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Wow. Time flies during the last few weeks of school and then into summer. I figured if many of you are reading this summer... it is probably books and not newsletters so I am going to trim down my weekly newsletter to once a month for June, July, and August and then start back up weekly again in September. This also gives me a little more time to create some additional Creatively Productive digital goodies and blog posts for y'all too. 

6+ Creatively Productive Tips,
Tools, and Things to Love 

📔A Cool Chrome Extension for Google Keep: I was just at the Central Texas librarians Ed Camp yesterday and was helping lead a session on Productivity. Lots of ideas were shared. One of my favorites was the Chrome Extension Category Tabs for Google Keep. It allows you to color code and easily sort your notes by color. For those of you that are Type A and love color coding like myself, this will make your heart happy. 
📕A Book You Might Like: So I just finished this book a few weeks ago. It clearly falls smack dab into my "digital health, wellness, and minimalism" kick and I have to say I loved it. The book is titled How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life. The first half of the book details the why and the research. The second half is a step by step guide. The author is an award-winning writer and science journalist and I really appreciated her perspective. I also really liked a lot of the reflective questions she included in her daily challenges. Many of these could easily be incorporated into a writer's notebook.
📓Reader's Notebooks and Journals for Summer Reading: And speaking of reader's notebooks and journals, I have to share these examples of from Tracey of Space and Quiet. Tracey's mood and gratitude trackers are featured in chapter 4 of Creatively Productive. As she was reading the book, she took to the idea of a reader's journal (detailed in chapter 6) and shared some of her examples and her process here. I have kept a reader's journal for the past 3-5 years and I can tell you that it has been such a blessing and it has really helped me think more deeply on what I read as well as do a better job of absorbing the content into my practice.  
😍A Quiz You Will Love Taking: As you may or may not know, I love taking personality tests and surveys and then including them in my bullet journal. I feel like I saw this one pop up in my feed during a #OrEdChat talk. It is My Creative Type from Adobe and it allows you to discover your "creative personality" type through a series of 15 questions. This would be fun to do in a professional development or at the beginning of the year with students or to include as writing prompts in a writer's notebook. It would also be a fun activity to adapt to be one of those tea-or-coffee-stand-at-one-side-of-the-room-and-justify-your-choice games. The first question is "when traveling, you always need a destination or direction?". I took it earlier this week and apparently am a "thinker". 
🎧A Podcast to Check Out: I have been a fan of Kelly Croy for many years and was so thrilled and honored to be invited to be on the show again. We chatted about ideas for productivity and keeping a reader's journal. I also talked candidly about my struggle with anxiety and depression and how keeping a balanced and purposeful digital and social media diet is important for me. The full podcast is here. His podcasts have some awesome topics and titles. The entire list of 130 awesome chats can be found here. I also want to mention that Kelly Croy is also an author. His book Along Came a Leader: A Guide to Personal and Professional Leadership was really terrific!
☀️An Idea to Ponder: I adore Roni Loren. She is an author. If you love romance, her novel The Ones Who Got Away is sooo good... so good, in fact, that it won Amazon's Best Romance of the Year in 2018. It is also set near Austin which is kind of fun. I digress... she is also a mom. A couple of year's ago, she wrote a post about a screen-free summer for her then 9 year old son. She details her why and how in this post and her reflection of the experiment here. I loved this and while I haven't gone full screen-free with my boys, I will tell you that my 12 year old is quite enamored with a 1,000 piece puzzle we picked up at Half Price Books last Saturday - best $11 I have ever spent! 

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😊A Favor... Amazon reviews are how people locate and connect with books that they will love. If you have enjoyed Creatively Productive and/or found it helpful to you and your profession, please take a moment and leave an Amazon review. It would mean the world to me. 
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