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The Personal Service Model: Powerful Help for People in Non-Commercial Occupations
Can you name a huge industry devoted to creating programs designed to PREVENT people from purchasing its services?

Hint: everyone is familiar with this industry, most of us use it each year, and it is extremely customer-centric, despite its focus on preventing customers from buying.

Give up?

We are talking about healthcare — the second largest employer in the United States, with some 20 million workers.
Stephanie helped us develop the PSM
We learned an important lesson delivering Business Model You® and Business Models for Teams services to a major research hospital with more than 3,000 nurses: people working in non-commercial professions need modeling tools focused on service and free of business jargon.
Few of the 40 million + workers in the U.S. healthcare, government, and education sectors use the terms “customers” or “clients,” and only a tiny fraction concern themselves with revenue. They deserve a modeling tool that uses language appropriate to their professions, yet one that preserves the incredible power of the original Business Model Canvas.
The Personal Service Model
That's why, with the help of dedicated healthcare professionals, we developed the Personal Service Model: a jargon-free tool with enhanced icons that match the service ethic of people with a non-commercial perspective on work. You might call this alternative tool a “work model for the rest of us.”
Download it, try it, and let us know what you think.
Improving the Employee Experience: What Participants Say
We held our Improving Employee Experience Certified Practitioner training in Amsterdam last month. Some participants comments:

“The Certified Practitioner class was absolutely worthwhile! This was due both to the professional and engaging training concept and delivery and to the great group of people that joined the training and offered strong inspiration and ideas,“ says Ute Amberger, a Senior HR Specialist Training with BASF, which has 112,000 employees. “The methodology will help newly formed internal teams on their journeys to defining their value propositions to BASF.”
“It was great! The tool is very practical and the training gave me an opportunity to learn methods that I will use to help people to re-define their careers,” says Monika Schwertner, an HR Business Partner for Houghton International, a global U.S. multinational with 8,700 employees. “But apart from that I found it extremely useful as well to try on myself – and I left the training with very concrete ideas for action and improvements.”
“Very strong, condensed training — no blah-blah-blah!” says Dr. Christoph Schindler, Senior Health Expert with thyssenkrupp, a global industrial giant with 161,000 employees. “The methodology helps me quickly identify, test, and revise unclear value propositions or missing prerequisites for their provision. Now I can better support employees and teams.”
Why not join our next session in San Francisco next month? Complete information about the Certified Practitioner program is available on the Web site.

To your personal and professional success at work!

Bruce Hazen
Tim Clark
Principals, Business Model You, LLC
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