An Update on the Imagine Flint Project

Implementation Has Begun!

     As many of you know, on October 28th Flint City Council unanimously approved the Image Flint: Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint as the City's first comprehensive plan in over 50 years! With the generous and continuing support of community members and city stakeholders, work has now begun on implementing the master plan. The first step of this process will involve rewriting the City's zoning ordinance to ensure that all future development aligns with the newly developed land-use plan. As part of this rewriting, we will be using form-based zoning principles to help accomplish our objective of "providing a mix of uses that supports a sustainable and healthy community for all areas of the City," as well as to "create unique and desirable places throughout all areas of the community by combining different land uses of varying types and intensity."

Next Steps

 - Planning staff, in partnership with steering committee and planning commission members, will soon begin the process of forming implementation task groups. These groups will help coordinate and gather resources for the implementation of master plan recommendations.
 - Planning staff are working on final edits to the master plan. After which, we are hoping to make bound final copies of the plan available to neighborhood groups and community organizations by mid to late February. We also hope to have executive summaries of the master plan available for public distribution. Stay involved for further updates.
 - Initial planning work has begun on the development of a Grand Traverse Greenway Trail. Community based design workshops will be held on March 18th & 19th. Further updates will be given as they become available.
 - Thanks to generous funding from the Great Lakes Adaptation Assessment for Cities, and in partnership with Friends of Max Brandon Park, work will soon begin on the Max Brandon Eco-Park initiative. This project represents an important step in accomplishing our objective of "improving the ecological health of Flint's natural systems through responsible planning and development."  
- Community meetings will be held in late February and early March as we begin to finalize the Imagine Flint Sub-area plans. Meeting dates and locations will be given soon.
 - As recommended in the Housing & Neighborhoods chapter of the master plan and in order to accomplish our objective of "eliminating blight and urban urban decay," the city is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive blight elimination strategy aimed at eliminating blight and improving quality of life within our communities.
 - We are thrilled to announce that Flint was recently selected to take part in the federal Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative. The program offers direct federal inter-agency support while embedding staff within the city to work with the Planning & Development Department on master plan implementation projects.

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Wishing you all a safe and warm January,

City of Flint Planning Department
Imagine Flint Master Plan

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Planning Commission Meeting

About the Master Plan

For the first time since 1960, Flint has an officially adopted master plan. This plan will guide community decision making in zoning, economic development, public safety, and all things that affect the health and future of Flint.

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