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I try not to send out additional emails unless I truly have something to say that I feel like is of value and/or may be of interest to those in other classrooms or school districts. I have always been passionate about sharing ideas, innovations, and best practices throughout the edusphere, so I wanted to share how that has changed for me and what topics are of vital interest to me now.

I have been writing blogs and conducting workshops since 2011 around purposeful use of the iPad. I have penned 370 blog posts and been invited to speak in 20 different states and 2 different countries (beyond the US). But...something started shifting for me about 5 years ago. When I started writing blog posts and speaking, it was all about apps and how to use the iPad. And I think we can all agree that we have moved past the need for that. Since then, my blog posts have shifted to topics like professional development for studentstips for professionals on note-taking, and ways to manage your digital life. My session and workshop topics have also changed. 

My current offerings now focus on college and career ready skills and tools and ways teachers can level up their content for greater student comprehension. All of these sessions are researched and include practical ideas and examples from teachers and students paired with ideas from industry experts and research studies. Below is a list of my updated offerings for the 2019-2020 school year.

  1. 📱Managing Your Digital Life highlights both analog and digital strategies for students to set goals and dissolve distractions while creating best practices that help students navigate calendars, to do lists, time management, and nipping procrastination in the bud. If your district is  adopting a focus on social emotional learning and/or looking to better help students with self management skills and prepare them for college and/or career, this is a must!
  2. 💼Digital Portfolios Deep Dive walks through the why, how, and what of digital portfolios. If you are looking at diving into portfolios and/or are looking to explore this option for students, this session gives you all the tools.
  3. 👀3 Strategies for an Instructional Design Reboot teaches and delineates a 3 part strategy of chunking info, providing visual cues, & revising text/formatting was developed through research-based strategies & honed through student classroom encounters. If you are looking at UDL or just trying to create content for students that is easy to create and comprehend, this is a must!
  4. 💥Shaping Slides 4 Saturation details best practices for teaching visual literacy and slide design to students so their own slide decks will not only highlight their deeper knowledge of the content but their knowledge of instructional design. This session teaches students to be both effective communicators and digital architects of their own content. If your students do a lot of slide presentations, and you feel they often miss the mark, this session is a gem!
  5. ☎️Nurturing the Neglected C shares practical research-based strategies for secondary teachers to better prepare their students for an unknown future. It details how oral, written, visual, and nonverbal communication skills can be nurtured through secondary curriculum. 
  6. 💡Tracking Student Success is designed to support students with mindfulness and wellness. It highlights digital and paper and pencil options for managing and tracking your physical, digital, and emotional health and well being... which all impact academic wellness and success.
  7. 📝Notable Note-taking and Interactive Notebooks shares a seamless and innovative idea for content specific interactive notebooks on the iPad that can be used for lecture or for authentic projects... like a reader's writer's notebook. If you are looking to engage students in note-taking in an authentic way and remove barriers from interacting with and accessing content, this session will leave you with lots of ideas to reignite how students process and interact with your curricular content.
  8. 📙Reader's Notebooks Reborn highlights ideas for how to level up your reader's notebook (whether it be analog or digital) ensuring that each element is purposeful and intentional. If you want your student's reader's notebooks to be a tool they return to year to year, this session is just for you!
When I come to a school district, they select which topics and sessions best meet their staff's needs as well as their district focus. Many pick and choose from the above offerings and some create their own menu entirely. In my humble opinion, some of the best professional development comes from people that work within the classroom and at the school level that see how these best practices directly impact students and instruction on a daily basis. I feel blessed to have a role that allows me to work daily with secondary staff and students but also share those ideas, best practices, and strategies with other districts and classrooms. Because after all... students aren't my students or your students... but our students.

These sessions and topics often have a duality - they are intended to help teachers level up their practice as well as provide tips and tools that can be absorbed and blended into the curriculular content for students to utilize as well.

As my topics and focus have changed over the past few years and summer is rapidly approaching, I wanted to share this info with you. If you are interested in a quote for my coming to speak to your district over the summer or during the school year, this form will give me a better idea of what your specific needs are and how I can craft something to best meet those needs.

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Have a wonderful week, 

Lisa Johnson M.Ed.
CEO & Founder of TechChef4u LLC


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