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Congratulations to James Hughes, President of GBF, on being one of three community advocates to earn the prestigious Goldbloom award! In case you missed it, watch his interview on CTV News Montreal.

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IAYMH 2015
Announcement regarding the 3rd International Youth MH Conference
Access to Psychotherapy
Conference on improving access to psychotherapy
<img>Samarthji Lal
Dr. Samarthji Lal Award
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The Third International Youth Mental Health Conference

Hosted by the International Association of Youth Mental Health in partnership with The Graham Boeckh Foundation and McGill University’s Douglas Institute

8th – 10th October 2015, Montreal Canada
On behalf of the Conference Organizing and Program Committees GBF is delighted to invite you to attend the Third International Youth Mental health Conference - Transformations: Next Generation Youth Mental Health.
New models are emerging in the youth mental health field that embrace therapeutic optimism and incorporate the principals of prevention, early intervention, and recovery. They place young people and their families at the centre of decisions about service and policy development. Youth-friendly accessibility, engagement, and age-appropriate interventions are key to their success.
Building on the highly success and momentum from IAYMH 2013 in Brighton, England, Transformations will focus on how we make the transition from traditional mental health service models to the next generation of programs and services that will better meet the needs of young people and emerging adults.  This conference will be an opportunity to showcase current thinking and practice that have emerged since 2013 and will build on the vital contribution that young people made to the conference through an even more robust youth engagement program.
This conference provides an opportunity for health professionals, youth workers, educators, policy makers, young people and family members to come together and learn about new and emerging developments that are striving to make changes that impact globally.

The conference will be held in Montreal.  Throughout its colourful history, Montreal has been in turn a French settlement, a British stronghold and a bilingual city. Today it is officially bilingual and proud of its status as the largest French-speaking city in North America and second largest French-speaking city in the world. In fact, this is a wonderful example of a truly international city where newcomers feel right at home and visitors will always find someone who speaks their language.

We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal in October 2015.
About the IAYMH
The IAYMH has been formed as a membership organization  for practitioners, researchers, policy makers, consumers and carers whose mission is:
 Changing the way the global community thinks about young people and their mental health by ensuring that services are developmentally and age appropriate, and that young people have an active voice in determining what is best for them.




Conference on Improving Access to Psychotherapy

The conference ¨Improving access to psychotherapy services in Québec and in Canada: thoughts and experiences of Francophone countries ¨ was held in Montréal, Québec on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. Organized by Drs. Helen-Maria Vasiliadis, Alain Lesage, Martin Drapeau and Anne Dezetter within the context of research being carried out on psychotherapy services, the conference brought together a number of psychologists, family physicians, psychiatrists and lay people from Québec, other provinces in Canada, France, Belgium, and Switzerland who shared their recent findings on different questions relating to psychotherapy services. Among the subjects that were discussed were: the study being carried out by INESSS in Québec on access to psychotherapy services, the cost-benefits of increased access, introducing psychotherapy services in family medicine clinics, psychologists’ views on implementing more psychotherapy services and on how such services could be organized.
A panel comprised of CAP members (David Levine, Michael Sheehan, Phil Upshall and Dr. Marie Hayes) and representatives from the Canadian Psychological Association, France and Switzerland discussed ways in which governments could make psychotherapy services more accessible to the population.
Presentations are available on the CAP web site



Dr. Samarthji Lal

Dr. Lal was a co-founder of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute Research Centre with Dr. N.P.V. Nair in 1979, and set up Canada's first brain bank at the Douglas Hospital Research Institute in 1980. Dr. Lal played a pivotal role in obtaining funds from the EJLB Foundation to set up the McGill Centre for Research on Schizophrenia, and in the establishment of the Graham Boeckh Chair in Schizophrenia at the Douglas Institute of McGill University.

In honor of Dr. Lal, GBF awards $25,000 annually to one researcher in the area of psychiatry who is making an outstanding contribution in the field.  

The deadline for the 2015 Dr. Samarthji Lal award for mental health research is January 30, 2015.


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