In this issue: Draft Capital Improvement Plan, Draft Zoning Ordinance Workshop, Neighborhood Inventory Training, Master Plan Annual Celebration, AmeriCorps VISTA Members

Master Plan Celebration & Annual Update!

October 28, 2014 marked the one year anniversary of the Imagine Flint Master Plan adoption! As a truly community driven plan, the Imagine Flint Master Plan was developed through the unprecedented participatory involvement of more than 5,000 residents and community members, for which the City was recently awarded the Planning Excellence Award for Public Outreach from the Michigan Association of Planning.

In celebration of this community achievement, the City will be hosting an Imagine Flint celebration on January 7th, 2015.  Slated to be held at the Flint Institute of Arts, the event will not only celebrate this award but serve as the Annual Update on Master Plan implementation progress. More details to follow.

When: Wednesday, January 7th - 5pm
Where: Flint Institute of Arts
Who: All Residents, Stakeholders and Community Members in Flint

Neighborhood Inventory Training

Planning staff, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and 41 neighborhood groups, initiated its third Neighborhood Inventory Program in October. Three training sessions were held with over 120 participants to conduct a biennial condition assessment  of over 52,000 residential parcels and an audit of over 11,000 streetlights. For their work, groups will receive $500 mini-grants to be used for community cleanups, neighborhood activities, and organizational support. 

Data collected from previous assessments has resulted in more than $24 million in Federal & State demolition funds.

Special Zoning Session

In collaboration with the Planning Commission and Master Plan Steering Committee, the City of Flint hosted a community zoning workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 28th. The public was invited to partake in an update on the City's Draft Zoning Ordinance and ask questions to planning consultants from the firm Houseal Lavigne Associates. The presentation given at this workshop can be found by clicking HERE.

Additional materials related to the Draft Zoning Ordinance can be found by clicking HERE

Meet the New Team Members!

As part of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative, the Planning Department recently secured the services of two AmeriCorps VISTA service members. Over the next year, these service members will work to help support implementation of the Master Plan. We are thrilled to have such dedicated and capable new team members, and we wanted to take this opportunity for them to introduce themselves in their own words:

Katie Ross
  "I am a recent graduate from the University of Michigan – Flint and originally a Flint native. I graduated in May of 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Planning. A few short months after graduation I became aware of an opening in the city to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA. For me this was an opportunity to learn more about Flint, meet people, and spend more time with my family – all of which I love. The VISTA position has been great, there is a lot to learn and I’m looking forward to a very productive year."

Adam Slater
"I am originally from New Haven, CT (so I'm used to the cold weather). In 2012, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, and this September I obtained my LEED Green Associate credentials. My areas of expertise are in accounting/finance, economic and community development, and sustainability. I am excited to be here in Flint, and I look forward to making an impact on the City's future development."


City of Flint

Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)

      The Department of Planning and Development recently released a draft 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for fiscal years 2015-2020. In ongoing efforts to seek citizen input and encourage community involvement, planning staff have connected with over one hundred community members at three Citizen Input Sessions. Comments can be provided online at the link provided below. Resident's can also learn more about the CIP and provide comment at the following public meetings:
- Planning Commission Public Review
Tuesday, Dec. 9th - 6:00 pm
- Planning & Development Sub-Committee
Wednesday, Dec. 10th - 4:30 pm
- CIP Presentation to City Council
  Monday, Dec. 15th - 5:30 pm

A copy of the Draft CIP can be found and public comments can be provided at An executive summary of the CIP can be found by clicking HERE.  For questions, please contact 766-7426 ext. 3028 or email us at

What is a CIP

The CIP is a multi-year program for expenditures by the City for rehabilitation and replacement of the City's infrastructure. It includes detailed costs and recommendations for permanent physical improvements to such things as infrastructure and facilities, parks and recreation centers, roads and sidewalks, community centers, and utilities. 

What kind of projects are included in the CIP?

In order to reinforce the CIP's connection with the Master Plan, capital projects are organized catagorically to reflect their alignment with the following chapters of the Master Plan:

1. Housing & Neighborhoods (H&N) 
2. Transportation & Mobility (T&M)
3. Environmental Features, Open Space & Parks (EO&P)
4. Infrastructure & Community Facilities (I&C) 
5. Economic Development & Education (ED&Ed) 
6. Public Safety, Health & Welfare (PS&H)  

The CIP includes recommendations for 217 specific capital projects, examples of which include:
- Annually repair 3,800' of water transmission mains (I&C - Important)

- Annual resurfacing of 5 miles of residential streets (T&M - Urgent)

- Convert existing streetlights to LED fixtures to cut down on energy costs (H&N - Desirable)

- Riverbank Park improvements (EO&P - Urgent)

- Milling and resurfacing of Robert T. Longway Boulevard (ED&Ed - Important)

- Construction of a new 911 dispatch tower (PS&H - Urgent)

Why does the City need a CIP?

The development of an annual CIP for public structures and improvements is required by Michigan Municpal Planning Act 33 following the adoption of a comprehensive plan. Moreover, the CIP serves as an important tool for budgeting capital expenditures, guides redevelopment and stabilization, and optimizes the use of taxpayer dollars. 

How are CIP projects funded and priorities assigned?

Capital projects are assigned Urgent, Important, or Desirable priority levels based on standards of inclusion established by the Planning Commission and staff. Capital project costs are broken down by City Cost Share and Non-City Funds (i.e. grants, donations, and/or other sources not part of the City's budget).

Upcoming Events

December 9th
Planning Commission Meeting
6-8 pm, City Council Chambers

December 16th
Master Plan Steering Committee Meeting
5:30-7:30 pm, Flint Public Library

*For a full list of upcoming Imagine Flint events please visit our calendar
City of Flint, Department of Planning & Development
1101 S. Saginaw St., Flint, MI 48502
810-766-7426 x.2065