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New Website
Learn about the Foundation’s newly minted website
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Dr. Samarthji Lal Award
Nominate a researcher

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International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders
Annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

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3rd International Conference on Youth Mental Health - Transformations: Next Generation Youth Mental Health
What a success!

GBF’s New Website

GBF has launched a new website that provides a more in-depth explanation of our strategy and projects. In particular, the website site lays out projects under three themes. These themes reflect the Foundation’s strategy to move forward on multiple fronts, which we believe will create the best possible opportunity to have a broad population-based impact on mental illness prevention and care.
In general, the foundation’s largest commitment is to a family of projects under the general theme of integrated and community-based youth mental health services. Other significant areas of activity include the development of indicators for Canada’s mental health care systems and diverse initiatives to promote collaboration and improve the effectiveness of the mental health sector.  The latter includes a major international collaborative of mental health research funders. The following provides a more complete description of the projects.
Theme 1 Treatments and services: Focus on youth and early intervention, including the following projects:
  • ACCESS: A Pan Canadian network to demonstrate how community-based youth mental health services can be integrated and transformed at 12 sites across the country.
  • Joint ventures with selected provinces to create models of care in the spirit of the ACCESS network described above.
  • A Quebec-based network funded jointly by GBF, the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé and the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux, focussed on child and youth mental health research.
Theme 2 Indicators: GBF has helped to organize an initiative that will develop comparable indicators for the mental health care systems of five provinces, namely Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.
Theme 3 Collaboration in the sector: The following initiatives are under the theme of promoting collaboration within the mental health sector:
  • Mental Health and Wellness Affinity Group (MHWAG): A group of Canadian philanthropic foundations with an interest in mental health and wellness.
  • International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders: A major initiative to promote collaboration and improve the effectiveness of mental health research funders worldwide. The Alliance is managed by GBF and at present has approximately 20 members comprising many of the largest and most innovative funders of mental health research in the world. The Alliance recently launched its own website.
  • A coalition to promote increased access to psychotherapy in Quebec, called the ‘CAP’.
  • GBF is supporting the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario in a national initiative to strengthen the voice in society of people affected by mental illness.
We invite you to view the new GBF website and welcome your feedback.

In honor of Dr. Lal, GBF awards $25,000 annually to one researcher in the area of psychiatry, with a focus on major mental disorders, who is making an outstanding contribution in the field.
Dr. Lal was a co-founder of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute Research Centre with Dr. N.P.V. Nair in 1979, and set up Canada's first brain bank at the Douglas Hospital Research Institute in 1980. Dr. Lal played a pivotal role in obtaining funds from the EJLB Foundation to set up the McGill Centre for Research on Schizophrenia, and in the establishment of the Graham Boeckh Chair in Schizophrenia at the Douglas Institute of McGill University.

The deadline for the 2016 Dr. Samarthji Lal award for mental health research is January 29th, 2016.
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International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders

The Alliance is a collaborative initiative intended to assist funders in increasing both their knowledge of the mental health funder sector and the impacts from their investments.  The Alliance has a great diversity of members with a wealth of experience and knowledge in research funding. The international funders recently had their annual meeting at the Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C. where they discussed 3 themes: Global Landscaping Studies, International Collaborations in Child and Youth Mental Health Research, and Making the Case for Mental Health Research Funding. We invite you to learn more about the Alliance at its newly launched website.
3rd International Conference on Youth Mental Health - Transformations: Next Generation Youth Mental Health

Hosted by the International Association of Youth Mental Health in partnership with the Graham Boeckh Foundation and McGill University’s Douglas Institute, this major international conference took place in Montreal on October 8th – 10th, 2015. The conference was attended by over 570 delegates who were welcomed by remarks from Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette. Transformations focussed on how we make the transition from traditional mental health service models to the next generation of programs and services that will better meet the needs of young people and emerging adults. The conference showcased current thinking and practice that have emerged since the IAYMH’s 2013 conference and built on the vital contribution that young people made to the conference through an even more robust youth engagement program. This conference provided an opportunity for health professionals, youth workers, educators, policy makers, young people and family members to come together and learn about new and emerging innovations in youth mental health services.
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