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Happy New Year from the crew at AHVS. 
We hope your new year is filled with
health and happiness!

The reason for our second winter newsletter is two-fold: 2019 brought some exciting new therapies to the practice and it’s about time we share the news.  It also coincides with the second survivalversary of Maggie, a cancer survivor owned and loved by me, Monika; Always Helpful Technician Assistant.

Our first announcement is to wish our wonderful vet tech Meghan great success in her new endeavors.  She left to pursue her passion and is now working with primates.  We’re lucky she’s agreed to hang around though, as she’s organizing our fantastic Anita Curtis seminars and will be writing for the newsletter as well.  To fill the void, we want to welcome our new tech, Yasmin.  She’s a certified vet tech and practices myofascial massage.  We're excited to offer her massage services to our clients in the future, stay tuned!  
Welcome, Yasmin!

This newsletter is more personal than the previous ones we’ve sent out, as I was asked to write about my dog’s battle with mast cell cancer and discuss some of the new and old therapies we’ve used to help her.  I would be remiss if I didn’t start at the beginning and explain that without Maggie and her cancer I wouldn’t be writing these words for the newsletter; nor, would I be able to help other people and their pets through what is a very rough and emotional time in their lives.  

It was about 2 years ago, in September 2017, that Maggie developed the first of her tumors.  A new one seemed to pop up almost daily, and by the time of her first oncology appointment, she had too many tumors for surgery to be an option.  It was at that time a chance meeting with Dr. Shoemaker would change our lives.  Unfortunately, following an ultrasound in January, we discovered that cancer had already spread to her liver and spleen and the radiologist gave her a prognosis of stage IV mast cell cancer with two and a half weeks left to live.  I don’t think anyone, and I feel pretty safe in including Dr. Shoemaker as well, expected Maggie to live very much longer. But, this isn’t a sad story; you already know that, plus I wouldn’t do that to anyone this close to the end of the holiday season.  So the story continues...

The Therapies that Helped Maggie

Maggie wasn’t ready to give up, nor were we.  For the first year and a half, Maggie received ozone and BEMER as well as supplements and a healthy diet.  This was the second instance of serendipity in Maggie’s story because the BEMER arrived just after we did.  We were at AHVS so often in the course of that first year that she earned the nickname, "Maggie Bemer.”  During that time her tumors shrank and eventually abscessed out through her skin disappearing completely.    Then in early 2019, AHVS was fortunate enough to acquire a SanaWave device, and Maggie was still a living and eager patient.  Using the SanaWave boosts her immune system and greatly shortens her healing time (especially when she decided during a particularly naughty terrier moment it was a good idea for her face to make contact with a grumpy mini-horses backside.)  And lastly, we’ve been able to help Maggie through the use of the QEST4 bio-energetic testing system.  It has allowed us to determine exactly what supplements she needs to bring her body back into balance, and the QEST4 has made great improvements in her health.  

My goal wasn’t to write the next great American novel, and I know I’ve glossed over most of the twists and turns of Maggie’s story, but the essential parts are there.  And my wish is that anyone reading this whose pet has been diagnosed with terminal cancer doesn’t give up hope.  So, in conclusion, I’d like to thank the main characters, especially Dr. Shoemaker, and everyone who played a part in Maggie’s narrative but didn’t get a mention.  She wouldn’t be here without you.  I’d also like to thank the families of the four-legged patients we see.  Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey!  To Milo, Ruby, Toby, and Bailey: thank you for continuing to teach us.  And lastly to Maggie, HAPPY 2nd SURVIVALVERSARY!!
Ozone Therapy
  • A colorless gas consisting of 3 oxygen atoms  
  • Has been in use since the 1800s, (AHVS hasn't been using ozone quite that long but for over 20 years.)
  • It helps to kill cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses (among a multitude of other things) by increasing cellular oxygenation
  • Also kills the Lyme spirochete (I have 4 horses who get weekly ozone treatments for this reason)
  • It boosts the immune system and increases cellular energy
BEMER Vascular Therapy
  • BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation and uses a patented PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) to deliver a therapeutic signal which increases circulation
  • BEMER increases microcirculation 
  • Enables the body to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently
  • Aids the body in disposing of waste products (detoxification)
  • Used for over 20 years
SanaWave Therapy
  • A medical device which uses an applicator pad that delivers ultra-high-frequency radio waves to induce hyperthermia
  • Hyperthermia kills cancer cells 
  • Blood flow is increased 15X under the applicator pad resulting in more oxygen, plasma rich proteins and other tissue repair molecules thereby reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing
  • Has been therapeutically used in oncology, general rehabilitation, and intervertebral disc disease among others (including successfully treating my mare’s kissing spine!!!)
For more info on SanaWave, please see the following links:
  • The QEST4 device allows us to evaluate the energetic systems of the body including the organs and glands by interpreting information about the physical, mental, emotional, and chemical state of the body
  • With over 60,000 supplements and medications programmed into the machine (including all of the supplements and homeopathics at AHVS), we are able to make personalized recommendations to bring the body back into balance
  • Testing is instantaneous with QEST4, meaning clients may be able to get the results during their appointment
  • It may help clients to save money on supplements by customizing and sometimes reducing what's given
For more info on QEST4, please see the following link:

Pet guardians fear this diagnosis above all others; not only because the conventional treatments are so perilous, but also because, despite treatment, it is most often fatal. More than 50% of dogs over the age of 10 are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the incidence of cancer in cats and younger animals is growing. As responsible guardians, we need to understand the risk factors that contribute to the development of cancer; do all we can to prevent it, and take effective action when a diagnosis of cancer is made.

Follow the link to read more....

In closing...

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and for your interest in the practice and the wonderful therapies we’re able to offer in 2020.  The entire crew at AHVS is always looking for new and effective ways to better the health and lives of animals.  
We are planning a conference call with Dr. Shoemaker for any interested clients that want more information on any of the new therapies mentioned above. 
For any questions, to schedule an appointment or for more information please call the office at 717-529-0526.  And next time you drop by, be sure to give Maggie a wave.  She’s usually in the office supervising and making sure we’re all keeping busy!!
Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year,
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