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Creatively Productive is a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement. Sometimes we are creative. Sometimes we are productive. Sometimes we find the sweet spot and achieve #creativelyproductive. But the bigger picture is that we are happy, healthy, and achieving the heights we want to achieve
personally and professionally.

This weekly newsletter is intended to add
a little whimsy and wisdom to your week and weekend.

6+ Creatively Productive Tips,
Tools, and Things to Love 

💡Idea I am Totally Stealing: I discovered the amazing author and Texan, Roni Loren, when I read her book The Ones Who Got Away. I also subscribed to her newsletter and I have yet to be disappointed with her amazing ideas and resources. Yes, she writes romance novels (don't judge 😉) BUT her blog posts and resources are applicable to everyone. Her latest post is about digital declutter and taking a 30 day social media break. What I love about her posts is that she actually details the process so clearly and candidly that anyone can follow it. I have toyed with this idea for a while now and am considering it for May or over the summer so am ever so thankful for all of her ideas, links, and resources too!
📲Article I Loved: Discovered this gem of an article from the College Info Geek newsletter which is amazing and you should absolutely subscribe to. This article is cleverly titled "How a Google Product Manager Manages Time." As I was reading this article, I resonated a lot with the processes and rationales he uses. Mine are fairly similar... only difference is that he uses the digital tool Todoist and I still prefer the good ol' analog. The bigger reason why I love articles like this though is that there is no one size fits all approach to any of this BUT in seeing how others go about their day and how they manage their time, it allows us to explore, structure, and tweak processes that work for us and the students we serve.
📲Something You Might Like to Know: In last week's newsletter, I shared that Calm now offers a premium account FREE for teachers. I later found that Stop, Breathe, & Think also offers a FREE Lifetime Premium membership to educators that includes classroom resources, check in posters, worksheets, wall art, and more. As well as access to the complete video series in both of their apps (Stop, Breathe & Think and Stop, Breathe & Think Kids). 
✒️Ruler You Need: Totally random... I know. But I saw this in a Bullet Journaling Facebook group and became slightly obsessed with it. They are fun and whimsical cat rulers and they come in a 4 pack so perfect to share. 
📗Books I Just Bought: Ugh, I know. I was trying to be so good about not buying new books until I read the ones patiently waiting on my shelf BUT I found 2 that looked so timely that I just couldn't pass them up.
  • The first is Notes on a Nervous Planet and I am fairly certain I learned about this one via an Instagram feed somewhere. I have been pretty transparent about my own struggle with anxiety and depression (even talked about it in a Poetry Slam this past summer) in hopes that it helps others remove the stigma and realize that a focus on emotional and mental health is just as important as physical health. It looks like a great book and appears to dive into some observations on social media, news, sleep, and how commercial and technological advancements can sometimes hinder our happiness.
  • The second is Digital Minalism: Choosing a Focused Life in aNoisy World. I learned about this one in Roni Loren's most amazing newsletter (mentioned above). The Digital Minimalism book is already a #1 New Release. The description reads "Technology is intrinsically neither good nor bad. The key is using it to support your goals and values, rather than letting it use you. This book shows the way." Enough said... this one is already en route to my house!
📲Cool Thing to Check Out: Last week I mentioned highlights from Janet Corder's and Joan Gore's "What's New, Hot, and Cool?" session at TCEA. Their smore for the session can be found here. I forgot to mention another tool that is super awesome:

Sharing #CreativelyProductive 

Last week I mailed out books to many of the people featured in the book.
It is so cool to see these arriving all over the country.
And I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to all of those people that allowed me to share their work and ideas with the greater edusphere.
You are appreciated more than you know!
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